Is there a sense of ritual in life? “Little Prince” said that the sense of ritual is different from other days, which is different from other times. It has nothing to do with the confusion, let us feel the existence of the unique meaning in life, and let us face life with enthusiasm.

The sense of ritual is not a false and deliberate show.

It’s not that you obviously hold a salary of 5,000 yuan, but you have to “luxury” to buy luxury goods just by Amway.

It is not the “lady” essence bought on the table, but the ants flower that is not available in selectivity.

This materially “shake the market” is actually just to satisfy the vanity of being enlarged.

Real ritual,

It is the “interesting” of ordinary daily life,

Let you feel life, not survival.

For example, it is praised by the leader today, and reward a ice cream on the way home.

For example, different movies are repeatedly watched every year.

For example, even if you live in the rental house, the room layout is full of warmth.

For example, replace the ordinary night lamp before bedtime with a star shape, and happily look at the mottled shadow printed on the wall.

For example, after taking a shower today, I will definitely go out and go out tomorrow to be able to afford the “clean” self.

It is these casual and simple ideas that fill your ordinary but unique soul.

Even if the days seem bland, one year after day, you can always find the novel and unique “rest”, suspend rest in busy, add fun to repeated.

For me, the weekly plan may change, but on Sunday night, we must take a bath and make “large” skin care. This makes me feel that I will welcome the future with myself with a new myself.

It is said that it is “large” skin care, but in fact, it is not a high -end product, or the steps that add thorough cleaning and converging pores before applying the mask. Some people may scoff at it and feel cheap and boring, but for me, it is just it. There are different reasons for Sunday and usual days.

This abstract feeling may be a bit stubborn and personalized, but as long as you can feel your love for life, there is nothing to be difficult to feel.

Sister’s Sunday “evening” skin care

Move here to grow grass!

After taking a shower, use spray to soothe the dry skin, and then apply the cleaning mask. AHAVA This cleaning mask is only used for two minutes! It is very moist and mild on my face. My nose wings are more sensitive. It is easy to feel a little tingling when using the mask, but this mask is not at all!


Dead sea mud cleaning mask

M 298/100ml

The texture is very soft, with a slight scrub particles. When I clean it, I will gently massage the water for a few seconds. The skin after washing is significantly smoother and soft. The cleaning intensity is very good. After using it once a week, it is difficult to see the shadow of blackheads, and the closed mouth on the forehead is also reduced a lot.

Remember to shrink pores after applying the cleaning mask! Dr. Cheng Ye’s pores are really cheap and easy to use, not only the effect of converging pores, but also to calm the skin. Generally, after using the cleaning mask, I will “scrape” the blackheads and closed mouth with acne needles, and the skin will be reddish immediately. After using it wet, the skin is not only red, but it is soft to the touch.

Dr.Ci:labo, Dr. Cheng Ye

Pores fine lotion

L 99/100ml

The refreshing texture like toner water, with the fragrance of oranges, I like its taste very much, every time I feel “fast”! The pores next to my nose will be obvious after cleaning. After using it to wet, it will be “invisible”, and the pores on the nose will no longer be obvious. Among them, mint ingredients, sensitive skin sisters remember to test whether to stimulate before using it!

In the end, I will use a moisturizing mask to hydrate the entire face. Panda this mask also brings the essence of the bottle! The bottle contains high -purity dual hyaluronic acid molecules. Small molecular hyaluronic acid can penetrate the bottom of the skin. While densely hydrating, help the skin better absorb nutrients on the mask. Macromolecular hyaluronic acid forms a barrier and continues to lock water.

Pandaw Panda

Hyaluronic acid ampoule essence mask

¥ 89/5 tablets

The texture of the essence of the bottle is not liquid, it is a very moisturizing texture, and it looks very small, but in fact, the neck can be covered! The moisturizing effect of the mask is long -lasting, and the skin has been bomb and tender for the next two or three days! The foundation is not stuck!

The mask paper is particularly convincing. Various small corners such as lips and noses can be covered, and they are very thin. There is no dull situation during the mask. The skin is not only moist but also delicate!

What small exclusive “rituals” do you have in your life? Come and leave a message to tell the “little good luck” in Sister’s life, you can also join the community of Baba Mei to share with everyone!

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