Many girls want to buy bags for their boyfriends, and they will come to privately let me. Today, let me summarize the most practical brand men’s bags.


The two brands I recommend more men’s bags are LV and Gucci. There are relatively many men in these two brands.

1. LV


Bumbag waist bag, Discovery backpack, district trummy package, Trio semaphed package, Danube semaphed bag

2. Gucci


GG Supreme Canvas Pagoda Bag, Ophidia series trumpets, Neo Vintage canvas messenger bags, GG Supreme Canvas Pagas, soft GG Supreme canvas backpacks, GG Supreme Canvas Backpack Backpack

Three, Dor

BOOK TOTE handbag, Safari letter bag, letter bag, saddle bag, letter bag, handbag, handbag

Four, Burberry


Logo print ECONYL backpack, ECONYL® backpack, logo pattern pocket bag, logo printed tot bag, checkered leather leather backpack, Econyl® Suny pocket bag

Five, Celine


Folco logo semaphysis bag, Pocket medium number sign print meter bag, CABAS logo vertical handbag, Triomphe logo print bag, medium sign printed cowhide backpack, sign print pocket bag

Summary here first, I will regularly update luxury dry goods for you for reference only.