The popular items popular in winter have the performance of “insulation”, and shoes are no exception. Spring, summer and autumn are more popular with single shoes. It is a shoe with light design and a more cool sense of dressing.

In winter, it is the home of boots. The boots are leather, with good sealing and strong warmth. The design of the boots is mid -to -high, and the “occupation area” is more and more wrapped.

Although Martin’s boots are still the sales champion of each autumn and winter, this winter is more stunning and fashionable than others. It is obviously impossible to wear Martin boots.

A boot called “over ankle but knee” is popular this winter. It is the knight boots that we often call. The boots are relatively loose. Most of the heels are Cuba, medium and low heels. It is a stylish neutral boots. If you are also curious about this pair of items, you might as well look at it with the pace of Xiaobian.

Choosing of Knight Boots


1. How can I choose to be tall and thin?

As a means of playing advantage and modifying the shortcomings of the figure, how to achieve high and thin legs is our routine requirements for shoes.

★ Selling a thin story

(1) Look at the boot body

✔ Recommend wide tube


In conventional, the widest part of the boots of the knight boots is wide than the root of the thigh. In order to better tolerate the calf in this boots, it also uses the “wide and narrow contrast” thinking to achieve wearing and closing. A thin effect.


× Not recommended to stick a narrow tube

I believe many people have solidified thinking, that is, the slim and tight items are even thinner. Obviously it is inappropriate to use it in the middle boots. No high sense.

(2) Look at the soles of the shoe

1. Flat


The basic boot bottom design of the knight boots is Cuba bottom. It is a high level with a height of its own. It is not too exaggerated, but it has an increased effect. The bottom of the knight boots is suitable for the public.


× Reject “Donkey Kick”

Don’t be confused by the higher the sole, the higher the options floating on the surface, the physical is indeed high, but in fact, the thick sole will look down in the entire match, the head is light and the sense of imbalance is strong.

2. Coarse heel

The fine heel and sole design are two concepts. The heel design and the sole have obvious white space for white. The arc is smoother, and there is no bulky feeling.

The advantage of the thick heel design is that it is not tired. It is particularly suitable for the first challenge to have a girl who is wearing to achieve excessive high heels. The rough heel is more daily. If you want to see the high -heeled knight boots if you want to show high, you can choose the high -heeled knight boots.

3. Fine heel

The combination of fine heels and knight boots, the ideal height is 5-7cm, so that it will not be imbalanced because of the comparison of fine heels and wide tube, which will cause the design of the boot body to be imbalanced. The advantage of driving, the advantage of the heel is that it is stronger and more feminine, suitable for creating the style of the royal sister.

(3) Look at the material

有 The hard fabric is more conducive to thinning

Hard -based knight boots are more stylish. The length of the knight boots is to better wrap the lines of the calf part.

The soft leather material has two disadvantages for the design of the knight boots. The first is the collapse of the soft leather, causing the accumulation of the furniture of the boots, which is fat. The second is to be too close, exposing leg lines, which is fat.


(4) Ueine

1. Sipper

The pointed head has ductility

Digitalability is the characteristic of all V -shaped design. With extensibility, the design is even thinner.

2. Round head

Although the round head is more daily, it is suitable for most of the foot type and is very inclusive, but the “big No. 1” thinking rolled up to the boots. If it is round and flat and large boots Effect.

3. flat head


× Reject Four Fourth Fang

Any design can be too much. Mastering the degree is the shortcut to fashion. In terms of flat -headed design, if it is square, the tip of the shoe is the same as that of the foot, then it is rigid and fat for the whole.


The thinking of pointed extension can be used on the flat head design. As long as the width of the tip of the shoe is less than the width of the instep, even the flat head has a extension effect formed by the comparison of width and narrowness. In this way, the flat head is both retro and thin.

2. What kind of boots are more advanced?

[See color pattern]

× Exaggerated pattern design and color selection

Like the flowers in spring and summer, the beast pattern is popular in autumn and winter, but the swelling and eye -catching feeling of the beast pattern is too strong, and the design of the knight boots is very tough.

The bright color of high saturation is also a thunder point that the knight boots choose to avoid, because the boots of the knight boots are more existing in the wear, and it is not a small area item when it is matched, so The bright color of high saturation will only destroy the fashionable sense of wearing.

Y Basic color is yyds


The design of the boots and single products is just two, one black and one brown, the former is cool and handsome, the latter retro, and both colors have a common advantage, that is, versatile and advanced. Essence

How to match the knight boots in autumn and winter is more fashionable?

This part is a set of packages, letting you know what the matching trend of the Knight boots this year is that it can be more accurate and fashionable.

1. When paired with pants


1. Cavaliers boots+yoga pants


In autumn and winter, what are the characteristics of trousers? Cultivation is necessary, otherwise the fabric accumulation of the knee will be stacked, which is a disaster for the small man.

Therefore, the yoga pants and knight boots are simply a perfect combination. It fully fits the legs and can leave more comparison space for knight boots to wear.


2. Jeans


The jeans are classic and versatile, and the style is tough. The most important thing is that the color will not make an error. This is perfectly fitted with the style of the knight boots. Cavaliers’ boots+jeans can save you a lot of money.

Second, when matching skirts

1.A skirt


The addition of anti -season items will definitely show an eye -catching effect for dressing. In winter, skirts are the out -of -season anti -season items.

The wearing combination of short skirts+knight boots will leave a space at the root of the thighs, allowing winter to break the dullness, and it is also a small set of friendly boots, which is very high.

2. Dress skirt


The dress is exclusive to lazy people, but remember that the dresses should not be too big. Too large dresses with wide knight boots are very short.

Third, when matching a jacket

1. coat

The coat+knight boots are the disappearance of the winter version of the lower jacket, but the length of the coat and the length of the knight boots are of course stronger.

2. Plush jacket

Plush fabric is obviously the hottest fabric in autumn and winter this year. Plush jackets are also favored by celebrities and fashion. It is conducive to wear and thinner.

The article is over here. Did you be planted by the editor? Which pair of autumn and winter love shoes? Welcome to speak in the comment area.