The temperature difference between day and night in autumn is particularly large. Give the baby to dress. Moms should add clothes and reduce clothes in a timely manner according to their baby’s physical condition. So, what clothes do babies wear in autumn?

Choose cotton, comfortable, breathable clothes

The weather is dry in autumn, and the baby’s skin is delicate and easy to sweat. Parents should choose cotton, comfortable, breathable clothes for the baby to wear.

detailed analysis:

1. The temperature in early autumn is still very high, especially in the southern region, babies who love to play and make trouble will still sweat a lot.

2. But the climate is relatively dry after all, especially the static electricity in the air in the northern region has increased slightly.

3. Therefore, mommy should pay attention to the baby’s cotton clothing that is easy to absorb sweat, good breathability, and small electrostatic cotton, so as not to stimulate the baby’s delicate skin.

Put on a hat when you go out

Remember to bring your baby hat when going out.

1. In the early autumn, the sunlight during the day is relatively strong. Wearing a hat can not only shake the sun, but also avoid the baby’s head when it is cool sooner or later.

2. Especially the baby, the door is not closed yet, the top of the head is very weak, and it is more likely to be cold and cause a cold.

3. Put on a thin jacket outdoors. If you want to go out with your baby, don’t forget to bring your coat and trousers when you go out. At this time, we should do a good job of wind protection and warmth for the baby.


1. In terms of baby’s clothes, the most important one is -hat.

2. There are many functions of the hat. It can be kept on during the day, cooling, and protecting the scalp.

3. Protect the baby’s little head melon, the chance of the baby will be cold will be greatly reduced.

Don’t rush to take off your jacket when you go home

You must know how to take off your child in a timely manner, and don’t let the baby get hot and cold for a while. Especially when going home, don’t rush to take off your jacket.

1. Generally, the baby’s subcutaneous fat is thinner, and the mechanism of the central regulation of the body temperature is relatively immature, and the basic metabolic rate is higher;

2. So the baby is easy to sweat, and it is easy to cool, so wearing and taking off the door is a lot of knowledge.

3. After returning home from the outside, don’t rush to take off your baby’s jacket. After all, the baby’s ability to adapt to temperature is not as good as adults. You should first let your baby adapt to the indoor temperature slightly.

4. In other words, the weather in autumn is often “stuffy outside and cool indoors”, and the baby’s jacket is removed at once. Maybe the baby will be cold behind the door. Therefore, when you enter the house, you should give your baby a little time to adapt to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.


1. You should first observe the baby’s situation at this time, consider the baby’s activity, and then decide when the baby will take off your jacket.

2. If there is drizzle outside, even if the baby’s clothes are only a little wet, you should still put on dry clothes immediately after returning home to prevent the baby from catching a cold.

Adjust at any time

The baby’s sensitivity to the temperature is much higher than that of adults, and the temperature after autumn is always difficult to predict. It is hotter than summer when it is hot, and it is very cold when it is cold. The baby will not adapt. Therefore, parents should abide by the principle of “when the baby is less than the mother, when the weather is cold, the baby wears one more than the mother”.

1. Because the baby does not speak with the cold and cold feeling, they use their hands and feet to remind the mother that adults may wish to touch the baby’s limbs often. If it is warm, it means that the baby is comfortable to the temperature now;

2. If you feel cool, or the skin of your hands and feet appears like a lace -like pattern, that is, the baby is saying, “I’m cold, my parents should add clothes!”

Dressing is warm and sweatless

Too much or too little is not good for babies. Our moms can give babies a planned and decreased clothing according to the weather forecast and actual weather changes.

1. Under normal circumstances, the body temperature of children will be slightly higher than adults. The small baby can accept the body temperature from Mommy, and the larger baby will not feel cold.

2. When the baby is worn too much and the baby’s activity is very large, the baby will sweat. Ganed and put on more dry clothes in time, otherwise the baby will easily get sick.

1. Under normal circumstances, as long as the baby’s dressing is one more single than an adult, those slightly larger babies can be the same as adults, and sometimes even intentionally make the baby wear less to exercise the baby’s cold. ability.

2. In the fall of the weather, the baby is appropriately let the baby feel the coolness of the baby can enhance the baby’s physique and let the baby better resist the invasion of external germs.

Follow the principle of autumn frozen in early autumn

The baby’s autumn freezing should start with cold resistance and then gradually deepen.

Specific analysis: 1. According to the traditional viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, children are generally a strong body. If warm, it may promote yang and consume yin.

2. So Mommy should not keep warm for the baby prematurely. You can check the baby’s hands, back neck, and not sweating. If the body sweats, it will easily catch a cold.

The clothing of clothing is convenient for baby activities

We often see some babies wearing a lot, and look like a small velvet ball from a distance; although some clothes are beautiful, they are not suitable for baby activity. Inappropriate, indirectly reduce baby exercise opportunities. If the baby’s dress is appropriate and the activity is free, then the baby’s exercise amount will increase, which will be more conducive to improving the baby’s physical disease resistance and enhanced physique.

Tips for adding clothes to your baby

In the age of 1, babies will not walk more than wearing clothes that can be ran; babies with a large amount of activity can wear less in moderation.

秋季宝宝穿衣指南 妈妈赶紧收藏

2. Try to wear the same thick clothes as the baby. If you do n’t feel cold and you do n’t feel cold, the baby will not be cold. Although the baby is not as cold -resistant as an adult, the general sports will usually be more than adults.

3. It is best to decide how much clothes you wear when you wake up in the morning. As long as the weather does not have a major mutation, do not easily add too much clothing to your baby, but wearing an extra vest in the morning is still good s Choice.

秋季宝宝穿衣指南 妈妈赶紧收藏

1. The baby’s body temperature adjustment also needs to be improved. Keeping warmth mainly requires the careful care of mommy to escort the baby’s health.

2. For babies, adults often love to develop according to their own feelings, and adults’ feelings of hot and cold are for decades of habit development.

3. The thickness of the baby can be cultivated from an early age.

4. Generally, people are always afraid that babies are frozen, thinking that the baby is small, the body is delicate, the cold resistance is low, and loves to get sick without paying attention to increasing the baby’s cold resistance. In fact, the more you cover, the more you love the cold.

Baby wearing in autumn

Recommended 1: The temperature changes in autumn, and you need to prepare a few more single or clip clothes for your baby. You should also prepare a few more wool clothes and wool pants. It is best to be woven by thin pure wool wires to prevent the baby’s acrylic thread allergy.

Recommended 2: You can choose a cotton monk style, or a small lapel can be turned around.

Recommended three: Baby’s pants are best to open the stall band pants, which can avoid the harm of the chest. Newborns are also very good to wear pants.

Recommended 4: In autumn, you can prepare a small hat for your baby, preferably soft wool or cotton.

Recommended 5: In order to cope with the characteristics of the cool morning and evening in autumn, it is recommended that the baby wears a small shoulder. It can be thin, khaki, denim, wool.

Care for your baby

1. Choose the right place to change clothes: Change clothes in a flat place, such as changing the tablet, on the bed, or on the stamp mattress, and prepare some entertainment babies toys.

2. Put your clothes on the bed first and let your baby lie on your clothes flat.

秋季宝宝穿衣指南 妈妈赶紧收藏

3. Before putting the clothes on the baby’s head, pull the neckline with your hand to avoid pulling the baby’s ears and nose.

4. First open the cuffs with your hand, and reach into the sleeve and pull the baby’s small hand out of the sleeve.

5. Gently lift the baby’s arm gently, first stretch the upper side into the sleeve, and pull the clothes under the body slightly flat.

6. Raise the other arm, make the elbow joint slightly bent, stretch the small hand in the sleeve, pull out the small hand, and then tie the clothes strap.

7. When pulling the zipper, pull the clothes slightly to prevent the zipper from clamping the baby’s skin.

detailed analysis:

detailed analysis:

detailed analysis: