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The new year is all made by mother and grandma, and the baby is also proud of it

Crocodile jacket tutorial from top to bottom

Use needle: No. 10 stick needle

Used: Multi -stranded larch grass green 9 two, a little white miscellaneous line, a little black

Other tools, marks buckles, sewing needles, scissors, and a little cotton.

Starting needle: 96 stitches, weaving two lines of flat needles. After weaving the two lines, four pillars began to add four pillars. 13 stitches in the front, then a pillar, 16 stitches in the sleeve, one pillar, 34 stitches in the rear, one pillar, 16 stitches on the sleeve, one pillar, and then the other 13 needle in the front film. Each pillar is added with a needle.

Flat -knitting, adding needles everywhere, weaving 6 rows.

Line 7 starts to weave a small ball on the side of the sleeve. There are 5 shots in the small ball. In the same hole, a needle is under the same hole. The first four needles are covered on the 5th needle. 8 Woven a row of small balls, the number of small balls starts to two, and the next 6 will not increase.

Add 70 stitches to the cuffs, start to knit the coat part, leave enough length to open the placket. This dress is added and continued to take the length of a sleeve shoulder. As a placket, the placket can be widened or narrowed according to your preference.

Next is the woven, weaving enough length, starting to divide the legs, the leg length can also be decided according to the preference, plus fifteen stitches on each side of the crotch, then reduce the pants on both sides of the pants and start to reduce the needle until the fifteen needles are reduced until the fifteen needles are reduced. , Do not increase, 115 stitches per trouser leg here.

The sleeves are picked by 8 stitches under the armpit, two stitches are reduced in two lines, five times in total, and then reduced two stitches every three lines, and the sleeve length is reduced. This dress is reduced to 40 stitches, and then the threaded needle. Pay attention to the small ball on the sleeve.

The hat, start picking the needle from the front chest, pick a circle and then weave, the total number of pins is divided into 3: 4: 3, the needle is closed on both sides, and the middle part continues to weave. Small balls are separated by 6 stitches, one line every 8 lines. Align the width of the width to collect the needle. Switch with flat needles. Pick up a single threaded 8 lines by the placket and hat, remember to leave your eyes on the side of the placket.

Tail, 50 stitches, woven, two lines of stitches, two stitches on each side, three balls and three lines, all of which can be allocated on one side, weave a row of small balls every 8, until the last time we woven one small ball.

Explanation of Words: Clear needles: Two times in the same needle (1 above, 1 below), then 1, a total of 5 stitches, and then cover the first 4 needle through the last 5th needle to form a pimple needle;

Eyes and eyelids (2 tablets each): the same method and eyelids are the same, but the eyes are used with white lines and green lines with the eyelids; the 10th needle is 18 (24; 30) stitches; ; 12) Line; Next line:*below 2, 2 and 1,*repeat the grievances; the break is left long, pass through the needle ring tight, and hides the line head.

The nostril (2) 10 needles, green lines at 15 (18; 21) needle, 1 line of needle 1 line; Shun weaving 6 (8; 10) line;*below 1, below 2 and 1*repeat the wiring; disconnect wiring Stay long, pass through the needle ring tight, hide the line head

Switching: Switch to the shoulder part, suture both ends of the placket to the opening of the chest, and nail the buttons.

Switch the eyes and stuffed cotton, then suture the eyes along the position of the pins to the end of the two tendons on the top of the hat, and then take a piece of eyelids to cover the second half of the eyeball.

Switching nostrils: The edge of the needle is the opening of the nostril, suture the other edge together, and then fix it to the two tendons on the top of the hat near the brim of the hat. Finally, use the black line to stitch two straight stitches on the eyeball as the pupil.


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