TRU-SPEC started in 1950

, Old American

Public hair tactical brand

, Long -term providing products for fast response departments such as industry service, fire rescue, and other individual equipment. After the product was introduced to the country, it was called “

“Iron Card”

Essence In recent years,

TRU-SPEC brand

According to the characteristics of Asians, it is specially designed and developed by products that are more suitable for Asians to wear, making it more comfortable and stylish.


“24-7 series”

,Located at

Urban commuting, outdoor adventure, tactical shooting and other fields

It is favored by many action stars and wore in the film.

Among the many products of the TRU-SPEC brand,

Once it is listed, it will be popular all over the world, of which

TRU-SPEC elastic tactical trousers

It is also the hot -selling product of this series, whether it is executed

Tactical task

As well as

Outdoor adventure or urban commuting

This product is the best choice.

Overall uses a large area

Stitching design


6.5 ounces of tear -resistant fabrics

The main material, more than ordinary fabrics

Abrasion resistance


Fast dry

Features; the outer layer covers durability

Anti -splashing water

Coating to make the liquid on the surface forming water droplets, which is more difficult to penetrate;

Back waist



The position with a large range of action is used

Four -way stretch


Double -layer elastic fabric

The biggest feature of this fabric is

Strong and breathable

Even if you wear summer, you will not feel sultry, and high elasticity ensures the flexibility during exercise, and the sense of dress is more comfortable.

The details of the TRU-SPEC elastic tactical trousers are classic. During the design process, the designer considers the various situations during the wear, and strives to make it

Products have both functionality, practicality and comfort, and even designed “Easter Eggs”

Crotch and knee position

Use three -dimensional tailoring, and with

The back of the back is close to the position of the hips

Also adopt

Double -layer elastic weaving


Tear -resistant fabric

The splicing design is not only more comfortable and breathtaking, but the high elasticity of the double -layer elastic weaving can also ensure that the wearer will not feel restrained when bent over or squat, and the high intensity of tear fabrics. No pressure.

Knee position

Double -layer structure design

Can be inserted into the knee pad cushion

, Easily cope with high -intensity field activities.

Waist position

The unique “tunnel” elasticity can be exploited, making the waist circumference size more flexible, can be closely fitted with the waist, and a large -sized belt ring can be compatible with a tactical belt with a maximum width of 6 cm. Reduce comfort.

Bonwood -based buttons


Ykk zipper

It is more convenient to wear and take off at the same time.

The front position of the thighs on both sides

Plaster bag adoption

Large -sized flip design

In addition to dustproof and anti -theft, high -elastic double -layer elastic fabrics not only enable the storage bag to accommodate more portable items, but also play a fixed role, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of “shooting thighs” during exercise.

Not only that, the leg bags on both sides add different “eggs” design, right

Side -legged bag

There is a length of 18cm long and 10.5cm wide

Hide bomb warehouse

This bullet warehouse is not just used to put a magazine. Small items such as mobile phones, charging treasures, bus cards, headphones, and other small items can also be placed in it.

Outer D -shaped ring

You can also hang small objects such as keys.

Left leg bag

Turn over

Added zipper design

It is safer to put valuables with you with you.

Rear side of the thigh

It also uses a large area of ​​double -layer elastic fabric stitching, which effectively improves the comfort when wearing.

The outer and calves on the sides of the thighs are close to the ankle position

already setup

When needed, open the zipper, and the lining with breathable mesh can not only heat dissipate and ventilate, but also

Effective mosquito


Special designs are designed with a weave -containing enhanced layer

Nylon webbing and buckle

, The trousers are available

Two -gear adjustment

, Tighten the trousers and just

Effective dustproof

Pants position

The same increase

“Egg Egg” Design

, Open the feet on both sides, you can see a delicate

Metal hook

, During the wild activities, the metal hooks can be connected to the shoe and boots to effectively prevent dust.

Tightening the trousers is even more profitable

Welcome to buy TRU-SPEC elastic tactical trousers


Elastic tactical trousers

“24-7 series”

TRU-SPEC elastic tactical trousers

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as

Ykk zipper