On December 7, Xiaomi released two new machines: Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 PLUS, which directly pulled the price of full -screen mobile phones to 799 yuan. There is no doubt that both Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus have high cost performance, but how should we choose when choosing? Is there really only the difference between the size of the screen?

● Screen, more than the size

This time, the biggest highlight of Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus is their screens. Due to the different screen size, the size of the two mobile phones is also different, as shown in the figure below: The whole machine of Redmi 5 is obviously a circle smaller than the Redmi 5 Plus.

However, the screen of the two is not only different in size, but also the resolution is different. Redmi 5 uses 1440 × 720 HD+resolution, with 72% NTSC color gamut; another Redmi 5 Plus uses FHD+resolution The display, the color gamut is wider, reaching 84%, and supports the sun screen, the display effect is better than the former.

However, due to the lower PPI, the former’s demand for the processor is also lower, which allows Redmi 5 to use lower -positioning processors to control the cost and price of the whole machine.

红米5/5 Plus选哪个?看完这篇文章你就知道了!

● Performance

Not only that, the performance of Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus is also different. The former uses the Snapdragon 4 series processor -Snapdragon 450, and the latter uses the Snapdragon 625 we are familiar with. The actual parameters of the two are as follows: below:

In other words, from some perspectives, the Snapdragon 450 is the “frequency reduction version” of the Snapdragon 625. Except for the CPU clock frequency, the rest is almost all of them. This also ensures that Redmi 5 also has very good smoothness. In terms of running points, this is also more obvious:

Of course, the Redmi 5 Plus still has performance advantages when the processor is slightly stronger and more memory. So if you are more pursuing performance, Redmi 5 Plus will be better. If you do not have high requirements for performance, Redmi 5 can meet your needs.

● body material

Although the design of the two mobile phones looks very similar, in fact, the two mobile phones are different in the design of the fuselage.

红米5/5 Plus选哪个?看完这篇文章你就知道了!

Redmi 5 uses plastic middle frame and three -stage rear shell design. It also makes the middle frame and the upper and lower plastic patch into one design. Redmi 5 Plus uses metal middle frame and three -stage rear shell design.

This angle is easier to see the difference between the two:

In other words, Redmi 5 Plus is the same as the three -stage design of traditional metal. Except for the upper and lower patchs, it is made of metal, and the Redmi 5 except for the middle of the fuselage, the rest of It’s still obvious.

红米5/5 Plus选哪个?看完这篇文章你就知道了!

● Other differences

红米5/5 Plus选哪个?看完这篇文章你就知道了!

1. In addition, the Redmi 5 Plus also uses a two -color warm flash, and the Redmi 5 uses a monochrome warm flash, but the rear lens of the two mobile phones is not different. small differences.

2. Redmi 5 Plus also has Hall sensors, and there is no Redmi 5. So, what is the role of Hall sensor? If you have used a mobile phone flip cover, you must know that the phone will automatically on the screen when turning on the flip. This is actually achieved through the Hall sensor. In other words, if you like to use a flip cover, Redmi 5 Plus will be more suitable for you.

3. Redmi 5 battery capacity is 3300mAh, and Redmi 5 PLUS battery capacity is 4000mAh.

4. Redmi 5 provides two versions: 2GB+16GB and 3GB+32GB, while Redmi 5 Plus provides two versions: 3GB+32GB and 4GB+64GB. There are requirements, the latter is more suitable for you.


Seeing this, I believe you have understood the difference between the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus! Although both mobile phones have good cost -effectiveness, it is even more wise to choose for you! I hope this article can help you find one that suits you!

红米5/5 Plus选哪个?看完这篇文章你就知道了!

Editor in this article: Liu Yang

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