Last night, I wrote a deep analysis of dog skin disease. The result didn’t know why there will be so many coils! It’s really cool to cool down ~ Say I have no treatment, equal to fart!

I think these people are too much. I wrote a case today to give everyone, I hope to help the cute shovel!

How to treat a trainee breast fungi local infection?

First give a lovely shovel, a doctor:

This is a golden hair, you can carefully observe this golden hair infection

There is no hair removal and itching at the infection, which can be excluded;

There is no 瘩 存, can exclude 疥疥;

Ob again, observe the infection, we find


Skin red ‘inflammation, there is obvious change in the skin, as well as the pale yellow object formed by inflammation, preliminary judgment is partial infection of fungi

Because the dog skin disease is mostly a composite skin disease, it still needs to be sampled to obtain the final result. After the test, the final conclusion draws: Fungi local infection

Now let’s talk about this type of skin disease – the treatment of local infection of fungi ~

Treatment: Differential infection

Treatment plan: 1 shaving infection


2 Drugs to treat fungi in infection

3 Take a bath for the treatment of fungi, 1 ~ 2 times a week, blow dry immediately


4 feeding some anti-inflammatory drugs

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