Children’s must -have mosquito pants in the summer, I found this ultra -light and easy to wear, and I have a full score!

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Summer is here, and there are nasty mosquitoes that come in summer … Let’s open a group this week

Children’s mosquito -proof pants that are inseparable in summer


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There are always mothers who have sprayed mosquito repellent water or bite. After all, it is a chemical method, and there are also restrictions.

The best way is

Before spraying mosquito water, wear a layer of mosquito pants first

The child is like a layer of ultra -light mosquito nets, which is cool and can be protected at all times!

I can see that this small pants are the legendary summer face -anti -mosquito pants? ▽

Let me show you how thin the small pants of this group are, but this is taken across two layers of cloth!

The children’s anti -mosquito pants we will start this week are from Soyo to give up Liangcang. Presumably, friends are familiar with it. Last year, the super -wearing cotton pants of our group was her house.

After the New Year this year, they told me to make mosquito pants. Even if they have cooperated, I know that they are excellent quality, and I insist on seeing the sample.

Seeing the sample in March, I’m really shocked -I definitely have seen the lighter and comfortable mosquito pants

Essence Then I have been waiting for big goods and urging them to schedule. The inventory is also very limited this time, and the group is gone. Let’s hurry up!

Soyo’s children’s mosquito anti -mosquito pants are really incomparable with the common ones on the market:

Ultra -thin and soft, comfortable to wear

Loose version, convenient activity, sweating without sticking meat

Pants feet are closed, safe and anti -mosquito, no burden, intimate design

Fresh colors, simple styles, versatile of foreign spirit

Definitely a small pants that every baby needs in summer! There are three colors:

This mosquito -proof pants brought to you today, I think this is simply the children’s summer pants, thin, soft, and breathable.

Don’t be afraid of heat, don’t be afraid of bite if you go out, don’t be afraid of the sun.

It is also super convenient to go to kindergarten, and it is not afraid of cooling in an air conditioner in the room.

, The utilization rate is very high, there are wood and there are two or three sets of clothes in summer, you can change to two different colors for the baby ~

Today, there is a sandals that have been asked for a long time, not only breathable, soft, and not grinding their feet.

Urban anti -slip

It is also very light and easy to wear, and the style is gone!

Soft and breathable, the fabric can breathe

When I was in my hand, the first thing was stunning was its feel, light, thin and soft, making people feel that they couldn’t help but touch it, especially skin -friendly.

Guoguo is a stinky girl. She loves to wear skirts in summer and says that the pants are not good -looking and hot. But the skirt is not anti -mosquito! Finally find a small pants that look good and thin, and persuade her to wear.

Guoguo wearing real shots:

Model wearing pictures:

This small pants, one is cool and will not be sultry; the other is that if the baby is active or sweats, the sweat absorbs and dry. Whether chasing and running outdoors or sleeping on the bed, your clothes will not stick to your body because of sweating.

△ Through the hot water breathable test, quickly fog fog

Because it is thin and thin, it is very easy to clean and easy to dry. It can be worn in the morning in the morning. However, it is recommended to buy at least two small pants so that you can wear it upside down.

Do n’t worry about the color loss when cleaning. The fabric is also in line with the national Class A standard, and it will not damage the baby ’s“ tender water ”skin.

△ will not fade

With the loose version of the specially designed lantern pants, there will be no physical feeling on the body. Give the space of free movement on the legs, cool index+n! In the hot summer, the baby can also feel the comfort of the light legs ~

For a pair of mosquito pants, “breathable & cooling” is really important. this means

Children can take the initiative and can be worn

This is the ultimate meaning of anti -mosquito pants ~

Why can this pants be so thin and breathable?

After knowing it with the brand, it turned out that it used an exclusive material -80 woven fabrics imported in Japan, 100%cotton, and the whole pants used this fabric.

Needless to say the benefits of pure cotton, it can take the most gentle care of the baby’s delicate skin. Here I will explain it to everyone that 80 cotton shuttle fabrics are rare.

Generally speaking, the higher the number of yarns, the thinner the fabrics made. At the same time, the higher the quality requirements of the cotton, because the yarn that is not dared to imagine can not be broken, it must be strong. It is really not made by ordinary factories.

Although the differences between 60 and 80, most people do not look very large with their eyes, but the upper body will still feel the difference. In order to give the baby a more comfortable experience, the brand is persistently made of 80 fabrics, and the brand can be made. Choose imported from Japan to ensure extremely high quality.

Because it is thin enough, such a fabric comes with a breathing feeling. When the child is put on, it will feel as easy as not to wear. It is especially suitable for the little devil who can’t stop and often sweat.

Mosquito is not thorough, versatile fashion

In addition, the higher the yarns, the thinner the yarn, and the higher the density, the higher the density.

In this children’s anti -mosquito pants, we also mentioned that in order to achieve the light effect, knitted knitting is thinner than ordinary fabrics, so mosquitoes are not penetrated at all, and the effect of anti -mosquito effects is first -class!

△ The weaving is very fine, and the mosquitoes cannot be pierced

Adding pants can cover the baby’s ankle, as well as a beam design, which can prevent mosquitoes from drilling from the bottom, double anti -mosquito, baby is no longer afraid of mosquito bites. It is also very convenient to move. Compared to the scattered pants, you don’t have to worry about being touched when you step on it.

Usually take a baby out, or bend in the afternoon, put on it, just like the walking anti -mosquito net, protect the baby 360 degrees strictly.

And even if you jump around, you will not feel hot. The child is comfortable to play, not afraid of mosquitoes to come to the door.

Because it is soft and breathable, it is also very comfortable to make pajamas at home. You can wear it when you go to kindergarten. We do n’t have to worry about being a mother. Children can not apply mosquito repellent products in kindergarten and suffer mosquito bites.

The key to put on the value is very high! The color is a little fresh and fresh, and it is advisable to live in the streets. With a T -shirt at will, or a shirt, you can easily harvest a tide baby!

Can continue to protect children, stay away from mosquito bites, wearing styles and super comfortable. It has so many advantages. No wonder many mothers list it as a 10,000 -year repurchase style ~~

△ Full of praise & sun photos

Intimate small details are more comfortable to wear

The small details of this pants are also designed very well. The pants are high -waisted design, and the crotch is deep enough. It can fully cover the baby’s belly or top, not afraid of cold.

The waist is a elastic band with elasticity, shrinking freely. Baby puts on a small belly and is convenient.

The trouser legs are loose without legs, and they are comfortable and comfortable. Even after a large number of baby activities, they will not stick to the skin, breathable and ventilated.

The mouth of the foot is also tightened, not tolerate, and more mosquito.

The vehicle line is fine, the wiring is neat, and the workmanship is very detailed. The quality of clothes is perfectly reflected in these small details.

The fabrics of anti -mosquito pants are in line with the national Class A standard. After passing the strict testing of relevant agencies, you can rest assured that you can enter it.

Size & suitable age

There are three colors in the opening group this time, from 90 ~ 130 yards. In addition to pink, these three colors are more suitable for female babies, and the remaining two color men and women babies are cute and cute, regardless of gender. Because the style is loose, the size is recommended to buy it normally ~

Meibao wearing display:

The price is also very advantageous,

The group price is only 77 yuan

, Buy two more reduced by 10 yuan! Compared with the price of 99 yuan (not free) of other platforms, more than 20 yuan is cheaper. In summer, children love sweating, and clothes are prone to staining. While the price discounts are stored a few more, how to change and wash enough ~

Product Details

Brand: Soyo Gives Liang Cang

Fabric material: Japanese imports are fully woven

Functional: home wearing home

Suitable age: 1-8 years old to choose according to height

Color: Tibetan blue and white grid stripes blue stripes

Washing suggestion: Waterwash below 30 ° C handwashed, should not be bleached, should not be exposed to exposure

We also opened a group of sunscreens for summer, we also opened a group,

There are children and adult parent -child models

You can wear a family of three. Super light and breathable, not covering sweat. achieve

National highest-level A class A security enforcement standards, the most authoritative textiles OEKO-Tex certification

, Adults are comfortable to wear!

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