This is the most declined machine! Laser cutting machine set a record from 6 million to 600,000

my country’s economic strength and economic status are constantly rising, so there will be many sounds. Some people think that when we are rich, they will compete with developed countries to survive. Why is it squeezing our development space in the current developed countries with limited resources? The reason why there is such a voice is still because of fear of it. It is not easy for us to develop into the present for decades.

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Although we have been labeled with core technologies on the assembly country, many luminous points should not be buried. Take the laser cutting industry I have familiar with as an example. I watched how it developed in China. Most of the previous sheet metal processing was low -processing efficiency such as plasma, sawing, flame cutting, etc. At that time, many manufacturing industries set their sights on fiber laser cutting machines known as the “sheet metal processing center”, but this part of the process was monopolized by foreign machinery and equipment manufacturers. The 3,000 watts of about 2 million, the price of 6000W is 6.8 million; the high price makes many people discouraged. Even if someone buys the expensive maintenance costs and accessories costs of the machine later, it also makes people headache. You want to serve you can’t even find a sales after -sales, and not only the price of expensive maintenance service fees is also outrageous.

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After several years of development, Baichu Electronics has developed a laser cutting machine operating system, and the last stone of domesticization has been moved away; we are a large place where large metal processing countries need sheet metal processing. This progress has allowed many production and processing manufacturers to see To hope; followed by Laser manufacturers such as Ruike and Chuangxin, we continued to force our fiber laser cutting machine to formally move to the right track. The laser cutter behind it belongs to our high time. With the gradual maturity of technology, more and more manufacturers of laser cutting machines have dropped, and low -power laser cutting machines can buy one now. The less, it is gradually marginalized by the market.

This is the benefit of domesticization. When we are monopolized, the impact of the manufacturing industry is huge, and development is stagnant; we should still have confidence in national enterprises, and we will overcome all problems! If you feel good, you can pay attention to support!

Laser tube

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