Dior is grandly held in 2022 autumn and winter highlights

Dior’s 2012 Autumn and Winter Advanced Customized Series Release Show

It has been on July 4th, Beijing time

It is held in Paris, France

Women’s Creative Director Maria Gargia Kou Li

Inspired by the tree of life

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

Together with the artist Olisia Troffimo

Interpretation of the integration of painting creation and embroidery technology

Inject rich emotions into the tree of life

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

The tree of life that connects everything in the world

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

The branches are connected to the sky and the root system is connected to the earth

The trees of diverse life are infinitely extended in the show

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

Wonderful show

Maria Garvia Kou Li stare at fashion from an artistic perspective

Concentrate on exploring the rich traditions created by diverse civilizations

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

The inheritance of art is like a high -level custom dress for a long time

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

The immortal charm of advancing with the times

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

New series of works

Interesting people’s thoughts on different folk customs

In the conversation between tolerance and openness

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

Bring inspiration to culture around the world

The tree of life is a symbol of distant civilization and ancient mythology

Gorgeous embroidery woven from cotton lines, silk threads and yarns

Smart interpretation of the tree pattern of life

Excellent decoration in multiple Chinese clothes

Between the beige of different shades

Vaguely dotted with a touch of black or blue

Complicated embroidery and exquisite lace blooms in

Cotton fabric, wool gauze, silk and cashmere

Dress skirt stitching spike band

Composed of bronze and black lace and convex lace

The elegant and agile long skirt selection of real silk chiffon fabric

Combining exquisite pleated craftsmanship, ingenious fitting curve

Loose silhouettes or cotton embroidery trench coat

Also complement the long -fashioned dress skirt

A variety of fabrics renewed the ‘new style’ silhouette

Dior suit interprets extraordinary texture with vertical pleated fabric

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

The new series through the superb skills of the high -oriented workshop

Create a thoughtful space

Deeply explore the shaping of fabrics and silhouettes

Show the close connection between fashion creativity and real society

This wakes people deeply thinking about the meaning of life today

Dior Chinese brand friend, Hong Hong

Go to the Paris show

Feel the beauty and beauty of the new series

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

Starlight shining release show scene

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

The stars are wearing the Dior dress to attend, and they will join the grand event

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

Naomi watts

Nadia TereszKiewicz

Chira Ferragni

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

Elle macphereson

迪奥二零二二秋冬高订秀 隆重举行

Zoe Saldana

Miki nakatani

Dior Chinese brand friend, Hong Hong

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