Golden Jiuyin Shi, let us witness the vow of a hand -proven in the tent

“Golden Nine Silver Ten” is a traditional season of wedding, during this time

The cool summer is over, the weather is cool, and the National Day holiday is coming. It is a good time for the wedding.

Because the protagonist of the wedding is mainly “post -80s” and “post -90s”, the wedding mode tends to be customized and personalized. Today’s wedding is no longer as simple as a few years ago, and it is so simple in the hotel.

In order to ensure that the wedding is held smoothly, it is a top priority to arrange the wedding venue in advance. Only the venue arrangements are properly arranged, and the subsequent links can be done logically. However, under the epidemic, there may still be a lot of scruples for indoor weddings. At this time, why not choose an outdoor tent wedding. Just a open space to build a romantic castle for you.

Compared with common indoor weddings, outdoor tent weddings have three fixed methods: expansion bolt, net basket load, and steel pupa. The venue is more adaptable. , Closer to nature, so that your wedding scene has unlimited possibilities.

The shapes of the tent are diverse and changeable, including human fonts, curved, spherical, alien and various shapes. It can be used to welcome different functional spaces such as the living room, lounge, dressing room, and main hall. It can bring you completely different from the hotel Wedding experience. At the same time, the interior can be equipped with lighting, audio, stage venues, projection, cloth mantles and other decorations can be customized according to your preference.

In addition, the wedding canopy can be rented and sold. The wedding ceremony is held during the day. At night, everyone gathers together to make guests from restricting free activities of the venue and time. Provide a wedding scene with a sense of atmosphere, create an unforgettable wedding memory!

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