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1. Equipment problem

The supporting facilities refer to the combination of several related things into a whole. Equipment facilities refer to each other -related equipment and facilities that can match each other. details as follows.

Matching equipment and facilities

Function matching

Performance matching

Device connection matching

Key question analysis

Whether the facilities between production equipment and facilities directly affect production efficiency. Therefore, in order to ensure production efficiency, companies need to analyze key issues of equipment supporting facilities. The specific key issues are as follows.

Key question 1:

Enterprises need to ensure that the functions, performance, connection, etc. can be matched

Key question 2:

Enterprises need to ensure that equipment and related production facilities can match

Problem solution tool

Aiming at the problem that the equipment may not be supported, the enterprise can adopt the method of equipment to form a procurement quality management method for solution. The specific solution is shown below.

1. Equipment becomes a set of procurement quality requirements

The quality requirements of equipment for equipment purchase equipment are mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the quality requirements of the single machine; the other is the complete set of equipment and systemic requirements. The complete set of equipment and systemic requirements are mainly reflected in several aspects as shown below.

Overall optimization:

Each single machine that forms a complete set of system should achieve the best matching performance. Each technical interface should be able to connect with each other to enable the setting system performance


Each component in the system should be unified, simplified, and coordinated in general to become an organic whole, which is convenient for users to use and repair

Delivery on schedule:

The overall system requires the preservation, quantity, and complete delivery on time. The contracting unit must strengthen the planning management, make scientific arrangements for time and order, and implement dynamic tracking control.

2. Equipment becomes a set of procurement quality management

The quality management of complete sets of equipment procurement can be performed in the mode of the quality ring of the complete set of equipment. The typical quality ring of the complete set of equipment is composed of the stage and activity shown below.

In order to ensure that the quality of the equipment can meet the prescribed quality requirements, various activities that exist in the quality ring should be fully controlled, and the necessary supervision activities should be carried out. The control state will eventually reach the complete set of equipment quality requirements.

Equipment management

Second, equipment maintenance issues

Equipment maintenance refers to the device to care for the equipment by wiping, cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment to maintain and protect the performance and technical conditions of the equipment. It is called equipment maintenance. details as follows.

Regular maintenance

Daily maintenance

Periodic inspection


Enterprises adhere to equipment maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. However, there may be many problems in insisting on the maintenance of the equipment. Enterprises need to analyze key issues. The specific issues are shown below.

What requirements are required for enterprises to clear the equipment maintenance need

Enterprises need to formulate equipment maintenance operation procedures to clarify the specific scope of operation and operation process

Key question 3:

Equipment maintenance is not implemented in accordance with the operating procedures, and it is not maintained on schedule, so that the equipment maintenance is not in place

In response to the problems of equipment maintenance, enterprises can implement a mandatory maintenance system and a three -level maintenance system for solution. The maintenance of the maintenance system is implemented on a schedule. The third -level maintenance system can rely on the masses and give full play to the enthusiasm of the masses, implement group management and group repair, and combine the special group to do a good job of equipment maintenance.

The compulsory maintenance system of the equipment refers to the operation of each device to the prescribed time limit. Regardless of the technical status of the device, the task is important, it must be inspected and maintained in accordance with the prescribed scope and requirements of the operation, and must not be delayed.

Equipment three -level maintenance system refers to the maintenance of equipment maintenance. Based on the size and difficulty of the workload, it is divided into daily maintenance, first -level maintenance and secondary maintenance, and formed a maintenance system formed. The description of the three -level maintenance system of the equipment is as follows.

Third, equipment maintenance issues

Equipment maintenance refers to equipment inspection and maintenance. Equipment inspection refers to measurement and verification of the operation, work accuracy, wear or corrosion of the equipment. Equipment repair refers to repairing device damage and accuracy degradation caused by daily or abnormal reasons. details as follows.

Equipment plan maintenance

Equipment status detection and repair

Equipment failure maintenance

In order to make the equipment maintenance management scientific and efficient, so that the equipment is stable. Enterprises need to analyze the key issues of equipment maintenance in order to take effective solutions. The specific key issues are as follows.

Enterprises need to clarify the specific types of equipment maintenance in order to make reasonable selection

Enterprises need to clarify the maintenance content and maintenance standards for equipment maintenance in order to be available in time

Equipment maintenance personnel must prepare the maintenance procedures in accordance with the equipment instructions, and to maintain the maintenance and maintenance of various types of equipment based on this

It is difficult for enterprises to use traditional equipment maintenance models, so enterprises can introduce equipment to check and repair management technology in order to achieve better results. Equipment check and repair management method is to arrange maintenance based on the equipment status, so that the reliability and economy of the equipment can achieve the best cooperation, and the optimized maintenance mode of preventive maintenance, status maintenance, improved maintenance and fault maintenance. The device point verification and repair management model is as follows.

1. Equipment inspection technology clearly clearly manage the entire life cycle of the equipment under the responsible body of equipment management as the main body of equipment management.

2. Taking equipment status as the basis of fixed repair, propose optimization of maintenance strategies, and conduct a full -process dynamic management of the device.

3. The PDCA cycle is implemented by the equipment inspection, which continues to improve the equipment, and ultimately achieve the purpose of device control and related technical standards that meet objective and practical purpose.

4. Equipment maintenance management uses the “five -fixed” principle of equipment inspection to realize the equipment charter to people, and set up the “five -layer protection system” of the equipment. Through the “five -layer protection system” This realizes equipment optimization maintenance and status maintenance. The “five -layer protection system” is shown below.

Line 1 defense:

The staff’s inspection is the first layer of defense

Layer 2 defense:

The inspection of the maintenance personnel is the second layer of defense

Layer 3:

Professional engineers and squad leaders participated in the precision point inspection and technical supervision of the third -level defense line

Layer 4 defense:

Failure diagnosis procedures and degradation tendency management are the fourth layer of defense

Layer 5:

The performance and accuracy of the equipment are the fifth layer of defense

5. Using the maintenance strategy of integrating the self -maintenance and reliability -centric maintenance of the entire staff, make full use of the daily inspections and inspection of the work inspection staff of the craftsmanship inspection personnel. The monthly report analysis of the location and frequency of the equipment defects, and formulate maintenance and maintenance measures.

Fourth, equipment failure problem

Equipment failure refers to an event or phenomenon that the device loses or reduces its prescribed function. It is manifested as some parts of the equipment to lose the original accuracy or performance, so that the equipment cannot run normally and the technical performance is reduced, which causes the device to interrupt production or reduce efficiency and affect the effect. Production. details as follows.


Loose device

Equipment blockage and leakage

Equipment damage

Device imbalance

Over time, any device may fail from being put into use to retirement. In order to prevent faults affect the normal production of the enterprise, enterprises need to analyze the related issues of equipment failure management. The specific key issues are as follows.

Enterprises need to clarify the cause of equipment failure in order to deal with it

Enterprises need to clarify the processing procedures and methods of equipment failure in order to implement it according to it

Enterprises need to clarify the signs and rules of equipment failure in order to effectively prevent

In response to the problem of equipment failure, enterprises can adopt the method of zero fault management of equipment for equipment failure management.

Zero fault management of equipment is a type of zero concept, not absolute value, and it is to use appropriate maintenance strategies to eliminate hidden dangers and equipment defects before the equipment failure, so that the equipment is always in a good working state. It is a scientific process management. The specific management system is as follows.

Promote equipment 7S activity

◎ Equipment defects cause equipment failure, and zero faults in the equipment must start with reducing equipment defects.

◎ Activities to reduce equipment defects, “7S” activities can be implemented: sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety, saving

Standardized management

◎ In the management process, regardless of the size and importance of affairs, standardized operating documents must be established

◎ With effective standardization work, it can effectively avoid the existence of hidden dangers of equipment, and the occurrence of repetitive errors and failures.

◎ Standardization should involve all aspects of equipment management, such as equipment quality acceptance standards, standardized operations for equipment maintenance, standardized operations for equipment maintenance

Equipment management

◎ At all stages of the device’s lifetime management, we must pay attention to zero failure management work

◎ Equipment management includes design, manufacturing, procurement, transportation and storage, installation, operation, scrap

◎ From equipment design to running all stages, you should emphasize the zero failure management of the equipment

Promote all employees’ production maintenance management and reliable center maintenance

◎ Basic activities to reduce defects and various standardization work are the essence of production and maintenance management. It takes all participation as an important feature

◎ Maintenance centered on reliability is based on preventive maintenance as the starting point, and plans to repair according to the results of equipment status monitoring to achieve the highest equipment utilization and minimum maintenance costs

Strengthen equipment status monitoring and fault diagnosis

◎ Strengthening equipment status monitoring and failure diagnosis, can effectively avoid equipment failure and emergencies

◎ Effective predicted maintenance procedures can maintain the equipment long cycle, safe, and efficient operation, bringing considerable economic benefits to the enterprise

Establish a zero -fault management mechanism for equipment

◎ Enterprises need to establish zero -fault management mechanisms and organizations in order to ensure the implementation of zero fault management of equipment

◎ Establish a equipment maintenance management system and equip a high -level maintenance team




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Key question analysis

Key question analysis

Key question analysis

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Problem solution tool

Problem solution tool

Problem solution tool

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