The new machine is really killed by the fierce fire. Zuo Bofeng Zhen Suzaku, reduced the cooling of the action and took off. Someone is about to ask the uncle, uncle, you won’t you really talk about Suzaku? The brothers are assured that the uncle is not parallel goods. It is definitely impossible for a real Suzaku water. Not much to say, let’s take a look at the official latest push –

★ New Limited Limited Plot Event “Flame of Awareness”

When Hong Xiaoyu was full of joy, he was about to board the true Suzaku, and a mysterious body holding a long gun was blocked in the middle.


“Your consciousness is not enough!” The test of the girl just started …


The new time -limited plot event “The Flame of Awareness” is expected to be officially arrived after being updated on September 29. At that time, more welfare activities will be opened simultaneously, so stay tuned!


According to the above statement, the plot of the National Day is going to the Mid -Autumn Festival. The plot of the Mid -Autumn Festival is that Hong Xiaoyu felt that the situation was wrong when he saw the letter, so he had to rush back. Then the beautiful girl holding a long gun appeared … So, this time we might as well think about who this pretty boy is.

First, long guns. A certain machine: Yes, it’s the next … Sister Bu covers: It’s grandfather!

If the long -handle weapons are considered guns; Wushuang: Fangtian is also a gun; real Gatta: Gatta giant ax is also a gun; monthly reading: Moon and sky cross is also a gun; Nightmare: Sickle is also a gun; Franciser: Frankee gun is a sword Essence In this way, the range has been reduced a lot, and the combination of Hong Xiaoyu is extremely east, and this letter also shows that there is a dangerous danger, and Hong Xiaoyu needs to rush back to help.

So the uncle speculated that this long gun body must be related to the East. Considering the previous three countries satellites, Zhao Zilong participated! Intersection Intersection There may be doubts before, but when the uncle saw the official body guess, he probably understood. At this time, the warrior was updated at the end of the month. The picture of this guessing body can be seen that it is not the previous body. In addition, this plot is connected to the Mid -Autumn Festival. The plot is attracted to the extreme east. It is difficult to not doubt that the legendary man.

As some people say, Zhenbai and Wushuang, now Zhen Suzaku and Chang Sheng are reasonable. On October 1st, there is definitely no problem with a very east victory, and players must also like it. I advise PH to do it well. Isn’t this a seven entrance and seven out?


Finally, everyone from a knife mountain fire is given ~ knife! Furious snow wing carving, mountain! Hurry to the sky!