Today, when I browsed the Amazon, I saw a clip plant growth lamp, which is Amazon’s US station.






Plant Growing Lamps

, Priced at $ 34.99, pay 21,376 stars.


This clip plant growing lamp is very successful. Through the design of the clip, it can be arbitrarily fixed in the desired position, while flexible lamp arms, the maximum angle provides light irradiation. Thereby enhancing photosynthesis, shortening plant growth cycles, and improving plant survival and quality.

At the same time, we also see that in the Amazon United States Station, there are multiple brands that are also selling the same product, and the ratings are very high!

In terms of choice, this choice is successful, but from the patent, it is a timed bomb!

From the information from queries, this product is a US appearance patent, and the patent is authorized at 2020.03.17, which is a personal application of Guangdong (this is a good point, even if there is a lawsuit dispute, domestic individual compared American companies, reconciliation communication is also relatively convenient), and patents are pricing and monopoly!

Therefore, in Amazon selling this product, it is necessary to be very vigilant. After all, the core competitiveness (patent) is held in the other side. . .