The choice of hotel uniforms is mainly determined based on the geographical location of the hotel, the culture of the hotel, the hotel’s decoration style, and the materials for making uniforms.

There are many contents of hotel uniforms, and the diversity of hotel uniforms is comprehensively formed. It is not only a manifestation of clothing culture, but also an important part of hotel culture and hotel overall image. Hotel uniforms not only reflect the identification function of employee positions, but also reflect the spirit of the enterprise. It can integrate the practicability, artistry and corporate spirit of the uniform. sex. For example, the difference between the clothing and the costumes of the rooms, such as the same as the chef, the shape and height of the hat, the color and quantity of the clothes buckle represent the different identities and status of the chefs in the kitchen.

The second is the recognition of employee clothing and guest clothing. Anyone who enters the hotel can distinguish between hotel employees and guests entering the shop. This requires that hotel employee clothing should not be too fashionable. Of course, hotel clothing also needs beauty, but this is a kind of integration with the environment, adding glory to the overall image of the hotel, not abrupt, eye -catching, and independent beauty. He or her. Third, the costumes of managers and service personnel should be obviously different. Such as the leader of the leader, the supervisor wears zebra pants (skirt), and the department manager wore a dark suit.

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