#Ideal Spring Dress#

#What to wear in spring season#

The temperature of the city I live has exceeded zero 10 ° C, and spring is officially met with us. At this time, one can resist “


“, Can also be fashionable and full score

Thin coat

Definitely a must -have.

Let’s share the five “versatile and fashionable” in the spring of 2022 “

“And their wear!

NO.1 sweater jacket

Sweater jacket


Is the youthful vitality very similar to the vitality of spring, can exercise and leisure can be competent, and it is convenient to wear and take off. It will save it in the morning and evening.

Of course there must be one in the spring

Long model


Inner, inside


Easily cope with the temperature difference between early spring and evening, and a T -shirt inside, which can also get rid of the bloated feeling of winter.

Loose version, wear a black in the bottom

Shark pants

Upper Panasonic

“The method is very thin. If you want to show your legs, you must put on the thick bottom


Daddy shoes,



I think the mid -length sweater is pressed and looked at this, and look at this one


of. One next

Dark straight pants


Not only did the hidden meat look more straight.

After the weather is warmer, you can also show a little skin and embellishment


It can also improve the exquisiteness of wearing.

NO.2 denim jacket

Every year until this time, enduring

denim jacket


You will come out “bubbling”. Whether it is cold or handsome, denim jackets make you unsure.


The classic blue denim jacket is really not greasy. If you don’t want to make the styles the same, take it inside.

White shirt

Let’s, leisure and capable may collide with different sparks.


The shirt’s hem must not be

Full plug




In the pants, the rest of the corner of the jam is exposed, which is very unruly that it is in line with the denim jacket.

This retro -bright line

Quietly getting angry, the version of the version is loose and not picking people, with one

High waist checkered pants


canvas shoes

, Age reduction effect!


NO.3 Trench coat



It has always been the love single of temperament women. It is truly elegant, atmospheric, capable, and handsome, especially khaki trench coats.


Double -breasted long trench coat

It is a classic in the classics. With it easily contracted all your handsome and fashionable early spring. Wind coat+trousers = handsome and capable, you can win steadily without labor.

Short trench coat


Little girl

More friendly, handsome version and military green color, make it better wear.

Waver with windbreaker

Drawing line design

, Gently draw a high waistline, optimize the proportion of the body ~

NO.4 grandma shirt


Grandma shirt

It must be started every spring

It is sweet and sweet, the upper body is soft and glutinous, and the whole person is particularly gentle.

This rhombus jet flower

The biggest advantage is to modify the figure, the short model can improve the waistline, the straight version

High waist pants

As soon as we wear tall and long legs.

The design of the retro ticked flower is really amazing, and there are still

Large V -neck

Highlighting the neck lines, the face is small and thin.

College style

Do you love your grandma shirt?

Want to make a sweet younger sister, wear

It is time to

With a skirt

Look at this

Short pleated skirt


, Girls, don’t want to do it ~


NO.5 suit jacket

If you are right



The impression is still in the category of professional clothing, then you are out! It is more often

Fashionable and handsome



Girls with slippery shoulders, narrow shoulders, upper body




Can become straight corners in seconds. The white shirt is simple and capable.

If you don’t want to wear a suit too formal, choose the next dress


Let’s put the shirt half into the waist of the trousers. There are high waists, and it is not restrained.

I like to use a suit every day



, Micro -trousers can modify various legs. And you can switch from work and leisure.

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing. How many do you have these 5 thin coats? If you look at which one I wear, you can leave a message to me ~

Thin coat

Thin coat

Sweater jacket



denim jacket

Grandma shirt

Grandma shirt