After the holidays, the weather is getting hot. Although it is not as dry and bitter in winter, we still cannot slap the skin’s hydration homework. The hot summer will cause the skin to secrete a large amount of fat and sweat. If you cannot replenish water to the face in time, it will easily cause a series of headaches such as dry skin, acne, and pores.

Applying the mask is the fastest and direct hydration and skin care method. In the summer, it is indispensable to apply the mask, so today the donuts come to share with you a few easy -to -use hydrating masks. The money makes the skin translucent and tender.


1. Nature Hall of the Himalayas water supplement mask


This mask of Nature Hall is really easy to use and not expensive. It is very suitable for the student party with a high skin care budget. The basic hydration and moisturizing are suitable for any age and skin texture. The Himalayan series of Nature Hall focuses on adding different natural skin care ingredients on the basis of hydrating and moisturizing.

Its essence and mask paper are very full. The tailoring design of the mask paper is very convincing for most people. After applying it, the face is soft and tender. Taller.


2. Meidi Well Coreoce Mask Mask

This mask is also a senior online celebrity, and it still does not decrease until now. Its mask paper material is thick, and the face is very full of full face. It feels deeply locks the essence. There is only a separate cottonseed chorus, which is very suitable for lazy skin care. Meidi Well Blue Classic Mask is mainly efficient and moisturizing. The ingredients are also added with northern American witch plums. It has the effect of anti -allergies and anti -inflammatory. It is very friendly to the little fairy with thinner stratum corneum.

3. JM deep water bomb mask


The JM deep -water bomb can be said to be a handle in a cheap mask, which is suitable for most skin types. The biggest feature of this mask is that it has a lot of essence. The extra essence is enough to apply it to the neck. It can be clearly felt that the mask paper is thinner after a period of time on the face, and the essence is absorbed by the skin. Its hydration, moisturizing, anti -inflammatory and soothing effects are very good. It is the first choice for the first -aid mask repaired after the sun after the sun. It can quickly replenish the moisture that the skin is lost due to the sun and helps the skin to restore the tender luster.

4. Morita hyaluronic acid composite mask


When choosing skin care products, the sensitive muscle girl is always cautious. Morita Hyaluronic acid This mask is a cosmetic brand and will be more at ease. The fragrance of this mask is lightly within the acceptable range. The texture of the mask paper and essence is relatively thin and thin, which can accelerate the skin absorption. The deficiencies are that the mask paper is not very fitted with the skin.

The ingredients are hyaluronic acid, neuride, and algae extracts. After applying it, the face feels clear and tender and shiny. It is completely sufficient for daily hydration and moisturizing.


In the summer, apply a clear and cool mask in your spare time, and close your eyes to slowly spend these ten minutes. Why not enjoy it? As the saying goes, “There are no ugly women, only lazy women”, little fairies should not ignore the skin care steps of applying masks because of laziness, and continuous water replenishment can make the skin tender!

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