The reporter found that a bottle of “comprehensive ratio” hyaluronic acid drinks did not include packaging costs less than 4 yuan, and under the blessing of the so -called “utility”, it can earn 10 times.

“Beautiful drinking water and drinking water.”


On March 22, the listed company Huaxi Biological held a live broadcast on a network platform to release hyaluronic acid drinking water with its brand “water muscle spring”. Essence

“Beautiful consumption” has become a trend, and related conceptual products such as hyaluronic acid and nicotinamide are emerging. At present, a large wave of hyaluronic acid foods have also come.

In January 2021, the National Committee of Health and Health issued an announcement that according to the “Food Safety Law”, the review agency organized experts to review and passed the safety assessment materials of new varieties of food -related products such as sodium hyaluronic acid (commonly known as hyaluronic acid).

In two months, “edible hyaluronic acid” began to “out of the circle”.

The Beijing News reporter noticed that in addition to drinking water in hyaluronic acid on the market, there are also “edible hyaluronic acid” products such as hyaluronic acid bubble water, hyaluronic acid pincharin, hyaluronic acid oral solution. So, how can you eat hyaluronic acid? Can hyaluronic acid foods be legal?

The Beijing News reporter found that some companies even promoted hyaluronic acid foods such as “beauty” and “moisturizing”. However, a nutritionist told reporters that “oral oral hyaluronic acid is not good, because human gastrointestinal tract cannot effectively absorb (hyaluronic acid) and can effectively improve skin problems.”

The reporter’s interview survey also found that a bottle of “comprehensive” hyaluronic acid beverages did not include packaging costs less than 4 yuan, and under the blessing of the so -called “utility”, it could earn 10 times.



Listed companies Haline Foods

Many brands such as Huaxi Bio, Tomson Beijian have launched “hyaluronic acid food”

At 20 o’clock on March 22, the “water muscle spring” hyaluronic acid drinking water of Huaxi Biological began to be sold on the network side. According to Huaxi Bio, this hyaluronic acid drinking aquatic products only contain pure water and hyaluronic acid, no preservatives, and each bottle of water contains 66mg of food -grade hyaluronic acid. It can “supplement hyaluronic acid while drinking water”.

Hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronic acid or hyaluronic acid, is based on glucose, yeast powder, protein cymbal, etc., which is produced by fermented sidams of mlinter and beasts. -The sodium salt of glycosamin glycogen composed of acetyl-D-amino glucose dual-sugar unit is a straight-chain macromacaccharide. In the human body, sodium hyaluronate is an inherent component, which is considered to play water retention, lubrication, and promoting cell repair in the body.

In January 2021, the National Committee of the National Health and Health issued an announcement that according to the “Food Safety Law”, the review agency organized experts to organize three new food raw materials and 7 kinds of food related to cicadas (artificial cultivation). The safety assessment materials of the new variety of products are reviewed and passed.

After being officially approved to enter the food field, the “edible hyaluronic acid” products in the market have emerged endlessly.

On March 22, Huaxi Biological launched its “Water Spring” hyaluronate drinks. The reporter saw at the Huaxi Bioskin on a platform that 420ml × 15 bottles of water muscle spring hyaluronic acid drinking water was priced at 100.9 yuan after the event, the price of each bottle was nearly 7 yuan, and the hyaluronic acid content in each bottle was 66mg.

Prior to this, an Internet celebrity brand named “Hankou Second Factory” also launched a “hyaluronic acid gas bubble water” 400ml × 6 bottles of hyaluronic acid bubble water priced at 65 yuan, single bottle price exceeded 11 yuan, each bottle bubbles per bottle bubble The amount of hyaluronic acid in the water is 68mg.

It is worth mentioning that this “Hankou Second Factory” hyaluronic acid gas bubble water also shows on the product introduction page, which uses “Huaxi Biological Black Technology Raw Materials”.

On major e -commerce platforms, reporters can also retrieve many brands of oral liquid.

On the official website of Tmall, the reporter retrieved the “oral liquid of hyaluronic acid”, and the price of the product appeared was significantly higher. A hyaluronic acid collagen peptide oral solution called “Tianzi Yuzhuo, the price of products with a specification every 30ml × 10 bottles reached 578 yuan/box after using the consumer voucher.

In Tmall’s “Tomson Beijian Overseas Flagship Store”, it sells a oral liquid called Tomson Bengjian Jianjian collagen hyaluronic acid, which is said to add three popular oral ingredients, including nicotinamide, collagen peptide, nicotinamide, each each The price of 30ml × 10 bottle specifications is 439 yuan/box.

The reporter noticed that the brand WonderLab and Huaxi Bio -produced a hyaluronal sodium sandwich sandwiches also became a star product. The product details page of the product shows that the product production plant is called Guangdong Yichao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the product does not belong to health food. The Beijing News reporter noticed that this product shows “Create with Huaxi Biology” on the introduction page.

The hyaluronic acid sugar is currently on sale. On the Taobao platform, searching for “hyaluronic acid sugar”, a product called “Guangyuantang” called “Guangyuantang” named “Moisturizing Sodium Honey Halfine”. 29 yuan/box. There is also a sodium hyaluronate tiny sugar called “Biobao”. The price of 4G × 18 specifications is priced at 35 yuan.

In addition, there are many imported hyaluronic acid products on the market for foreign imports. A Tmall store called “Life Extension Overseas Flagship Store” also contains hyaluronic acid in the brand “collagen peptide fudge”.


Can it really become beautiful?

Doctor: Oral hyaluronic acid cannot be absorbed by the intestine well

“Developing a lotus muscle from the inside out”, “hydrating and water -locking the water”, “the more chew, the more beautiful”, it is the “WonderLab flagship store” of the Tmall platform, called “WonderLab oral hyaluronic acid sandwiches” product advertisement.

There is a label with “sodium hyaluronic acid, neuride, VC supplementation water” behind this product. The sales page is playing an introduction video. The skin is particularly good. “

This hyaluronic acid sandwich sugar is expensive. After the promotion, the price is 109 yuan/box. Among them, 20 sandwiches with 4G of 4G are calculated on average. The price of such a sugar exceeds 5 yuan.


Although it does not belong to health products, in the Jingdong flagship store of Wonderlab, this hyaluronic acid sandwich sugar is included in’s “Beauty and Beauty Dietary Supplement List”, and this product is arranged 19. In the Tmall flagship store, the product shows that it is included in the “Evaluation of Collagen List”.

The “What is the use of sodium hyaluronate sandwiches for sodium sandwiches with sodium sandwiches in this product” replied: “Sodium hyaluronate, rice bran oil powder (rice neurramide), rice bran oil powder (rice neurramide), and VC and other substances, water replenishment lock water, double -pronged tubes, help to cricate good skin. “

In foods containing hyaluronic acid, it can “become beautiful”, “hydration”, and “good for skin” have become very common slogans.

So, can “edible hyaluronic acid” products really improve skin condition?

On March 18th, a nutritionist told reporters that some hyaluronic acid cuddle may contain vitamin C, which is easier to absorb. , Cannot effectively improve skin problems. “

Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng believes that hyaluronic acid food is not a health product, and the propaganda effects are suspected of illegal and violations. Clinical verification of toxicity and side effects and other processes generally take at least four years. “

The Beijing News reporter noticed that in Article 18 of the “Advertising Law” stipulates that health food advertisements must not contain an assertion or guarantee of exponential effects and safety; involving disease prevention and treatment functions; and using advertising spokespersons for recommendations and proofs. Previously, the General Administration of Food and Drugs reminded consumers that ordinary food cannot claim (have) functions.

The reporter also found that some hyaluronic acid food claims to be “health products” in sales. In a shop named “Gu Bentang Flagship Store”, in the “Sodium Collagen Drink” product sold in the sale, the ingredient table contains cod leather collagen (peptide) powder, apple concentrated juice, blueberry concentration June, hybrid candy, sodium hyaluronate, etc., the product details are displayed as “health food”. The product specification is 400ml × 8 bottle, and the price is 400 yuan, that is, the price of each bottle is 50 yuan.


Hyaluronic acid food cost geometry?

Cost less than 4 yuan hyaluronic acid drink can be sold several times the price

The Beijing News reporter also found that a bottle of hyaluronic acid drink, under the blessing of the so -called “utility”, some profits can be tens of times.

“Now hyaluronic acid is just open to food, it can be said that it is very hot.” Jiang Heng (pseudonym), a salesman of a hyaluronic acid beverage processing plant, told the Beijing News that the company’s hyaluronic acid oral solution is generally collagen and collagen Make a drink formula together with peptide oral liquid, and add ingredients such as nicotinamide and rice peptide according to the specific needs of the customer.

Jiang Heng believes that the company’s oral hyaluronic acid drinks can “affect skin hydration, joint protection, and improve sleep from inside to external”. Such as red pomegranate. “

These hyaluronic acid, which is comprehensive in Jiang Heng’s eyes, and “complementary functions” and “complementary functions”, are very good in market sales. It states that according to regulations, the daily hyaluronic acid that each person consumes should not exceed 200 mg, and the amount of hyaluronic acid in each drink is about 60 mg, which can already meet the needs of a person.

According to Jiang Heng, the company processed a bottle of “comprehensive” hyaluronic acid beverages on behalf of the company, with 60 mg of hyaluronic acid of 50 ml of hyaluronic acid products, and the cost -free factory cost is generally 3.5 yuan/bottle.

“Generally, there are 7 boxes of installation, and the sales price on the Internet can reach about 230 yuan. Now it is the dividend period of hyaluronic acid. The product is relatively small and the terminal price will be more expensive. Divided, the profit may not be so high, “Jiang Heng said.

Another employee from Shanghai’s hyaluronic acid processed enterprises told the Beijing News that the same specifications and content of hyaluronic acid drinks can be lower than 3 yuan at different low costs, with a better match of 3.2 yuan/bottle. Sales will be priced according to specific channels, and some can earn 5 times, and some can be 10 times or even 20 times.

So, how to guarantee security under such recipes?

“Our company’s recipe is the formula given by some teachers under the Shanghai Food Institute or the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We will not add raw materials that are not recommended. We will have a basic understanding of the taboos at the temperature.

The employees of the Shanghai acting factory in the above Shanghai agreed factory told reporters that the test and clinical of sodium hyaluronic acid will be carried out when the product or the raw materials belongs to the raw materials. “We do finished products will not involve clinical trials. The detection cost will be very high, and it is not cost -effective to use R & D and testing for a long time. “

Zhu Danpeng told the Beijing News reporter that hyaluronic acid was used in food in my country or in its primary stage. “” Sodium hyaluronate has just enrolled in food. The overall formula, industrial chain and production technology are not mature, formula side effects and food safety None of this piece is certified. “I don’t think these products are very helpful to the human body in terms of function, but it is more obvious to the product improvement in the taste. In clinical practice, there is no effect on the effect of hyaluronic acid as food. “


The huge profits behind “everything can be hyaluronic acid”

The gross profit margin of some companies products exceeds 90% comparable to Moutai

According to a report issued by Fhstanlvin, the total sales of Chinese hyaluronic acid raw materials in 2019 accounted for 81.0%of the global total sales. On March 24, the Beijing News reporter retracted “hyaluronic acid” on the company’s investigation. There are 145 companies in the industry, of which more than a hundred companies belong to Shandong Province, Huaxi Biological, Aimei and other listed companies. And the leader.

In Huaxi Biological Website of Hyaluronic acid leading enterprise, the company’s hyaluronic acid application field has included functional skin care, medical beauty, medicine, and functional food. In Japan, the brand “Plumoon Pulaon”, a brand of Huaxi Bio, launched the products such as hyaluronic acid food water light pills, burst water pills, and sodium hyaluronic acid oral solution.

In January of this year, Huaxi Biological showed his ambition to layout of hyaluronic acid foods. The company issued an announcement stating that in terms of food -grade sodium hyaluronic acid raw materials business, it will use the company’s many years of years of food -grade hyaluronate sodium sodium -sodium ingredients business overseas promotion experience. Develop more foods that add more sodium hyaluronate; in terms of functional foods, the company will develop related products through collaboration with partners and form a team, including oral liquid, fudge, chip candy, etc.

As a leading company in hyaluronic acid, Huaxi Bio achieved operating revenue of 1.886 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 49.28%year -on -year, of which raw material products achieved revenue of 761 million yuan, medical terminal products achieved 489 million yuan, functional skin care products achieved 634 million revenue of 634 million yuan Yuan; comprehensive gross profit margin was 79.66%. Among them, the gross profit margin of raw materials products is 76.12%.

According to the production and sales of Huaxi Biological at that time, Huaxi Bio’s sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium (excluding derivatives) sold by Huaxi Bio was 199.92 tons.

Products in the field of hyaluronic acid are also very diverse. Data show that Huaxi Biological Run Baiyan, Mei Aike’s Hi Sports, Haiwei, Hao Haishengke, Shu Yan under Beijing Mengbo Run, Xinfei Lisin, a subsidiary of Hangzhou Union, etc., are all domestic in China. Hyaluronic acid registered at the State Drug Administration. The reporter found that the gross profit margin of listed companies such as Meimei and Hao Haishengke is also considerable.

According to the data, in 2014, Hao Haisheng has successfully developed the company’s first leather filling product “Hai Wei” through independent research and development. By 2019, Hao Haisheng’s medical beauty sector sales revenue reached 204 million, and sales reached 760,700. According to the 2019 annual report of Hao Hai Shengke, the overall gross profit margin of the company’s reporting period reached 77.28%, and the gross profit margin of plastic surgery and wound care products was 90.38%.

Another new shares listed on a beautiful guest, the gross profit margin has exceeded Moutai. According to the Ameike’s prospectus, the company has launched the first domestic sodium sodium sodium injection fillers, and the first domestic product of sodium sodium injection fillers containing PVA microspheres.

In terms of specific price, a hyaluronic acid products called “Poinida”, which are “Poenida”, in 2019. The average price of 2019 is 2547.49 yuan/branch, and the cost is only 32.34 yuan/branch.


According to the Prospectus of Aimei, from the product, the gross profit margins of Aestirak, Hi, Po Nida, Yimei One, Yimei, etc. It is 90.22%, 92.99%, 98.73%, 96.37%, 96.07%.

In addition, East China Pharmaceuticals of the listed company also have hyaluronic acid business. Data show that in 2013, East China Ningbo, East China Pharmaceutical Holding subsidiary, obtained the exclusive agency rights of the Hyaluronic acid of South Korea’s LG company in China. In addition, Sinclair, a subsidiary of East China Pharmaceutical, is headquartered in the UK. It has a production base in France and the Netherlands, and promotes the sales of long -acting microspheres, hyaluronic acid, and facial lip lines in the global market. In the first half of 2020, the gross profit margin of East China Medicine International Medical Aesthetics was 62.8%.​​​

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