Recently, Mr. Li (pseudonym) in Foshan, Guangdong reported to Nandu’s “Journalist Gang” that he purchased a noodles named “Shou Tao” in the supermarket. When he was about to open food, he found that there was a bunch of black bugs inside. Some even crawled in the face. After testing, the manufacturer acknowledged that the insects were caused by poor packaging and sealing, but the two parties had different output due to compensation. After the reporter was reported by the reporter, the latest progress has been made.

Earlier reports:

A bugs appear in pasta, and the manufacturer is willing to compensate for ten times but was rejected


Mr. Li reported that the packet of “long worms” purchased in a supermarket he purchased in Foshan, a packet of more than ten yuan. According to the videos he presented to reporters: In the pasta packaged, there are several small black worms like sesame grains crawling in the dough. On November 21, when the reporter interviewed Mr. Li, he also saw the pasta he purchased. The outer packaging was intact. The food packaging showed that the production date was June 30, 2021, and the shelf life was 18 months. The pasta is still in the shelf life.

In the pictures provided by Mr. Li, you can meet with bugs in the food.

According to Mr. Li’s situation, the manufacturer Guangdong Xinshunfu Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinshunfu Company) said that Mr. Li sent food back to the original factory test. After testing, Xinshunfu Company replied that the insects were caused by poor packaging sealing, and the poor seal was performed because the temperature of the sealing machine did not reach the specified temperature, and the seal operation was performed.

But then, Mr. Li and the manufacturer disagree due to compensation. The manufacturer said he was willing to compensate at ten times the purchase price. Mr. Li believes that according to the “Food Safety Law”, foods that do not meet food safety standards, in addition to requiring compensation for losses, consumers can also ask producers or operators to request a 10 -fold compensation for the price or three times the loss; The amount of compensation is less than 1,000 yuan, which is 1,000 yuan.

For the compensation plan advocated by Mr. Li, the manufacturer believes that if the above compensation is higher, consumers are advised to find other channels for acceptance.

Follow -up: Consumers get 1,000 yuan compensation

After Nandu’s “Reporter Gang” reported, many readers commented that manufacturers should compensate for compensation in accordance with laws. On November 29, Xinshunfu Company contacted reporters that he hoped to re -negotiate compensation with Mr. Li and expressed his willingness to increase the amount of compensation to 1,000 yuan.


On December 1, Mr. Li told reporters that after continuous negotiation, he had received a compensation amount of 1,000 yuan and expressed satisfaction with the compensation plan. “Shou Tao is a brand that I have always trusted. I hope that I can do a good job in safety production supervision in the future and take good quality.” Finally, he also expressed his gratitude to Nandu reporters. “Thank you for your strength for the media Compensation. “

Xinshunfu Company told reporters that after the samples of the sample, no similar situation was found, and there was no complaint from the same batch of products on the market.

Writing: Nandu, N video reporter Zhang Siqi