On the hot summer, the furniture market took a trip, and I felt that the whole person was hollowed out.


It is expensive, soft and expensive.

The good -looking furniture is too expensive, and cheap furniture doesn’t look at it


When the money is used, the Fang hates less

Designer fees, master’s work money, material money,

Whatever furniture and appliances can be saved

This is also good for character, encountering a reliable master,

If you do n’t accept the house, all kinds of leather are enough for you to suffer.


Many people mention mahogany furniture

The first feeling is “expensive”


I am afraid that only what rich people can enjoy

When can the common people be owned by the common people

don’t worry! Quickly call family and friends to come to Taiyuan Yingze Qiaoxi China Coal Museum

Entering the Original Origin of Dongyang Manga Factory Direct Sales


The price of the factory price of the audience!

More than 60 masterpieces of arts and crafts masters, collections

The first appearance in Taiyuan, let the general public open the eyes and be full of eyes

Recommended by many collectors, non -genetic inheritors, testing experts


Let me see how cheap the mahogany furniture here is here! Intersection Intersection

Sofa, big bed, palace chair, Bogu frame are good


Ancient and ancient, someone asked

My new house wants to be equipped with a full -room mahogany furniture.

Is there a special full -room set meal?

Don’t worry, the manufacturer is prepared during the opening period

Different styles, different prices, different styles


Multiple cost -effective full -room set meals

Hualu wood full room 26 -piece set of value set meals


Sofa, big beds, dining tables, TV cabinet lover chairs, drum stools, cotton racks, flower stands


You can take it home with only 39800

The degree of discount is very powerful

But the furniture market is mixed with fish and dragons

Fake goods are flooded frequently by charging

How to ensure that so many furniture is real material, don’t worry


Buying mahogany furniture and triple protection for this event

Guarantee 1: The Wood Appraisal Center of Nanjing Forestry University issues a guarantee certificate for the true appraisal, and one -on -one supports on -site scanning inquiries.


Guarantee 2: There is no reason to return and exchange for three years for free maintenance

Guarantee 3: On -site inspection and spot stocks are now healthy and environmentally friendly. The manufacturer promises to buy 10,000 yuan for the city’s comparison!


If you want to configure redwood furniture for the new house

Want to replace the old furniture at home

I want to support the office with luxurious atmospheric mahogany furniture

Come and enter the place of origin • Dongyang mahogany factory direct sales

Just in China Coal Museum

Everyone hurry up and pick a choice

It will definitely make you return full load

★ Special reminder ★

Activity time: August 15th-August 23rd


Activity address: Yingze Bridge West China Coal Museum


(Wan Berlin District Yingzawa Avenue and Xinjin Temple Road)

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