Recently, the National Star Detective took a picture of the famous female anchor Shen Xing and Xie Hui in the car in the car. The kiss was sneaked, today we may wish to take a look.


1. Shen Xing vs Xie Hui


On March 16th, the famous host of the National Star, the famous host Shen Xing arrived in Shanghai in Valentine’s Day, and the new relationship was exposed in intimacy. By the time the two kissed inside the car, it is understood that the man is a football star Xie Hui.

2. Yang Zi vs He Peng

On February 11th, “National Scout” exposed the photos of “Xiaoxue” Yang Zi in the car in the car on the APP. The boyfriend was sweetly connected, and then the two forgot to lingering in the car.

3. Wu Jing vs Xie Nan

Kung Fu Boy Wu Jing and Xie Nan were sweet and happy. In May 2012, when the two were dragged by the media, they were lingering in the car disregard when the passers -by.


4. Zhou Xun vs Gao Shengyuan


Zhou Xun and her husband Gao Shengyuan participated in the new work of Zomi Hillla, director of “Horror Wax Museum”. In the film, there were many intimacy. In addition to hugging and holding hands, they even kissed enthusiastically in the car, but different from. In the past, when filming this group of intimate dramas, Zhou Xun seemed very enjoyable.


5. Xie Tianhua VS Gou Yunhui

In August 2012, the wireless niche Xie Tianhua was photographed by the media for an hour with the model Gou Yunhui on the street. It is reported that Gou Yunhui, who has a boldness, has the blood of the three countries of China and Japan in one hour with Xie Tianhua. Bold, Xie Tianhua, who could not help but seduce from the front seat to the back seat, the two fought passionate in the carriage.

6. Shao Bing vs Mysterious Woman

The mainland actor Shao Bing, who has been showing a tough guy image, was photographed by the media in 2010 with a young and beautiful mysterious woman. During the period, the two performed very close. Drilling into the car and kissing lingering.


7. Dou Wentao vs mysterious woman

Dou Wentao, the famous mouth of Phoenix Satellite TV, was photographed by the media that was about 23rd or four years old near Wukesong in Beijing. She was beautiful and beautiful. After a few hours.


8. Chen Bailin VS Mandy Lieu

After Chen Bailin and the mixed -race model Mandy Lieu dragged, they often lived on the streets of the downtown, and did not avoid suspicion. What’s more, when they were photographed by the media to buy a sexy underwear shop to buy underwear and return to their homes, the two of them ignored the elder brother of the elder brother. Existence, I couldn’t help kissed in the carriage for 20 minutes.

9. Wang Xuebing vs Sun Ning


Wang Xuebing and Sun Ning have already worked out now. They wanted to quickly fall into the love river due to the relationship between the drama. They don’t know how many people are envious of death.

10. Ma Chucheng VS Miao Ling Women


The famous director Ma Chucheng was photographed by the media to go shopping with young women, and his expression was very ambiguous. Then he hugged the kiss in the back row of the car. After getting off the car, the two walked into the hotel together. Go out of the hotel and go out to do business.