What is the most handsome action for men?

Men’s tie looks like one of the most handsome actions!

This issue will introduce men’s accessories -tie.

Tie can be regarded as one of the common accessories in life, but this does not mean to pick a tie at will, you can tie it on the neck, please remember that it is a tie, not a rope. Some of them are a little particular, everyone should pay attention.

Tie size schematic diagram:

The total length of the tie refers to the total distance between the tip of the tie. It is generally between 130-150cm. After the correct tie is correct, the tip of the wider end should just reach the upper edge of the trousers.

The width of the width refers to the width of the widest position of the entire tie, and the suitable width is also changing with the age. The current mainstream tie is between 8-9cm and conforms to the image of Chinese men.

In addition, the width of the width must be proportional to our shoulder width, which will make you look more coordinated. Men with wider shoulders can consider tie with a larger width to coordinate with the body proportions.

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The 6-8cm wide tie is a casual style and is generally used for informal occasions. But it is best not to be less than 6cm in the width of the width, which will feel too frivolous. We need to keep this in mind.

The tie is matched with the suit. Usually, the two -buckle -buckle collar leader will form a V -shaped area. If you master these techniques below, you will find that there are many golden segmentation ratios here. as the picture shows:

Perfect ratio: A: B = 1: 3, A = B

A represents the width of the tie

B stands for the maximum width of the shirt collar and the suit in the suit


A represents the maximum width of the tie and the inner suit

B represents the maximum width of the vertical bargaining head at the intersection of the shirt collar and the suit


Tie flower style selection

The color and flower type of the tie often reflect a person’s personality and image. Many men with power tend to wear a tie with a dark and simple pattern to represent his authority. Generally, according to the use scenario, the tie flower style has some choices:

Tie with colorful ties is more finishing touch, which can add a few vitality and elegance for solid color suits, especially dark suits. Choose the right color and flower type according to the occasion and age, which can make the overall shape more colorful.




Many men are aware of the importance of tie, but they do not know what color collar is brought with shirts and suits.


There is a unified rule on the tie color:


Your tie color is always deeper than a shirt!


1. Same color matching

The method of matching the suits, shirts, and ties of the same color is easier to master. This combination is also very professional, which can make our match look more harmonious as a whole.

Such as: light blue shirt+blue suit+blue tie


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Simple summary: The newbie match is based on the same color matching, and you can choose some colors to echo it appropriately. This is not easy to make mistakes. The tie color should echoed at least one of the shirts, suit colors, or pocket towel color.


How does the tie look good?

Finally, attach several common tie ties to everyone