What are the top ten international tile brands in 2022? Latest guide

Roman Correct Tile: If the decoration is characteristic, choose Roman to Cock!

Headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, it was established in 2000. It currently has three major production foundations. It introduces the world’s advanced production equipment and R & D processes, and has applied for a number of patents. The unique advantage of Roman Ceramics is the product’s characteristic, complete specifications, and rich categories. It has formed a good reputation in the industry. The decoration must be characterized. Brand and other honors. Product quality, production capacity, and innovation capabilities are among the top industries, and have reached long -term strategic cooperation with many real estate companies and installation companies.

2. Marco Polo Tile:

Headquartered in Dongguan, the brand was born in 1996. As one of the earliest brand -oriented enterprises in the domestic building industry, its independently developed original design- “China Impression” series of products, which shows the essence of traditional Chinese culture on tiles and guides to guide and guide The style of design returns to Oriental Zen charm and has received widespread attention from consumers and experts at home and abroad.

3. Dongpeng Tile:

Located in the country’s famous ceramic hometown, Foshan Shiwan, adhering to the core concept of “concentrated on, honest and honesty”, specializing in production of land bricks, wall bricks, industrial bricks and bathroom products, becoming the largest in the country, the most complete varieties and specifications, the best reputation, the best reputation One of the professional manufacturers. Dongpeng Tiles cast a brand with quality, technology promotes the brand, and the word of mouth spreads the brand.

4. New Zhongyuan Ceramics:

Xinzhongyuan Ceramics has ten large -scale modern ceramic production plants, distributed in Sanshui, Shunde, Heyuan, Qingyuan, Sichuan Jiajiang, Jiangxi Gao’an, Hunan Hengyang, Hubei Dangyang, Shenyang Faku, and Henan Hebi. Living at the forefront of the world, it is hailed by the industry as “building a pottery carrier”. Xinzhongyuan ceramic product line is comprehensive and rich, production and sales of polishing bricks, antique bricks, full -throw glaze, micro -spar, cosmetic bricks, porcelain slices, thin plates, bathrooms and other categories, more than 1,000 domestic sales outlets, overseas overseas, overseas overseas The marketing network has spread to more than 120 countries and regions, and is one of the largest exports in China.

5. Guanzhu Ceramics:

Founded in 1992, after the transformation, merger and expansion, construction of large -scale professional production bases and the development of regional clothing in the country, it has become bigger and stronger from a small factory, becoming the most large -scale and modernization of China’s construction sanitary ceramics industry in China. , One of the Group’s corporate groups.

6. Hongyu Ceramics:

Hongyu Ceramics specializes in the production of ceramics products such as ceramic plates, marble tiles, antique bricks, porcelain tiles, porcelain polished tiles, glazed tiles, rock plates and other ceramic products. Complete aircraft carrier -level innovative enterprises.

7. Sennie ceramic rock plate:

China Seni, endless. Sennie Ceramics Headquarters is located in Foshan, a famous Chinese pottery capital in China. Sennie Ceramics has three major modern intelligent production bases. It has strong technical strength. It introduces advanced equipment such as large SACMI crusher, high -tech inkjet, roller printing machine. It has a fully automatic roller kiln production line and advanced rock plates, large boards, and marble tile intelligent production lines, and is accompanied by professional technology research and development centers and testing centers to adhere to original research and development products, and consolidate the foundation for continuous innovation and quality guarantee of the product.

7. Jian Yimaoli tiles:

It is the founder of domestic marble tiles. At the same time, it has obtained 4 certification brands of ISO (quality, environmental protection, health, and energy saving). High -end building decorative materials provide high -end and environmentally friendly decorative materials for people who pursue high -quality life.

8. Nobel Tile:

Nobel Tile was founded in 1992. At present, it has three well -known brands with Nobel Tile, Cezanne Impression Tile, and Han. In 2017, the world’s first Nobel large plate porcelain was launched, with a large size of 3.2 by 1.6 meters. The surface was more abrasion and the pattern was more realistic.

10. Ou Shennuo Ceramics:

It was formally established in 2000, mainly engaged in the research and development, customization and sales of high -end tile technology. As a postdoctoral research workstation and a national torch plan high -tech enterprise, the company has built the world’s larger building of Tao Tao R & D Center -I & I Center and R & D (R & D) Center, with more than 150 senior technical experts all year round. In the future, the company will rely on the “Ou Shennuo Online” Yunshang Platform and the national offline experience service center, and is committed to creating a “tile overall solution” operating service provider centered on consumer -centric.

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