Since the state, it has already passed more than 20 years. This year, the last group of Northern Task is completed, and the North Fighting No. 3 Global Satellite Navigation System Constellation is fully completed. Our country finally owns It is a navigation system that belongs to your own, you can achieve a rapid and accurate positioning of the world, providing quality navigation services to the world. 20 years of bounce, Beidou’s step by step is the most inseparable, and those who have always stressed as the beginning and constantly attacking difficulties. China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. 510 (hereinafter referred to as 510) has a batch of such “Beidou people”, is their “dead-dangerous and difficult”, it is their “consciousness, accumulation of deposit”, It is their “continuous struggle, brave”, contributing to 510 scientific research for the smooth club of Beidou Mission.

代代接续追北斗 不悔初心砥砺行——讲述五一所“北斗人”的故事

Cui Jingzhong – “Pioneer” to build China’s accuracy

510 Cui Jingzhong researchers are the first “pioneers” in the development of Beidou Key Products – Domestic Bell Physics.

At the end of 2004, Cui Jingzhong began to be responsible for the development of the physical part of the clock, the atomic clock physics part from there, from there, from more than the fine, it is the fruitful results of Cui Jingzhong to have a hard quality.

In 2004, Beidou Navigation Positioning System Core Single Machine – The Atomic Clock Introduction, Cui Jingzhong as the technical person in charge of the atomic clock physics, is deadly, use the physical knowledge of the students and vacuum technology, combined with long-term research work

Experience is tough technology. Through the improvement design of the principle of Beijing University 铷 atomic clock physics, take an effective method, adopting key materials, optimizing the process parameters, overcoming a number of key technologies in a short time, completing the development of the clock physical part, with the overall unit formation Our country’s self-developed star-laundry is ensured that the test stars and the Sample Star Program have been successfully implemented. This makes my country completely got rid of foreign import restrictions, and the embarrassment of domestic development difficulties. The development of the atomic clock physical part of the atomic clock is successful and stabilized in the rails, marking the international advanced level in my country, ensuring that the construction of the Beidou navigation system is carried out according to the plan node.

After the successful development of the Bell Physics, Cui Jingzhong and his team faced a new problem – how to convert the Bell physical part by single development into mass production. As the chief expert of the 铷铷 体, Cui Jingzhong is carefully planned to establish a product process based on small batch production. At the same time, he invested in depth study of physical factors that affect product performance, fully implement reliability design, verifying environmental adaptability, solving problems such as 铷 restoration, luminescence, improves signal-to-noise ratio, reducing temperature coefficient and other key technologies. By cured product baseline and product settings such that the delivery of the product is stable, the work is reliable, and it provides a powerful guarantee for the construction of the Beidou navigation system.

While doing a good job, he is aiming at the future development, carrying out the development of high precision and very high-precision clock physical part, and cultivating the development. In the new demand for Beidou No. 3, he innovated the physical partial configuration of three bubbles-single controlled temperatures. By optimizing the design, the technical indicators of the clock physical part are greatly improved. Compared with the navigation phase, the Standard of the Atomic Clock and the Stability Indicators have improved a quantitude, and the design life is raised from 8 years to 12 years. The target requirements of the third number.

The spirit of the craftsman is a kind of heartless, like a rock, and the uncomfortable technology pursuit is also a spiritual character dare to innovate, excellence and pursue excellence. Cui Jingzhong is such an aerospace craftsman. How to make the products are pursuit of his life, and he is working hard in more than ten years, that is, it is developing a starry 铷 atomic clock physical part. Cui Jingzhong hopes that “Beidou” can play an important role in the construction of “all the way” and promoting the world of serving the globalization.

Liu Yin – a few days of accumulation of “persistence”

Why did the core components of “Beidou” are handed over to 510 in the development of the core components of “Beidou”? Because 510 is to study the furnishing of vacuum, it has a deep technical foundation for the most important 铷 bulb production in the 铷 铷 体育. In the course of the research on the brach, 510 Liu Sin wrote a strong color.

After 1958, Liu Yin began research work in the School of Sciences, the Modern Physics Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After the establishment of the Lanzhou Physics Research Institute (510), Liu Yin entered 510, and completed a number of products R & D, research, and achieved a fruitful fruit. After 2000, based on the accumulation of technical technology in glass vacuum, Liu Suimin launched the development of the second generation navigation satellite clock, the development of the bubble product, the development of metal 铷 vacuum distillation purification, completed the reduction and 铷 pure process improvement Study, starry clock, bubble, 铷 amount control technology research, etc., the smooth development of 铷 atom clock and laid the foundation in the success of rail flight.

During the production process of 铷 bulb, Liu Yin optimizes the vacuum annealing process of the bulb blank, and the residual processing stress of the bulb blank is greatly eliminated, so that the intensity of the bubble structure is greatly enhanced, and the ability of the glass to high and low temperature changes. During the vacuum baking process, Liu Sin proposed an inert gas hot rinsing and intermittent exhaust gas method, and improved the true space of the laminated bulbs that were restricted, and actively promoted follow-up.

The atomic chamber used in the atomic clock physical part is connected to the elongated exhaust pipe of 2 mm inner diameter, evenly distributed on both sides of the main glass pipe, and the number is 10 to 20. Due to the restriction of the fluid-vacuum, the vacuum, the vacuum in the atomic chamber is also difficult to improve even the vacuum, harmful residual gas of the E-5Pa, even if the vacuum in the gas chamber is continuously heated, and the vacuum of the atomic chamber is also improved. Impurities are also difficult to exclude. In order to improve the vacuum of the 铷 铷 子 气, reduce the harmful gas content, Liu Yin proposed a vacuum extraction method for small flow guidance, large tube resistance, that is, hot rinse interrupt exhaust technology. The application of vacuum hot rinse interruptural exhaust technology effectively improves the limit vacuum of small flow guidance, large tube resistance atomic chamber and glass integrator, shortening exhaust time, reducing harmful gas ingredients, and improves atomic chamber Aging screening qualification. This process method also solves the problem of high inactive strength, high equipment load, and high system failure rate.

Liu Suimin told reporters that in scientific research often require some “luck”, “luck” is through the continuous trial, and it is constantly striving to accumulate. As a “old-north”, he often said young research workers, must cultivate interest in work, be good at thinking, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, improve your innovative thinking and scientific research in topics and promotion Sense, this is a very necessary growth process, whether it is in the Beidou Mission or in other projects, it should be the case.

Zhang Jinhai – “inheritor” to continuous struggle

The bell physical part of the Beigou mission is developed, and it is also commissioned. Its production cycle is 3 to 4 months. From the end of the bubble to the end, the product is assembled to the end of the debugger, from product test Delivery users, every link is important, especially those concerned about the debugging link, and the staff of the debugging light, that is, “Golden Finger” said, Zhang Jinhai is one of them.

代代接续追北斗 不悔初心砥砺行——讲述五一所“北斗人”的故事

After graduating from the master’s degree, he was arguing with the love of the airspace of the motherland. Zhang Jinhai became a 510 ordinary designer. At the beginning of the work, the domestic 铷 atomic clock performance is good in the navigation of the first phase of satellites, and the state needs higher precision atomic clocks to improve the positioning accuracy of the navigation system, requiring the short-term stability of the atomic clock of the star carrier to increase three times based on the original basis. Wan second stability improves a number of levels. “This is a difficult task, foreign technology blockade, and no one can be used in China. It is very difficult to comb to a technical route.” Zhang Jinhai said. As a member of the project group, he actively put into this work. During the period, he looked through a large number of domestic and foreign literature information. A foreign literature mentioned that the xenon lamp increases the stability of the clock, what kind of xenon lamp can be used, how much xenon, the working parameters are, and there is no mention. In order to obtain the answer, Zhang Jinhai and colleagues have designed a variety of trials, repeatedly explore the working parameters of xenon lamps. After unremitting efforts, he finally developed a high-precision 铷 atomic clock physical part of the indicator requirements and space environments, and passed the project acceptance.

Subsequently, Zhang Jinhai met a new problem – the consistency of batch production. For the way to seek product consistency, Comrade Zhang Jinhai strictly investigated the five main points of quality control “people, machines, materials, materials, methods, and ring”, and finally lock the problem in the foaming process. After three months of unremitting efforts, thousands of trials were verified, he found the best matching of the bubble. Subsequent delivery of high-precision clocks physically partially combined with the whole machine, all of which enters E-15, good consistency.

With the improvement of product quality, the annual task of the Atomic clock is also increased. How to ensure product quality while improving capacity? Zhang Jinhai as a product production department is facing new challenges. In order to ensure product consistency, Zhang Jinhai combed the production and commissioning of the atomic clock physical part, prepared “high-precision starry clock physical part of the refined debugging rules”, requiring each colleague to participate in the production and commissioning “rule “Content, every step of production and debugging, the text and pictures are double records,” doing things, do things according to the basis, and do the retention “.

代代接续追北斗 不悔初心砥砺行——讲述五一所“北斗人”的故事

Zhang Jinhai is a “Beidou Man”, always keeps in mind the “three spirits”, with “Yan Cao Domo” as the guidelines, constantly pursue higher quality products, contribute wisdom and strength for Beidou navigation.

In addition to their three, 510, the bell physical part of the Beidou mission, the beamed secondary power supply, the reservoir gas bottle product, the surface engineering products, there is also from the quantum frequency standard, secondary power business department, The pressure vessel business department, the number of “Beidou people” in the surface engineering division, is the “Beidou Man” of their own adheres to the success of the Beidou Mission, and add a light to the development of the aerospace industry, and write it for the construction of the aerospace. It belongs to your own Huacai chapter.