A small cardigan with a good texture ~ velvet feel, tight woven density, slippery feel ~ It is comfortable to wear the skin! The version of the model is well -behaved, playful and cute ~ This version is to open and wear it at will ~ The colors are also very pink and pretty ~ fresh and eye -catching ~ At this time, you need such a vest+short skirt fashionable and fashionable and fashionable and fashionable. Comfortable ~ Recommended ha!

The denim jacket version belongs to the routine that it will not be wide. The design is very hard to take care of this artifact that really is a concave shape, but it is not particularly fat. You don’t have to worry about being worried about wearing it. You can wear casual street wind!

我感觉工装外套就该是这样的feel帅气有范!牛仔外套 版型属于常规 不会是宽大的感觉 不过上身效果很显瘦 水洗牛仔 颜色很特别 牛仔衣的工艺都比较复杂 像这种水洗 破洞 磨破比较多的就更加耗时了还有毛边的设计打理 很费劲 这件真心是拍照凹造型的神器 但是又不是特别肥大的那种,小个子mm也不用担心说穿的不好看啊什么的 都可以穿出了随意的街头风!

I like this kind of embroidered sweater. It is not complicated to have a personality and sweetness with a hooded sweater with a heart -shaped pattern that looks even more girly. ~ White is fresh and refreshing. Black is the Fan Er of CoolCool, which is worn inside or outside, and a hooded design. It is also great to wear in the down jacket in the outer down jacket. The choice of price is not high and cost -effective ~

我感觉工装外套就该是这样的feel帅气有范!虽然还是夏末 天气还热 但是碰到一些美衣还是可以收了 这款后背字母的牛仔外套就是我想推荐给你们的 后背字母印花 让整体多了一点街头范 稍稍A字版型 搭配我们的皮裙就是超帅的赶脚 也可以搭配简单的T恤和打底裤 都是非常不错滴 牛仔衣服是原单 质量方面无需任何担忧 做工和水洗都是经得起任何专柜的考验!

Autumn new Korean short V -neck versatile air -conditioned jacket!


Knitwear is a must -have in the early summer and autumn. Well, it is necessary to prevent the early autumn. Touch it more comfortable and grade.

我感觉工装外套就该是这样的feel帅气有范!我感觉工装外套就该是这样的feel~~版型是有点落肩带宽松型的哦 配靴子,球鞋,皮裙,小脚裤各种好搭~~上身之后超韩范儿哦~面料,手感柔软舒适,悬垂感好 单排暗扣轻便简易,复古经典。腰间系绳收腰,可自由调节腰围哦!精致的刺绣别样。~随意挽起袖子,随意帅气有范!

Good things must be shared with you, it is suitable to be fat and thin, it is suitable for it. It can be used to play with it. It is really good -looking and very practical. Now it may be a bit early, but she really looks good. It can be matched with many summer and autumn. The new cowboy is bound to be the length of this autumn fried chicken special product. The length of Han Fan’s casual wind clothes is very clever and looks very energetic. It is indispensable for the proportion of the lower body to a good version of the denim jacket!

我感觉工装外套就该是这样的feel帅气有范!针织开衫是夏日早秋的必备款哦 预防早秋的丝丝秋意 这件开衫都是能完美驾驭各种搭配 短款设计先出腰线 修身长袖更加显得手臂的纤细 穿起来特别的修身感 摸起来更加的舒服显档次 整件衣服的材质超糯 胸口的徽章贴布提升气质哦!

Although the weather is still hot in the late summer, when I encounter some beautiful clothes, I can still accept this denim jacket with this back letter. I want to recommend the latter letter to you to make the overall more street fan. The leather skirt is super handsome to catch up with simple T -shirts and leggings. It is very good. Donalt clothes are very good. It is the test that the original single quality does not need to worry about workmanship and water washing.

I usually walk on the forefront of fashion, you can prepare to start ~ The baseball uniform has always been a must -have for the grooves in the middle of the major stars! Establishing long -sleeved design, neckline and cuff thread knitting stitching will not cause tightness! The lines of the back letters are flat, and the patterns are full, simple, and exquisite, which is more suitable for daily matching. The color combination effect is specially used in color, which will not cause visual fatigue!


I feel that the worker jacket should be like this ~~ The version is a bit of loose shoulder band -shaped boots, sneakers, leather skirts, small feet pants all kinds of good match ~~ After the upper body Soft and comfortable, the hanging feeling is good, the single row of dark buckles is simple and simple, and the retro classics. The waist is tied to the waist, and the waist can be adjusted freely! Exquisite embroidery. ~ Rare up your sleeves at will, handsome and handsome!

我感觉工装外套就该是这样的feel帅气有范!平时一直行走在时尚最前沿的妹纸,可以准备入手啦~棒球服一直是在各大明星时尚潮人中间 出街凹造型必备利器! 立领长袖设计,领口和袖口螺纹针织拼接不会产生紧绷感!后背字母 采用刺绣工艺制作的 线条平整,图案饱满 简洁不失精致,才更适合日常搭配哦 颜色上特意用的拼色效果,不会使人产生视觉疲劳!

The exquisite retro rose pattern is extremely sweet. Generally, the denim outer jacket will give the MMs that they are handsome and casual ~ This cleverly gathers sweet and casual handsome, short version, basic silhouette, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, casual, freely It is a very good quality, and it is very good. It is very eye -catching with skirts or cool vest shorts in the late summer and early autumn!

我感觉工装外套就该是这样的feel帅气有范! 精美复古的玫瑰花图案,甜美极了,一般牛仔外套想必给MM们的感觉都是帅气休闲吧~这款巧妙的将甜美与休闲帅气集于一身,短款的版型,基础廓形,随意一穿都是非常好的品质感,且又是非常好的百搭,随意搭配裙装又或是酷酷的背心短裤在夏末初秋天里都是非常的吸睛呢!

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