The golf club can be said to be one of the most important equipment for golf. Golf has undergone considerable changes in recent hundreds of years, so the changes in the club are of course changing! Golf historians believe that the production of golf club should be the first 15 and 16th centuries. At the beginning of the 18th century, the metal rod head club appeared and replaced the long nose wooden rod later. The reason is that the wooden rod head is not as hard as the iron head. With the iron head, it is better to use this club to handle some special difficulties. In the early 20th century, the hardcore was officially launched. It can be seen that the golf club is a vital part of golf. Now more and more people have started golf. How do you choose when facing the countless golf club brand? What brand of golf club is good?

The modern golf club is difficult to use the hardcore ball. The mixed rod has the rod surface of the ball rod, so it is easy to wave; there is the long rod body of the hardcore, so that the club is more likely to be controlled without playing the ball far like an ordinary ball rod. From beginners to professional golfers, players at all levels have used mixed rods as standard rods in the bag. Let’s see which brand of golf clubs are trustworthy?


Japan’s Tyy belongs to the UONI Yili Co., Ltd. and was founded in 1897. It has always combined the traditional handmade natural purity with the exquisite beauty of modern craftsmanship, and is committed to providing customized Japanese exquisite life for global consumers. Tyy is a professional golf sports outdoor series. It is a Japanese high -end sports outdoor brand. It focuses on production and design golf products and sports peripherals, such as golf clubs, sports sunscreen and joint protection utensils. The Tyy golf club uses a unique pole head material and front contour design, which helps golf enthusiasts to achieve higher flight ballistic in the serve zone or the fairway. By!



Founded in 1959, the global golf club manufacturer with carbon materials is the first to use carbon materials as a large multinational company for manufacturing and selling golfes. Because it has been committed to creating a club suitable for Asians, it is more well -known than the American golf brand and create the highest level of imagination. In 1973, Honma became the first golf club maker in the world to use carbon materials as a pole body.



Japan Maruman was founded in 1974. It was originally a production lighter to produce and sell for the mainstream golf supplies with mid -to -high -end golf consumers. Maruman has innovated the development of carbon rods and metal wooden rod heads. After that, Maruman was committed to studying the use of titanium and nanomaterials to continuously refuge and obtain a series of patents.


What brand of golf club is good? The most important thing to learn when starting golf is about golf clubs, so you must be careful when choosing a golf club. Tyy, Honma, and Maruman are all good brands!

No. 1

For the choice of No. 1 wood, we have to say the size of the head. The size of the pole is large, and the sweet point is also enlarged, which means that the fault tolerance rate is higher.

In this case, even if there is no sweet point, the loss of distance and direction will not be too outrageous. However, it also represents the decline in the control of the ball.


This type of pole head is more suitable for golfers with high differences.


The blends are more suitable for the club with a smaller size of the head. Because the swing movement of this part of the golfers is basically stable, it is more needed to control the ball.

Secondly, let’s talk about the choice of rod surface angle, it depends on its own swing speed. The faster the speed of the golfers, the smaller the angle of the rod surface, and the slower the speed of the swing, the larger the angle of the rod surface.

In order to move closer to professional players, some golfers deliberately chose some 8.5 -degree or 9 degrees clubs. As a result, the worse and worse, it was caused by the insufficient speed of their own.

Finally, there is a choice of the pole body. How to choose a pole body, but there is a university, because the technical content it contains is too high. What I can tell everyone is that the touched rod body is easy to play the left song, and it is easy to play the right ball.


If you often play the left or right song, it may indicate that your pole body does not match your own speed.


The factors to be considered by the bolitter wood are similar to the No. 1 wood. The only thing I want to tell you is that if your own spherical wood technology is not particularly ideal, you might as well be equipped with a iron rod in the ball bag.

In this way, you can take care of the distance and direction at the same time. Because iron wood rods are easier to master than bonus wood, and the distance will not lose too much.


In terms of the pole head structure, we can divide the hardcore into two types: the back of the knife -back hardcore and the concave -back hardcore.


Among them, the back -back hardcore gives the most direct feedback at the moment of hitting, which is easier to control the ball. This kind of hardcore is widely favored by professional players and amateur masters. If you have confidence in your own ball skills and eager to better control the hitting ball, you can choose a knife -back club.

The concave back club is treated with a dictation around its head, so its fault tolerance rate (deviating from sweet spot hitting the ball) is higher. But the corresponding control capabilities are not as good as the back -back hardcore. This kind of club is more suitable for the middle -level golfers, because their swing technology is not mature enough, so it requires such a high fault tolerance.

Wooden rods, hard rods, push rods

The wooden pole is the longest club of the golf player bag, and the head of the pole is a ball -shaped. The wooden pole is mainly used for kicking. If it can be used to hit a long ball with its first pole, it will undoubtedly take a decisive step to play a hole in the same less as possible. Therefore, the role of wooden rods is to fight for distance. In order to increase the pole speed during the hit, increase the curvature of the swing as much as possible to increase the strike volume.

The most common is the No. 1 wooden rod (Driver) and Fairway Woods.


It is important to wear a rod cover (Head Cover) to the No. 1 wooden rod and the balcony wood. The rod cover can protect the long rod body and prevent it from being damaged in the ball bag.

The hardcore is divided into long and medium short rods. Long hardcore usually refers to No. 3 No. 3, 5, 6, and 7 in the middle hardcore, and the short hardcore is 8, 9, and 10. There are fewer and fewer people using long hardcores, and most of them are replaced by small chicken legs. Iron wood rods are rods between the hardcore and wooden rods, called mixed rods, also called iron rods. The iron rod is arranged according to the sequence (1 to 9) according to different rolling surfaces (1 to 9), with different lengths. The larger the inclined hardcore, the closer to the strike.


There are also splits (p), dug up rods (A), sand pole (s). In terms of short rods, professional players are usually more particular about, and they also subdivide different angles, 52 degrees, 53 degrees 60 degrees, and so on.

The purpose of golf is to send the ball into the hole, and it is almost responsible for this task. The size and shape of different push rods are ever -changing. The earliest push rods were mostly designed as L -shaped. There were also a few professional players still used traditional L -shaped push rods. Later, pippter, developed to TWO Balls and even Three Balls, horseshoe -shaped cone type , Various push rods that make people feel balanced.

14 club

Priority: According to the rules of golf, in the formal golf game, it is stipulated that the player cannot carry more than 14 clubs.

This rule dates back to 1934. At that time, the American Amateur Championship was held in Massachusetts. A player actually took 29 clubs to participate in the competition. When Pierce looked at the cubs with a heavy club bag and walked towards the first hole in the first hole, it was almost angry. He clenched his fist and vowed: “I must stop this behavior!”


Later, Pierce became the chairman of the American Golf Association and achieved his vows.

In the summer of 1936, Royn Royal Classical Golf Club Rules of St. Andrew Harris and the then President of the U.S. High -end High Association Hallet﹒ For the first time of Pierce talks, Pierce first proposed the upper limit of the number of clubs to 14 branches. After that, he made this suggestion again to the Golf Rules Committee in November of that year, but it was not until his proposal in 1939 was R & A ( Royal Classical Golf Club) adopted. In the early stage of adopting, the tourists tried to bargain with the US High -Association, hoping to increase the number of clubs to 16, but in the end they failed.


Back to the initial question, “Why is 14? Instead of 12 or 15?” In fact, there is not much basis when determining this number. Pierce once mentioned in his book: ” Nothing because of it, just put forward 14 opinions and argued on this. “


Hallet﹒ Pierce also commented on this issue: “Now it seems that 14 clubs are obviously too many. This is the conclusion that it comes to discussion with caddy. It will be slowed down. “

The essence of golf movement is a brain movement, which is variable and creative. If you deliberately emphasize that a club must be used in a certain occasion, it will make the players excessively rely on the club instead of improving their technology and exerting their own personality, which will lose the most exciting and attractive golf’s most exciting and attractive. one side.

In fact, for beginners, you have half a rod or equipped with a set of 8-10 clubs in your gun bag. If the Dog No. 1 wood is too difficult to control, No. 3 Mu, No. 5 wood is also a good choice. Choose 3-4 hardcores, 1 P pole, 1 S rod, and 1 necessary push rod is enough. When your ball skills are advanced, Page is then.


1TayLormade ball

TayLorMade: TayLorMade is the most powerful high -ball brand in the world. Regardless of wooden rods, hardcores, or push rods, the perception of Chinese ball friends is the top, and its visibility in the professional field and the ball market is first -class. In addition to the continuous leading white trend, the earliest adjustable center of gravity technology, the best product: wooden rod

2Callaway ball

Callaway, which started with metal wooden rods in 1982, has developed into a world -renowned big brand so far. Its balls were the first and the highest utilization rate, the best performance before 2000. However, because it was snatched by TM products later, it was unable to increase the sales of the product. Although it has also developed a lot of new technologies or new materials, there is not much market.

3titleist glory


Titleist: Although the big boss on the top has become Koreans, Tltleist is definitely still out of the United States. After all, it is a high -ball brand with 80 years of history. When it comes to Titleist, of course, the first most successful PRO V1 and V1X golf ball in history, the price is expensive but very sought after.

4HONMA gangs

HONMA created the club -star -level approach. Star -grade products were labeled from two to five stars, and gold platinum was inlaid on the club. It is exquisite in work and elegant design. It is not only a prop on the court, but also a perfect manifestation of creativity. It has high practical value and collection value. Honma was named one of the most famous brands in Hong Kong by the Luxury Super Brand Committee, and was named with Bentley, Rolls -Royce, Cartier, etc.

5mizuno instrument

Mizu Nong is one of the world’s leading sports brands and serves all kinds of sports. Japan’s Mizujon Co., Ltd. is identified as the sponsor of the Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee. Shanghai Meijin Nong Co., Ltd. is one of the main production bases in Asia. It has three factories: garment, baseball gloves and golf clubs, and the domestic sales department responsible for the operation and sales of the Chinese market. The full set of Japanese equipment, technology and management mechanisms. Production processing and export products, while relying on Japanese technology, continuously strengthen the development and market development of domestic products.


6pgm golf


PGM is a golf brand in China. It was founded in 2008. It belongs to Dangbang Golf Products Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City, China. Its company (Dangbang Golf Products Co., Ltd.) was the OEM factory in the early stage, mainly helping the international golf brand foundry to produce clubs, with professional equipment and mature production technology.

Tips: When you choose the club, you can choose according to the level of the ball skills and the economic situation. You can choose the domestic club or the Japanese hardcore for entry exercises. First start with a single hardcore No. 7, and then buy a rod in the later period. Don’t chase the brand blindly, it is right for you!