1. At most, the failure of the sensor comes from the interference of various environments around. Because the sensor fails, when we repair the sensor, we need to check the surrounding interference factors first. Maybe the interference is removed, then the problem is solved.

2. We need to check the electrical source line and the signal line of the automatic door. These two lines cannot be connected during maintenance, otherwise the burning circuit board will be burned. These are low -level errors encountered in maintenance, and generally can be avoided in general.

3. During maintenance, there are also single parts of damage. For example, only internal sensors are damaged or only an external sensor is damaged. At this time we can adjust the two devices to see if the problem is still existed. This method is relatively fast.


4. When repairing, we will also find such a failure in some doors, that is, there is an automatic door switch failure, which cannot be closed and cannot be opened. Sometimes it will circulate such operations. In fact, most of such problems are not caused by sensor failure, but problems with the sensitivity adjustment of the automatic door sensor. Sometimes it is caused by interference.

5. Interference is the most basic cause of the failure of the sensor. There are several factors of the source of interference, such as the unstable light sources emitted by the lamp, and the sudden and dark will cause the error of the sensor; there is the interference caused by the reflection of the sun; The inner plants, misunderstandings caused by wind blowing;

Summary: How to repair automatic doors and how to repair the automatic door sensor cannot be maintained. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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