Summer is here, and finally I can wear good clothes to go out to put the wind, but there is always a trace of imperfections …

It has been said that it has been so long, but the small problems of the skin have not been resolved.

Friends with desert dry skin

When you make makeup, you will be stuck, and your face must be peeling madly.

Friends with oily skin mixed oil leather

After a while, I went out of oil flowers. The photo was a reflective board, and the oil control controlled to the heart.

The worst,

It’s a friend of sensitive muscles

If the face is motionless, it will be dry, red, itchy, and painful. If you want to be famous, you will have to be armed, and even at home are afraid of being taken care of by the sun.

Your skin barrier needs to be hydrated and repaired! The barrier function is enhanced so that the skin can be moist, and it can be far away from various small problems!

This has to move out of Dr. Lilac’s self -developed brand “face value patch”! As a efficient skin care brand created by Dr. Lilac, the products launched by the products are mainly effective.

There are three recommendations to friends today, namely the main repair and soothing star sisters of the “face value patch”.

Essence water, lotion and cream.

Their smooth texture, clear skin, and excellent effects, no matter what skin you are, you can find the reason for loved them!

Contains 80% of Yin Chen Artemisia flower leaves

Effect Essence Water

The first one is the efficacy water that distinguishes most of the toner on the market- “face value patch” soothing repair essence water!

What is the difference?

We replaced the simple water with the component of the soothing effect*


The content of a bottle of essence water is as high as 80%! Essence

*This effect is limited to the face value patch essence aquatic product formula

Although it is efficient water, the toner

Effect of hydration

We are not only falling, but also more powerful, look at the experiment!


The results showed that 15 minutes after the sample, the moisture content of the subject’s skin stratum corneum was increased by 70.62%.

It’s not over yet! Not only the hydration, we have also added intimately for sensitive muscle friends

Credit and soothing and improved redness.

The “Yin Chen Artemisia Flower Leaf Water” ranked first in the composition table is a natural plant ingredients directly extracted from the artemiser of Yin Chen, which does not include adding water. have

Clean the effect of soothing and pass

Efficacy test*.

*This effect is limited to the face value patch essence aquatic products.

*The “water” in the composition table in the formula is not added with water, but the water comes with other ingredients. The content is very small and the ranking is backward.

Another ingredient with it is familiar with everyone

“Crystal Covered”

It is a cicada -cricket extract that allows the calm and soothing effect to add icing on the cake.

The effect is verified by SGS

Effectively improve skin redness,

No longer afraid of the sudden “big red face”!

Visia erythema analysis

*Data originated from SGS China Tongbiao Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Test report: 30 test results of 20-day tests of sensitive muscles 25-40 years old. The actual use effect varies from person to person.

*Page data system is the detection result of auxiliary placebo products -moisturizing cream.

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The acute period of skin sensitivity, the protection of the value patch essence water,

Not only can it calm down and relieve the redness of the face, but also effectively repair the skin barrier.

Not much to say, just prove it directly!

This is 30 sensitive muscle subjects, after 14 days and 28 days, respectively

Test report on the epidermal water loss rate*.

The skin loss rate of the epidermis is the standard for judging the quality of the skin barrier.

The higher the skin loss rate of the skin, the weaker the skin’s moisturizing ability.

After 14 days, the subjects of the subjects had reduced the water loss rate by 15.55%, and after 28 days, the translucent water loss rate decreased by 13.23%.

*Page data system is to match auxiliary placebo products -moisturizing cream

The test results.

You ask why the effect is so significant?

This is due to the dual components added by the essence of essence water -neuride 3, vitamin original B5.

Turneramide 3,

It can form a powerful barrier to prevent skin water loss, and it can also resist the negative impact of the external environment on the skin.

Vitamin original B5,

That is, pan gymiol, which is recognized as a “multi -faceted hand”, which can effectively enhance the skin barrier.

On the one hand, the barrier is effectively repaired, and the skin is constantly replenishing the skin, and the two tubes are neutral.

Repair the barrier, you can’t wait! Order first!

Speaking of which, it

Sense of use

What about it?

This essence of water is very clear, and there is no burden on the skin. After the temperature gradually rises, there is such a refreshing and non -sticky toner. Don’t be too refreshing!

After the face is not sticky, it is very smooth, but the hand can be touched. Of course, the absorption is fast.

Everyone knows that hydrating and moisturizing are two basic steps for skin care. How can moisturizing fall in place?

Super suitable for summer

Refreshing and moisturizing repair lotion

The second product we recommend is super suitable for summer. The refreshing and moisturizing “face value patch repair soothing lotion” is reported! The effect of hydrating water and repair barrier is equally powerful.

This is 30 sensitive muscle subjects. After using the emulsion, the scatical talle -loss hydration test report*.

* After 14 days, the subjects of the subject decreased by 13.69%, while 28 days later, the transitional water loss rate was reduced by 8.43%.

*Page data system is to match auxiliary placebo products -moisturizing water

In addition to our emulsion, in addition to the ingredients of soothing repair and hydration such as vitamin original B5, cedar gogoside, citic gogin, etc.

The effect of locking water is even more stingy.

Adding Tremella polysaccharides comparable to hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), dried skin knows water -locking beet -alkali, and hydrophilic and hydrolysis of lecithin. It helps the core water barrier technology of penetrating, making the effect of important ingredients better.

The sense of use is also very fans! The lotion texture is like gel -like, very light, and the dripping on the hand is very liquid. It is absorbed by the water gently.

The coolness is so refreshing, it seems to make a smooth layer of water film for the skin. It is completely non -sticky, and the skin can be visible to the naked eye and moisturizing!

Water milk matching, skin care is not tired, combine the order!

Improve the face red for 14 days

Moisturizing and repairing cream

However, if you are a friend with serious sensitive issues, we have to recommend our third product.

Looking at this experiment, you know how much the effect of improving redness.

*Page data system is to match auxiliary placebo products -the detection results of moisturizing water.

Why is it so effective because of a unique formula.

There are “neosamide 3, pan gyrolytic, centered grass extract” triple repair and soothing component blessing to help quickly repair damaged skin and enhance skin barriers. When you are hot, you feel that you feel cold, red -red symptoms can be greatly improved, and the feeling of tightness on your face will also be relieved.

Coupled with the “seaweed + coral algae extract + sweet tonsil oil” triple hydration lock lock moisturizing system, it can not only maintain hydration, but also ensure that the skin feels light and non -sticky. There is no burden on it in summer ~

Blushing the savior is here, quickly click to place the order

Mild and safe without adding

Pregnant women Bao Ma rest assured to use it

In addition, the three products of our face value patch are very mild and not irritating. We have also passed the test of human spots. In addition, I did it

No fragrance, alcohol -free, pigment -free, no preservatives, no mineral oil, hormone -free

Essence Pregnant women can also rush! Intersection

Slide left and right to view the report results

*The results of the essence water, lotion, and cream, and the results of the test stickers are negative, that is, the scoring level is 0, which can be determined as “the product is mild enough.”


If you are a sensitive muscle,

If you can’t move your face, you will be red, peeling, and itching. If you want to repair it quickly, then start with the combination of water + frost. The fastest 14 -day repair barrier, big red face, goodbye!

If you are oily skin, mixed oil skin

May wish to choose a combination of water + lotion, try its refreshing and smooth texture. This season is just right, and you don’t want to buy you to hit me.

If you are a normal and healthy skin,

The water milk combination will also be very suitable for starting. The powerful water replenishment effect allows you to moisturize the summer. The mild effect ingredients can keep you away from the skin problem. Is it moving?

Welfare may be late but will never be absent. There are three benefits this time!

Welfare 1:

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Welfare 2:

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Welfare 3:

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Quietly tell you a small strategy

All products under the face value patch are involved in the event

Buy any 3 provinces 70!

No matter how much water cream is sampled

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Move your wise little finger

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*Data originated from SGS China Tongbiao Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Test report: 30 test results of 20-day tests of sensitive muscles 25-40 years old. The actual use effect varies from person to person.

The test results.

Repair the barrier, you can’t wait! Order first!