#What to wear today#




Many middle -aged men will have some costumes in the choice of clothing due to their age limit.

Difficult psychology

Essence This is a serious problem for their daily life. How can middle -aged men get rid of their age and see how Li Yapeng mats with a POLO shirt, fashionable and handsome.

They are thinking about how to make good clothing choices that can meet everyone

Your own age restrictions

, And can also show a good fashion style. 40+ men want to improve their clothes, it is better to wear it with Li Yapeng, handsome and unhappy.

Then this kind of problem is to think about everyone. Next, I will give you it

Bring several suggestions

Let’s help middle -aged male friends have a better reference mode.

Middle -aged men’s representative clothing items


▷ ▶ Polo shirt


The POLO shirt can be said to be a iconic apparel item that represents a middle -aged man. Many middle -aged men have a soft spot for this costume.

It belongs to a mature and stable side.

On the other hand, male friends still have a lot on the interpretation of the POLO shirt

The charm of mature men is prominent

Essence If you want to achieve such a fashion effect, then such clothing items are the best choice.

Because most of the middle -aged men are in the requirements of clothing, most of them

Still to be simple

, I don’t like the design mode of Hua Zhi, and the POLO shirt is well interpreted.

Suggestions about daily wear of POLO shirts:

▷ ▶ Dark color series is mainly low -key and stable

The editor of the POLO shirt gave some suggestions on daily wear. The first is in everyone’s intuitive impression,

Color is particularly important

And for middle -aged men, the design of the dark color series may be more noisy.

Very in line with the age limit of middle -aged men. In addition, this dark -colored POLO shirt is also very easy to get started in terms of matching, not only in terms of style

With a casual feeling

And it also has a kind of atmospheric style of male men.

Polo shirt matching skills

▷ ▶ Polo shirt ➕ sports pants

The most way to match the POLO shirt in terms of matching is to make him match with sports pants. This form of matching will be similar in the overall style and pace, all with casual laziness. This is the basic requirements of some clothing that is more in line with daily life for male friends, and the matching form of this POLO shirt+sports pants is particularly comfortable, convenient and fast -making mode. Some time and energy spent, greatly saving the effort that male friends need to spend.


Middle -aged men’s representative apparel items:

▷ ▶


Middle -aged men’s representative clothing is the second type is shirt and top. The reason why shirts and shirts appear rate, so high, mainly thanks to the design of the shirt in the design of the version

More rules,

It will not be too exaggerated and have a sense of fashion.

Simple version design is a manifestation of the performance of fashionable charm


the most important reason

Essence This kind of shirt and shirt is nothing more than using external wear or as a main match for internal matching.


A lot of difficulty.

Some daily suggestions with shirts:


In fact, some of the matching skills and methods of some shirts in daily life are not necessarily just wrong

Mainly the dark color series


Everyone can try some shirt design of the bright color series or try some of some


Special design style

Because this design breaks some of the matching models of everyone’s tradition in daily life.



Third, everyone can use to record that it is a suit jacket. For a suit jacket, because its shoulder pad design can

Give the men’s shoulder widen

, Thus a more upright posture on the whole. This combination will make men’s aura and show the charm of mature men.

In addition, for a suit jacket, it is also particularly masculine, and the masculine side exudes everywhere. This is also the best representative of male friends.

Mature and stable image temperament

What’s more prominent is the representative of middle -aged men.

The requirements of matching: Choose a set and match the sense of coordination

It is very simple to understand that the simplest suit is to choose the same color or similar color as the suit, or

Take the same elements

The design is added in it, so as the overall design.

This special form of design can be said to make the overall more possessive

The presentation of coordinated charm

, Make the whole suit suit simpler, and can highlight

The capable side of male friends

Even middle -aged men can fully control this style.

▷ ▶ Shirts and jackets

The last one is one of the shirts


Special version design

It is to match the shirt as a coat, so for this shirt jacket, in fact, the overall clothing selection has been matched, which is a more multiple choice mode.

Because the design of the jacket also exists

Different pattern

, Choose or have a sexy or universal design method, but different design can show different fashion effects.

Suggestion of daily matching: The same color series is more coordinated effect

Of course, for this kind of shirt and jacket, everyone still trys to choose

The mutual matching of the same color series

Because in this way, it will not show a rollover because of a mistake in the inside.

In addition, for the overall shape, it will also be more possessive

Coordinate the presentation of charm.

This is for middle -aged men to meet the ordinary design model they require, and it will not exaggerate too much.

From this point of view, middle -aged male friends

Actually you can rest assured

, I still have a certain choice model in terms of wearing. Everyone must have their own confidence, and try boldly in terms of wear.

Dear clothing items that have not been tried daily, maybe everyone can find everyone by themselves

Unique personality fashion charm.

▷ ▶