Toys are an effective tool for promoting children’s growth.

Researchers pointed out:

One of the important ways to develop children’s subjectivity is to allow children to have objective objects that can be placed and played around, and toys meet the needs of children to a certain extent.

In the process of playing toys, they will gradually form “

Sense of master

“And the sense of the owner can promote children to form a subjective and objective, self -related relationship with others based on the correct discerning of objects. This is

self conscious


The basis of development.


If you want to have a certain number of toys, and like to play toys are the nature of children.

Parents give their children more free time to play toys, so that children cognit themselves during the process of playing. In the process of playing toys with their companions, learning to associate with others is very helpful for the formation of children’s personality.

What toys do you play for your child?


Over the years, by observing my own children’s preferences and studying other children’s reactions to different toys in my work, I have compiled 7 toys to recommend to parents in need.

Although it is not necessarily in line with the appetite of every child, if parents do not know what toys to choose for their children, they can learn from the recommendations below.


1. Puzzle

It is necessary to build graphic thinking as soon as possible for children under 3 years old. Once the word starts, the child’s graphic thinking will gradually fade.

In addition, the puzzle is also a good exercise for children’s concentration, patience and hand -eye coordination ability, and it is also an interesting parent -child game.

Babies under the age of 2 can start with simple large puzzles.

Similar to the following:

Add a little more difficulty:

When the baby is older, according to the child’s love of puzzles, parents can decide whether to challenge the more difficult.

There are also 4 layers of puzzles like below, which is very creative.

Each layer has a story, telling the common sense around you in the order of time.

For example, describing the puzzles in the 4 seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, babies can also deepen their awareness of the year and four seasons in the process of playing puzzles.

2, stack cup

Recommended to babies after the age of 1.

Babies can be stacked into high tower in order. In the free combination of cup games, the baby’s hands -on ability and hand -eye coordination ability to develop small muscle group activity ability.

Different colors of stack cups can also guide Xiao Bao to learn to distinguish the color in the process of playing.

And can also cultivate children’s patience, carefulness, attention, observation, and thinking ability.

3. Large particle building block toys

Building toys such as building blocks can be said that every child cannot be missing.

The first set of construction toys I bought for my girl is also a building block. Children can use the building blocks to exercise space perception, constructive ability, imagination, concentration, and stimulate children’s desire to create.

Recommend the following building blocks, feel comfortable and moderate in size, suitable for children who have just first touched the building blocks.

Playing this kind of building blocks, children are different in age, and parent -guided focus is different.

It can be roughly divided into 4 stages:

Phase 1: Cognition of color shape

In the process of playing with the baby, parents can teach their children to know different colors and shapes by the way.

Phase 2: Exercise the fine movements of the baby’s grip

The process of grabbing the building blocks and then building the building blocks can promote the strength of the muscles and exercise the wrist.

When the baby is just beginning to play, you will find that he moves “clumsy”, and the building blocks are always unstable. Generally, at this time, children will have fear, and parents must be patient and slowly guide.

Play for a while today, and play tomorrow … The child will control his hands more and more freely in the try of day, and the shape of the building will become more and more stable.

Phase 3: The imagination of exercising children’s space

After the child can control these building blocks freely, the next step is to encourage children to use these building blocks to build various shapes, and to create and play freely.

Phase 4: Space Cognition

At this time, we need to explain to the baby appropriately why the triangle cannot be placed on the building blocks of other shapes, and the triangle can be placed on other building blocks. Two semi -circulars are together, which can form a complete circle and so on.

4, stickers


Especially female babies, I especially like this kind of gadgets.

Give the child a world, he can decorate that place with various “five -door” stickers.

You even discover:

Children’s imagination and color matching ability are really good, and they are really born artists.

Because the finished product does make parents amazing.

5. Ball toys

All kinds of ball toys such as leather balls, ocean balls, football, basketball, etc. Children of different ages choose different types of balls. Small babies can start with skin balls and ocean balls. Wait for children to be larger, you can try to contact football, basketball Waiting for ball movements.


Ball toys and sports have the following benefits for children of different ages:


Can develop the wrist strength, flexibility, and the accuracy of shooting.

The concepts of kicking the image far, far, left and right, front and rear, and weight.

Left and right -handed shooting, quick shot, hiding ball, etc., which is conducive to the development of the left and right brains and the development of logical thinking ability.

Exercise the coordination of the child’s whole body can also enhance physical fitness.

Develop attention and observation.

Most of the ball games and sports are played with multiple children. In the process of playing, they can also cultivate children’s social ability.

6. Dolls of various shapes

Dolls can not only make small babies have a more vivid and intuitive understanding of this world, such as various animal dolls.

Doll also has a more important feature, it can

Cultivate children’s language expression ability and help children’s emotional expression.

Why do you say that?

There are big babies at home. It is not difficult for parents to find that children often take their favorite dolls and perform themselves, commonly known as family.

This way of playing may be that parents have inadvertently demonstrated their children. The children learned all at once and “carried forward” in this way.

When children perform various scenario simulation games with dolls, their language expression ability has been greatly strengthened, and in the process of playing, they can also release the child’s emotions well.


For example, children like to play injections with dolls, he will pretend to get injections for dolls again and again. When playing these games, why not comfort yourself.

My baby likes a Husky plush dog, and he has to hold it when he sleeps. Whoever takes it away.

For her, this toy dog ​​is more than just a toy, but also her good partner and psychological comfort. Sometimes when she is sad, she will hold her toy dog ​​crying (of course, at this time, at this time I am at this time. Will immediately take the dog to hold the dogs.)


Her dog can only be “tossing”

7. Maze Ball

For younger children, such as children over 6 years old, we recommend the labyrinth ball like below.

By rotating the sphere, the small steel ball can move along the number and arrows on the track. Children need to strive to reach the end point in the shortest time.


This toy can exercise the child’s sense of balance, hand -eye coordination, and spatial ability.

Children with a weak sense of balance will feel difficult when they first play, but after getting started, children generally have fun. In this process, they can always cultivate children’s concentration.

From birth to 6 years old, it is necessary to experience a series of complex and important development processes.


This period:

On the one hand, the body will develop sharply, the body grows in an all -round way, and the various basic functions of the brain and the body will develop rapidly;

On the other hand, due to the continuous expansion of children’s life and the development of physical and mental aspects, the need to participate in the social life of adults began to generate the needs of possession and belonging, and began to practice and form skills, emotions, attitudes, and values.

However, the child’s life is not a real adult life. This needs to be used as a borrowing of toys to imitate the adult’s movements, behaviors and mutual relationships in the form of games. And satisfaction.


Parents should observe carefully. Based on the entire growth and development process of children, they should consider the current growth and development status of the child. According to their true needs of the toys, choose toys in a targeted manner, so that he can effectively meet his toy to toys for toys. Demand.

Regarding the recommendation of toys, it will continue to be supplemented in the future ~

If you also have a good toy to recommend it to everyone, welcome to share in the comments below ~