If you want to raise some overcast ornamental green plants in the bathroom and toilet, you can properly refer to some green plants in the public area. You can usually pay more attention to the toilet in the botanical garden, park or shopping mall. plant.

Here are several ornamental plants that are suitable for nourishing in the bathroom.


1. Fruit taro

Head taro is also called white butterflies. It has a variety of different ornamental varieties. Its leaves are like arrows. They can grow in pots or climb vines. , Light demand is relatively small.

Combined taro can be cultivated and cultivated. It can be kept on the window sill with soft light, or it can be raised under the bright light.

However, it should be noted that if the light is lacking, the leaves of the taro is easy to grow, and the plants will be slightly thinner. Pay attention to water control.

Maintaining condensed fruit taro should pay attention to keeping the environment warm and have appropriate ventilation. If it is kept under the light, it should be placed in a place near the light, and it must be ensured that there are more than 10 hours a day. If it is raised by the window sill, avoid exposure, otherwise the leaves will be sunburned.

2. Green Luo

Green Luo is a kind of leaf -viewing plant that is particularly yin to be resistant. It can also maintain growth under the light. This is not comparable to many plants.


Green Luo can develop water cultivation or cultivation. It can be hung on the wall or placed on the desktop. It can even let it grow up.

It is similar to maintaining green dill and conservation of fruit taro. Their growth habits are relatively similar. They all like a gentle environment and like soft scattered light.


If the green dill is maintained in the shade of the indoor, you must avoid excessive watering. You can wait for the soil to be almost dry, and then pour water in time. Pay attention to wipe the leaves regularly. Do not often humid the pot soil. When the temperature is low in winter, it is necessary to keep the soil slightly dry.

3. Curvy leaf taro

Curvy church taro is a fresh leaf -viewing plant. It has a good yin tolerance and likes higher air humidity and a warm environment for the year.

In the bathroom, it can provide a suitable humidity for green leaf taro, and it can also maintain a warm environment. It has little demand for light. If the environment is more shade, pay attention to controlling watering. Don’t be too humid. It is also necessary to avoid potting of pot water, which can ensure that it grows better.

The most afraid of Cuistaracchia is excessive cold, and the maintenance temperature should be maintained above 7 degrees in winter. The temperature should be kept slightly dry below 10 degrees.

Potted green leaf taro should be kept in the room to avoid dry air, and in the bathroom, it should also maintain a bright light environment to avoid excessive darkness.


4. Fugui bamboo


Many friends will raise one or two pots of hydroponic bamboo in the bathroom. It can maintain green green. As long as the wealthy bamboo branches grow root, they don’t need to change the water frequently.


If there is no rich bamboo with a root system, if you want hydroponic root, you can place it in a place with sufficient scattered light. And keep the environment warm, the temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees, maintaining a higher air humidity, and changing water every 2 to 3 days. After about 1 to 2 weeks, new roots will grow.

The maintenance of rich and rich bamboo is relatively low. The most important thing is to keep the water quality fresh. Clean the blades regularly. Also pay attention to maintaining a certain air humidity and warm environment. It can give appropriate soft scattered light or placed in a bright place.


5. Tigerpi


Tiger Piran is a kind of skin -like meat -based plant. Its leaves are thick and do not need to take care of it. They have strong yin resistance and drought resistance.


In fact, Hupilan can also be cultivated and protects, and can prepare some special hydroponic containers. When hydroponic, it is soaked in the water about 1/3 ~ 2/3 to keep the water quality. Use some pottery or other granules to be fixed.

In the bathroom, you can also cultivate soil to cultivate tigerpi potted plants. When the temperature is low, the soil should be kept dry.

Before each watering, check the wet and wetness of the pot soil, usually after the soil is completely dry. In order to replenish water.


There are many plants suitable for the bathroom, but do not blindly plant various plants. If the bathroom is dark, and the lights will not be turned on for a long time, you can only put some simulation flowers.