“The moment I received this album, these mothers were stunned!”

This is because before Children’s Day

Spicy mom

【Family Parent -Child Album】


Initiating a event

Free print photos to make albums, free shipping home!

Moms who received the album

In the circle of friends!

The circle of friends is too small

Xiaobian will give you the full picture of these albums

Is it fried chicken warm and fried chicken kawaii

(Xiaobian’s mother’s love has flooded!)

The hot moms also like it too


In addition to the strong appreciation of our activities

Also exposed the beautiful photos of their own cute baby

40 photos recorded baby growth

But too many photos of hot moms choose difficulties!

But the moment you get the album

It’s just those beautiful memories

And these memories

It is worth sharing with relatives and friends

Record the precious bit of their baby