Hello everyone, we all know that when eating pork, we need to deal with the pig hair remaining on the pork skin. Otherwise, the pork tastes very fishy. So what do you deal with?

Although the pig hair on these pigs looks white and pure, there is nothing, but if we scrape it carefully with our hands, we can feel that there are many hair follicles left on it. If it is not cleaned, the dishes will affect the taste of consumption, and the odor is particularly heavy.


Friends who like to eat skin pork, let me share the two small methods with you below. Let me learn with me. The hair follicles on these pork skin are easy to remove. Don’t spend a lot of effort, simply do it, half -rooted pig hair can’t be seen.

【Treatment of pig hair】


1. First of all, prepare a piece of pork, cut it into small pieces, and then boil the pan.


2. Then put the pork skin down, put the pork in the hot pot to brand it, and give it about it when it is golden, so that the hair follicles on the pig skin will completely shrink.

3. In the second method, we need to pour the right amount of edible oil into the pot, burn the oil until rolling, and then prepare a clip, put the pork pork skin down, and fry it in the hot oil.


4. When frying, we only need to fry to the pig skin part, and it can be fried a few times to fry the pig skin into a scorched yellow state.


5. Two methods, whether it is fried or branding, we need to soak the pork in warm water for five minutes, and scrape the impurities on the surface of the pig skin with a knife, and then rinse it with water. The pork is processed.


【Stewed Meat】

The ingredients required: pork, garlic, green onions, ginger slices, ginger slices, rock sugar, spiced powder, raw soy sauce, starch water

Production Method:

1. Clean the pork, put the cold water into the pot, add a little green onion segment and ginger slices, and slowly simmer the water with medium and small heat. After cooking, control the water and remove it slightly.

2. Then cut the pork into a thick piece of about one centimeter, put it in the disk for later use, and then prepare a few flaps of garlic, shoot it without chopping, and install a bowl for use.

3. Put the oil in the pan. When the oil is hot, add 20 grams of rock sugar to the pot, and stir -fry the low heat, and stir -fry until the sugar color becomes jujube red.

4. After the meat slices are incorporated into the pot, we must use a shovel to quickly stir fry, wrap each piece of meat with sugar, fry it until the color becomes darker, rinse the hot water into the pot, and boil the fire.

5. Then add an appropriate amount of spiced powder to the pot, a spoonful of raw soy sauce, and use a shovel to fully open the seasoning, cover the lid, turn it on the medium and small heat for an hour.

6. On the way to stew, we need to open it once every 20 minutes and turn it over once. When you continue to stew until 40 minutes, put the prepared garlic cloves and stew again for 20 minutes.

7. Time is here, you can put the stewed meat first out of the pot, and the remaining soup in the pot. We need to pour some starch water inside, add some salt to taste, turn on low heat and burn it for it. To thick.


8. Finally, pour the soup onto the piece of meat, sprinkle with a little green onion for embellishment, and make a delicious meat meat.

Two ways to deal with pig hair above, I will share it here. After learning, do not shave the skin directly, or bake it with fire.

If you have more and better suggestions and ideas, please leave a message in the comment area, so that we can all learn.