Recently, many candy reflected to the little sugar, hoping to see the topic of the wallet. In response to everyone’s requirements, Xiaotangjun first recommended some wallets with high face value and expensive price, I hope to choose a wallet for everyone to provide some reference ~

1. Woodpecker leather crowd money clip

Perfect the flower craftsmanship with high -end cowhide, the appearance is very good, the quality is also very good, it has super strong abrasion resistance and anti -extrusion ability. Don’t worry about the wallet being scratched or squeezed. It looks very elegant and high -end.

Reference price: 79.0 yuan

2. Lihua doll ultra -thin scrub women’s wallet

The ultra -thin and soft matte skin looks special ~ not only light and convenient, but it will not be deformed no matter how squeezed. Does it contain an independent 10 -calorie small wallet? Is there a sense of surprise?

Reference price: 32.5 yuan


3. Tangle tango bow of butterflies

The very sweet long wallet, the design of the bow is perfectly set against the sweet color of Macaron. Six colors are available, which is very suitable for small fresh style girls.


Reference price: 35.0 yuan

4, tangle tango love rivet wallet


Diamond love logo is the highlight of this wallet, light golden hardware decoration, low -key luxury, highlighting texture. The banknote position, card position, coin bag, and dark bags are all available, both beautiful and practical ~

Reference price: 40.5 yuan

5. Playboy Men’s short leather money clip


The simple and atmospheric men’s short money clip uses high -quality cowhide fabrics with good feel; classic dark brown, low -key and calm, looks very quality.

Reference price: 139.0 yuan

6. Crowezhe Korean Women’s Wallet

A very textured wallet, the oblique fabric, the golden zipper head looks very high -grade, equipped with classic fox hair ornaments, fluffy super cute ~ pink sweet, dark green atmosphere, black black atmosphere, black black atmosphere, black black, black black, black black, black black, black black, black black, black black, black, black Rest and exquisite.

Reference price: 54.8 yuan

7. Ms. concubine Ms. Long Wallet

The ultra -thin matte PU leather, the feel is very special, the lightweight and thin volume will not take up too much space in the bag. The golden umbrella logo of the outer layer looks particularly delicate and cute.


Reference price: 28.0 yuan


8. TANGLE TANGO Long Wallet

The beautiful ballet girl decoration, elegant and romantic, unique caring metal pendant, very textured. Ultra -large capacity, even mobile phones can be installed. It is very good as a wallet or handbag. PS. Little Sugar Jun likes these two models of lilac and mint green.

Reference price: 38.5 yuan


9. Hello Kitty short wallet

Very exquisite genuine Hello Kitty wallet, KITTY control must be necessary ~ Whether it is internal and outer material, or zipper heads or sewing lines, all show the high quality of genuine Hello Kitty. The tender pink, red, and black are available, each of which is unique.

Reference price: 188.0 yuan

10. Woodpecker short leather money clip


The outer layer uses the head layer cowhide, which feels delicate and soft, and the quality is very good. Many colors and styles are available. There are horizontal and vertical versions ~ very thin, very small and exquisite money clips, suitable for sweet girls.

Reference price: 45.0 yuan


11. Muzee men’s canvas wallet

The outer layer uses a very delicate resin craft canvas, and the inner layer is selected from PU leather. The quality is very good and durable, giving a retro, simple, and natural feeling.

Reference price: 35.0 yuan