Chen Huilin is dressed as a little girl who does not violate it at all. She wears a printed skirt exquisite and sweet, and has a high taste.




For girls, a dress can make the eyebrows fashionable and temperamental. Spring and summer skirts can be even more

Refreshing and gorgeous

, Autumn and winter skirts are even more

Gorgeous and textured.

The styles brought by different fabric skirts are also different, we can

Mature and elegant

As well as

Beautiful youthful

Interpret and expression repeatedly. Chen Huilin’s red printed skirt is high -end and shows a lot

Sweet and elegant

Let ’s share with you the most suitable skirts that are most suitable for girls. It can be used as a base skirt or as a


Whether it is a date or the sunny sister’s party, a dress can solve the girls

The trouble of matching.

Advanced matching of skirts


For middle -aged girls, if you want to wear girls to show sweetness, although many matching skills will be introduced, you must carefully accumulate some cute elements, but sometimes you use these reasonably

Cute element

Decorate, or

Partial embellishment

It can achieve more effort.

In the elements of girls, the elements of lace will be a little less limited for middle -aged women. When we choose the lace element, the lace on the skirt is often outlined or overlapped.

Lace decoration,

This lace decoration is also called

cupcake dress

It is the sweetest and most in the skirt style, and the most

Princess temperament


49 -year -old Chen Huilin couldn’t see the traces of age. Wearing a printed skirt was sweet, and a little baby fat looked better. It is too heavy for the layered princess skirt to the workplace, it is more suitable for

Formal dress

The style it shows most of the style will present a

Formal and dignified

image of.

If the beautiful eyebrows want to wear sweetness, wearing and fresh, we must choose in the color of the skirt

Bright color system

As the background color of a skirt, we often choose some of the vital sense, we will choose some

The style of printing.

But if we choose the pattern of printing, then the color matching of the skirt must be used

White as a background

, So as to better accommodate other colors of decoration.

Skirt -style matching ideas

When girls are fusion of lace elements, they usually go in a skirt, cuffs, and neckline.

Partial decoration

, Can show girls

The sense of atmosphere.

Want to wear out

Reducing age reduction

Style, do not choose a hip skirt and straight skirt for skirts. The girl in this dress is relatively weak. The eyebrows must choose

Long model


Fold style.

Choosing a pleated style is usually paired with A -line skirt


, Platform -style skirts are divided into

Wide pleated


Narrow pleated

This is the designer of the middle -aged girl.

More atmospheric

Chen Huilin was dressed as a little girl who did not disagree at all. She wore a printed skirt exquisite and sweet, and her taste was very high. On the skirt fabric, we have to choose

Mesh material

Essence The mesh material can avoid some of the middle -aged girls in the matching

Greasy combination

It is the fault tolerance rate for middle -aged girls

very low

Essence And for the versatile or other clothing, it will effectively go to some of them and some it brings


Often he gives a refreshing style.

Use of printed colors

If the girl does not want to choose a lot of color performance styles on the printing pattern, I want to choose a single and single and

High -level color matching

It is the temperament that can represent the printing pattern, so you must choose

Maximum adjustment

, Also the most

Gorgeous colors.

In all warm colors, the charm of red is closer to the styles we want. The whole is made by red and white

Printed skirt

, Pure while covering

Sexy charm

Skirt high -end matching demonstration

Black net print print skirt

Want to show the net yarn


First of all, we must choose a thin and transparent mesh style. In the design of the upper body, we must choose

Hollow clothing,

Make the skin’s skin tone more dreamy

Add the elements of printing again, you need to choose the same color system

Printed element

It is also necessary to choose the coloring elements of the color system to create it, and use the print elements of different color systems to superimize the printed style

The print pattern of the same color system is also a print pattern that is different from the color system.

Stack of patterns

It also has more visual enjoyment.

Stacking skirt

For daily life, some skirt design is too too much

Exposure and exaggeration

It is not suitable for daily matching. In this case, we need to use the matching method of stacked to make the exaggerated and exposed skirts become

Reasonable and daily.

On the generally exaggerated skirt, the explicit design is used in the upper body of the skirt. We need to have a bottoming shirt to make the overall skirt look daily


The color of the bottom shirt must be white must be white

The best color,

No matter what color system and design matching the skirt, it will become due to the integration of the white inside


For pure white inside, we can also perform necklines and cuffs

Color outline

, Make the skirt more integrated with the inside, the outline design should be combined with the skirt

main color tone

There are some echo in color.

If the main color of the skirt or more than 80 % is red, then the inner lace outlines

Red -based

Essence If you want to put on it to add advanced or

Thick and gorgeous

The texture, we must cooperate with black outline.

But the area of ​​black colors requires

Less than white area

It must be clear in terms of color ratio, and there will be no conflict as long as the color is clear.

The above is the analysis of the matching of skirts

Idea of ​​matching

Girls want to know more about the matching of skirts.

First of all, we have to match the skirt


, Reduce new ones

Matching skills.

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as

The sense of atmosphere.


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