Wearing a skirt, it is better to try the “denim shorts” this year, refreshing and thin legs

#Unexpected new domestic brand#

After the cold of winter, freshness in spring, summer has finally arrived. And every summer, if you don’t pay attention to matching on it, the situation of hitting his shirt will be performed frequently. And casual and stylish denim shorts belong to the basic single model,

Dressed young and reducing age reduction

, If the matching is not good, there will be an embarrassment of hitting shirts. Learn to wear these careful machines.

Enough you can easily support the summer gas field

If you are tired of the skirt, you might as well try the “denim shorts” this year,

Refreshing and thin legs.

Features of denim shorts

The shorts made of denim fabrics have always been the favorite of many students and fashion girls.

Modify long legs

, Also allow you

Body high

Essence It is a must -have for many shorters of the wardrobe. It is also one of the most important items in summer. No matter what you wear, you can interpret a different fashion street shooting.

It’s dazzling everywhere.

Precautions for dressing of denim shorts

Simple and capable denim shorts, with a refreshing summer style, are difficult for many girls to resist

Fashion item

Essence Although it is a basic model, it is also envious of many people in place. In terms of its matching, it can be paired with a short -sleeved T -shirt.

Add a strong casual atmosphere

, You can also use an elegant small shirt to bring a little bit


Essence Casual shoes, sneakers or temperament high -heeled shoes on the shoes can perfectly match it.

Denim shorts single product recommendation

1. High -waist denim shorts

The young girls are always unique to fashion trends. In the midsummer season, a high -waisted denim shorts are good -skinned artifacts. The placket is designed with 4 buttons,

It is comfortable to wear and take off,

It is also very interesting. The upper body is paired with a short -sleeved shirt with a pink printed,

Pure girly full of breath.

A silver cross -body chain bag has promoted the coolness of midsummer.

2. Wide -legged denim shorts

Girls with fat on their thighs, when choosing denim shorts, like this wide -leg shape, it looks particularly suitable. The lace is modified on the waist, setting off the shape

Slim and charming

, The sloping bag design on both sides can be inserted into the concave shape. A black zipper shirt on the upper body is full

Movement vitality

, White collision strip is embellished on the sleeve,

Very sensible

Essence With a cross -body bag,

It looks lively and playful.

3. Maoxu denim shorts

If you want denim shorts, you don’t look so rigid to wear, then choose a model with a hair beard, so that you will not look deliberate to wear it, and there is a trace of a trace of it.

The beauty of agile.

Pocket pockets can easily put down your phone and bring it to the street

Comfortable and comfortable.

A loose round neck port short -sleeved shirt,


, With a bag of a girl powder,

Out of the street is full of fashion and frozen age.

4. Middle waist denim shorts

This middle -waist -designed denim shorts just show a little belly button, and it is unbearable to see the sexy style that emits. Design of pocket valgus,

Fashionable and western

, Mao Xing’s modification on the legs of the trousers, the rigid disappearance will be completely disappeared. A printed navel shirt in the upper body, showing a slim waist. A loose top of the tassel modified outside,

Stylish simplicity

, Liangshi modified stockings and black boots,

Fashionable and modern female image is full.

Denim shorts wearing recommendation

1. denim shorts+small shirts

The straight -shaped denim shorts, the effect of modifying the leg shape is the first level, and the pants mouth is embellished with a little hair beard.

Fashionable and agile

Essence Select the design of the belt with a high waist, combined with the jacket jacket corner,

Show a slender small waist.

A little letter print is embellished on the black short -sleeved T -shirt, which looks very eye -catching. The black socks and black shoes on the feet,

Eliminate with clothes

, Create the coordination of overall dressing.

The thin black shirt, the tailoring of long sleeves has a

The effect of sun protection

, Perfectly fit the small round neck of the neck to modify the soft silhouette of the neck. Design of high waist and umbilical navel,

Double wearing coolness

With light blue denim shorts, you can easily show your long legs. Irregular hair beard modify the feet of the pants, with a brown thin belt, outlined the figure

Golden segmentation point

Essence A pair of black short boots and messenger bags, the overall dressing seems

Fashion and vitality.

The very popular stripe elements in the fashion circle are one of the trend elements that many eyebrows cannot give up. The vertical stripes have a thin effect and are suitable for the upper body of the fat goddess. Low -opening collar, showing charming collarbone, butterfly embellishment in front of you,

Sweet and fresh

, Echo the bow on the sleeve,

Bringing age reduction

Essence Put it with broken cave denim shorts,

The sexy body is exhaling.

Seven -point denim shorts with a little slimming shape,

It’s a slim to wear

Essence The design of the high waist, outline the slimness of the origin, and wear a small white shirt in the upper body.

Fashionable and concise

, Milk white suit jacket, showing a little intellectual taste. Blue tone high -heeled sandals, follow,

Elegant temperament

The ladylike temperament is also clear, with a pair of sunglasses, suitable for going out of the street or upper body.

The sexy suspender shirt is one of the cool equipment in the summer. Now there are more and more fashionable women who are deeply influenced by it, and they are also more greedy for it.

Design of explicitly explicit

It happened to show the slightly slightly exposed skin, and the charming and charming show showed your sexy beauty properly. Denim shorts with lower body with waistband, wearing it, it looks like

The leg shape is very slender,

It is also a trouser shape that many legs are like. Put on the flat sandals out of the street

Leisure casual.

The contrasting color checkered shirt, easy to break the single nature of solid color, the blue plush on the sleeve

Very unique

, Revealing a new sense of fashion, also revealed a little bit

Sweet style

Essence The clutching method is becoming more and more popular now,

Can optimize the body ratio

, Also set off

Essence A loose straight jams in the lower body are wearing, and it looks like a figure

More perfect

The flat slippers of a pair of beaded decoration make you refreshing for a summer is not a problem.

The light -white denim shorts, the straight version of the tube is not limited to the leg shape. Design of placket buttons and secret zipper,

Course comfortable and convenient

, White navel shirt on the upper body,

Perfectly highlights the slender sense of origin

Essence The denim jacket echoed the pants, combined with a pair of leopard boots, it seemed domineering side leakage when wearing it. Take the red handbag,

Out of the street, it looks temperament.

2. Denim shorts+casual shoes

The small white shirt designed by the half -neck, the cutting of the half -sleeve, reveals a white arms fair and moving,

And the activity is comfortable

Essence The loose clothes have room for room

, With a little slim denim shorts,

Looks more slender.

The addition of a pair of small white shoes, this dress looks like this

Very small and fresh

It is very suitable whether it is going out on the street or going out.

The classic checkered shirt, the version is very loose. Putting the hem is completely tied into the waist of the trousers, and it looks more in shape.

Slender and slim.

Classic blue denim shorts are worn,

High leg length is not a problem

, Natural micro -rolled trouser mouth design,

Fashion leisure

, With a pair of black single shoes you like, playful bow embellishment

Sweet and fresh

Essence Take the black handbag and have a full street shooting out of the street.

The tailoring of the small V -neck is delicate and thin, and the girls who like to slap their faces can wear more. Sleeveless cutting,

Highlight the slender sense of the arm

, Mixed clothes in the waist of the pants,

It looks very Liso

Essence The blessing of a pair of denim shorts below,

Casual feeling comes

, Romantic and charming pale pink casual single shoes, the soles are thicker, and they are also the favorite of small sisters.

The printed shirt with a strong artistic atmosphere creates a strong vision. The tailoring is in place, the cuffs are slightly closed, and the arms are modified

Slim curve beauty

Essence A pair of tight denim shorts in the lower body, combined with a little split design,


, Moist

Smart and elegant

Essence The decoration of the contrasting sneakers and white socks on the feet bring a different kind of

Youthful spirit

, Easy to attract passers -by’s sight to intersect easily.

Small girls say goodbye to wide -leg pants, put on “denim shorts”, showing thin legs and long stars are wearing. I have seen these casual denim shorts and wear

Comfortable and comfortable

, And create a distinctive cool feeling. The top can be paired with a small shirt and a shirt, which perfectly interprets a leisurely and comfortable


In different occasions, show a full youthful temperament,

Beautiful and energetic out of the street.

Slim and charming

Comfortable and comfortable.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about denim short, hope it can help you.