The autumn wind is particularly quiet in autumn, but the weather is still with the temperature of the summer. In this not cold and hot weather, many times, friends will be very entangled with how to wear clothes to be most suitable to be most suitable After all, the weather now, we will feel very hot when we wear too much, we will be cold when we wear less ~


In fact, it is not particularly difficult to choose the daily wear of autumn. It is mainly to remember our personal style and charm to the greatest extent under the premise of being comfortable to wear ~

If you are still struggling with how to wear it in autumn to look better, let’s take a look at the recent hot autumn wearing with Xiaobian!

Checked knitted cardigan+skirt


The checkered knitted cardigan is very classic and versatile. The temperament of the retro school can be very beautiful no matter how you use it. If you make a multi -level stack, you can be full of fashion. Short skirt, easily create a Korean girl style of casual and college ~

Baseball+mini skirt


A very design baseball uniform, the bright blue set off the skin color, is full of vitality. The short version and a leather high -waisted skirt, which is thin and highlighting the fashion temperament ~

Mao woolen coat+jeans

The Korean version of the woolen coat, the straight version, is loose and comfortable, does not pick up. A light -colored sweater with a base is comfortable and warm. With jeans and small white shoes, the gentle temperament has the feeling of youth and sunlight, which is very suitable for going out of the street or commuting ~

Mid -length T -shirt+canvas shoes

The medium -length T -shirt is simple and generous. The large letter printing is full of fashion. The style of the shoulder is soft and thinner. It is thinner and thinner.

Mao woolen jacket+sweater+wide -leg pants

Retro and fashionable woolen coat, with a bright red belt, gentle and handsome feeling, with high -necked sweater, wide -leg pants and a pair of small white shoes. The temperament is casual.

Knitted sweater+pleated long skirt


Black sweater, simple atmosphere, a handsome feeling in retro. With a pleated long skirt, a gentle temperament is added, which can always bring us a different feeling ~

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