Good sisters!

Recently, I saw everyone’s message and found that under my Vlog, many mothers said they wanted to see the content of hair care.


You really ask people.


On one side, I can persist in lazy people who do not wash their hair for 4 days, and on the other side to shoot hairstyles for shooting hairstyles. Among them, it is natural to have high -efficiency lazy hairdressing artifacts. I recommend my love to you today, I hope to be useful for everyone’s beauty! (No commercial implantation)

Some time ago I called everyone to guess on Weibo that I didn’t wash my hair for a few days.


At that time, many people guessed 2 days, but it was actually 4 days! Great!


The reason why I can not wash my hair in 4 days still maintains such a refreshing and fluffy hairstyle, relying on lazy artifacts-

Fluffy hair


After twisting it, pouring it on your hand, just like a dumpling powder, it is a white dry powder.


You can absorb oil and let your hair dry immediately.


Usually take a baby to wash your hair, and if you have to go out, you can use it to rescue the anxiety, convenient and useful.


like this

Take a pat on your hair, grab it with your hands

Essence The oil light disappeared instantly, just like just washing her hair.


San powder and cool body powder can also have similar effects

, Sisters do n’t go back to turn their dresses!

Also, there is a similar product on the market called “dry hair spray”. It is suitable for the whole spray. It will be faster to use, but when spraying, remember to hold your breath and avoid children.

Of course, these


Lazy artifacts can only be used occasionally, and hair should be washed


The reason for I have been using Dyson’s hair dryer is very simple, because

It does blow fast!

Remember ~ Do not adjust the temperature to the highest level when blowing your head, because the higher the temperature, the greater the damage to the hair.


In addition, it is not only a hair dryer, but also a hairdressing model. Because it has a whole set of accessories, like this “straight hair comb” in my hand, it is one of them.

It can do hair while straightening hair, and it is quite easy to get started.


You see, the following shape is made by it with it, it is excellent!

Give you a small secret:

When blowing, you need a small strand of comb, so that you can get those stubborn hair, and the hair blowing will be more convincing.

This comb given by Dyson is also easy to use. There are air cushions inside, and the combing teeth are also round. When you comb your hair, you will not pull your hair and hurt yourself.

By the way, the rolls of its supporting facilities are not very friendly. Anyway, I have not rolled out a more beautiful hairstyle.


This bottle of essential oil comes from the black diamond series of Kashi, which can protect our hair and make it smooth and not easy to break.

I observed it and found that a lot of sisters did not know when it would be better.

You can refer to my usage:



When the hair blows to 6 or 7 points, wipe the essential oil at the end of the hair, and then continue to dry.


Before making styling, apply a little essential oil to protect your hair, and you can avoid damaging your hair when straightening and blowing.

Do you know why the hairstyle is used with curly hair rods and straight hair panels, will it be beaten back in an hour?

Not everyone’s technical problem, nor is the tool that is not easy to use, but


I have to say that the selected spray is very strict.

To do it quickly

It can not be wet, which will make the hairstyle look greasy.

The smell cannot be great

Otherwise, it is enough to hold this hairstyle for a day.

So I have been using it


It happened to be satisfied with these two points. You see, it is

Fog -shaped, very delicate

It is also fast -drying. Even if you shoot for a day, use it to set up 3 or 4 hairstyles, and it will not be oily when you go home at night, it is quite dry.

And it is OK

Make the hair root more fluffy and make the hair look more

This can still

Small face

The hair mask of this card poems is

Many female stars are really in use

It has good

Nourish and repair

The effect can make those frizzy hair softened and soft.

Because it will be better absorbed when heating, I will bring it to the barber shop in front of the house when I have time, and let Teacher Tony help me care for me.

If there is no time to go out, you will wipe it on the ends of the hair, and then put it on the bath hat and cover it.


After washing our hair, do not rub the towels.

Because at this moment, the hair scales on the hair are open, and rubbing violence will hurt the hair.


After squeeze the water on the hair with your hands, wear a dry hair hat

Essence In this way, you can try to dry the water on your hair, reduce the time of blowing head, and better protect your hair.


Let’s talk about why I choose a dry hat in the banana.

Because it is designed very intimate.


First of all, its material

More water than ordinary towels

When wrapped the hair, there would be almost no water falling down, and the wetness on the neck was sticky.

Secondly, it is a double -sided design, which is inside, suitable for people with a large amount of hair; the side of the dynasty is suitable for people with less hair volume.

And there is a button in front of the hat, buckle the rope on the tail, stable, and do not slip away from housework.


After the summer, I will also have dandruff trouble, so I will use the SELSUN small gold bottle to wash my hair.


Because it contains




Effectively improve dandruff


Note, use it to wash your hair. After pouring it on the palm of your hand, gently massage on the scalp for 2 minutes, and then rinse with water.

After washing, you can feel that the scalp is a lot of ventilation. It turned out to be washed once a day. Now it can be tickled until three days.

But it focuses on strong dandruff and strong cleaning power. It is recommended that everyone

Use up to 2 times a week


Try not to use children and pregnant women


If the dandruff is stubborn to Selsun, you can consider using King Kang.


It is a drug


, So just wash it twice, you can

I see the dandruff is decreasing immediately

By the way, check the scalp without wounds before washing. Do not put it in your eyes when cleaning. As for children and pregnant women, they must ask a doctor before using it.

These two removed hair washing water have a common shortcomings–


After washing, the hair will be a bit astringent

If you do not need to be conditioner, it will be more difficult to comb.

So I usually use nourishing shampoo to protect the damaged hair end.

The T8 caviar is recommended to me by our team’s friends. It is based on the La Fang Group, which is designed for girls who love to toss their hair.

Repair and dyeing damaged hair quality

I bought it at a discount, and I could buy 400ml in less than 50 yuan. It can be said that it is very cost -effective.

This is the shampoo I have recently used -AEP. The foam is very delicate and my body feels good.


Because I often get hot, my hair is a bit dry. But after washing this shampoo, the hair was not so dry.