Case of Beautiful Engineering 丨 Shengdia Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Branch

Project name: Shengdia Industrial Co., Ltd.

Project address: Building 5, Haihui Center, Zhengzhou City

Product Series: Spirit, Silk Silk

Combined with the “new generation” office created in combination with modern office concepts, it is simple and capable, full of tension, positions, and extraordinary taste.


Product effect chart


Real shot of staff space

Choose a cabinet in the staff space, simple shape, convenient communication and cooperation, help the project smoothly carry out, and improve work efficiency.

Modular design, reasonable storage office and private items, the combination of “1+1” is unlimited in space, greatly improving the spatial utilization rate.

The aluminum alloy routing box, the line slot and the baffle design, effectively regulate the line, ensure the clean and tidy and tidy work area.


Conference room real shot

Elegant and light design styles, create a multi -composition method, form a conference space that is elegant, efficient, and conducive to communication.

The executive meeting room chooses a large -scale style, stable and domineering, and creates a meeting environment for the meetings of the executives.

In the small conference room, Founder is atmospheric, sufficient tolerant knee space, and long legs can be moved freely. Under the table, hiding all the wires, the desktop is cleaner and refreshing. It is the conference room and there is room for negotiation ~


Real shot of the supervisor office

The supervisor’s office chooses a straight line desk, overlapping one vertical and horizontal, and the L -shaped structure contains the meaning of Leading. The main platform and the side platform are scattered, enhancing the depth and perspective sense of space.

The back of the main chair adopts the S -shaped ergonomic design, and the three -dimensional arc is fitted with the back curve. From the neck, shoulders to the waist, the body is comfortable to support the body, helping to be efficient and full of working conditions. The smooth stainless steel handrail is shining. Thai is comfortable, and it is comfortable to sit a day.

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