How to unify the color of the concrete surface without color difference?

The color of concrete is mainly formed by cement colors. Ordinary concrete is mainly gray, but because the cement raw materials are different, the depth of its gray is slightly different. On -site can judge the degree of change of color through the nature of concrete.

There are many influencing factors for the formation of concrete surface color differences.

1. Due to the poor production process of cement manufacturers or a large amount of supply in production, the quality of concrete is unstable and often fluctuates. The severe changes in the ingredients of the cement are very easy to lead to the formation of concrete surface color difference. To some extent, the color of the cement basically determines the color of the concrete. The dark color spots on the concrete surface mainly come from the changes in cement components. Generally, the color of the cement changes with the changes in chemical composition and production conditions. The color is mainly determined by the content of iron oxide and magnesium oxide and their proportions in the cement composition. Once the proportion of the ingredient content is disordered, the color will change sharply.

2. The impact of mixing quality on the surface color of concrete is very great. If the amount of water use is not accurate, the stirring concrete is dry and rare, and the ratio of water and ash ratio is relatively large. Poor concrete mixing quality will directly affect the uniformity of the inside of the concrete, which will easily cause color differences.

In recent years, the quality of concrete appearance has gradually received people’s attention. On the one hand, people decorate the concrete structure to achieve the purpose of beautifying the structure. On the other hand, we have re -focused their attention on the improvement of the appearance quality of concrete, especially the current highway and railway large construction projects. The appearance quality of concrete has been used as an important aspect of high -quality project construction. Therefore, the use of Guwei GW825 concrete color difference agent is the first choice for your solution to the problem of the concrete surface color difference, efficient, and economy.

How to use Guwei GW825 concrete color difference agent:

1. Grassroots requirements: Clean up the concrete grassroots, are there no floating ash, no oil pollution, and ensure that the grassroots are strong and flat.

2. Construction: You can use spraying or rolling coating and using felt. It can be carried out in 2 to 3 times. After the material is opened, stir first, pour out a part of 3 ~ 4 times to dilute, and then add a special color pulp to adjust the color. (It is recommended to be deeper), use the felt local or overall to shoot flowers, and first coat the concrete fine cracks and small flaws. After drying (about half an hour) After the overall brushing, after drying, you can increase the number of brushes as appropriate after drying;

3. After the brushing is dry, the color acceptance is passed and then painted again for 1-2 times GWB820 surface, and the surface is directly applied to the brush, no need to add water;

Gulwei’s GW825 concrete color difference agent can be widely used in the facade protection of bridges, stone, clear water concrete structures and ancient building maintenance. Through the three -dimensional network structure formed by silicon silicon, it prevents water as the carrier, alkali, salt and other media, etc. The erosion of the substrate, thereby extending the life of the structure, anti -corrosion, anti -freezing, preventing mold, moss growth, reducing weathering, salt immersion and alkali, avoiding pollution, and keeping clean.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about concrete dark, hope it can help you.