Why use a lock floor for decoration?

Introduction to lock floor


The lock floor (also known as the buckle), the buckle type is closely combined, which completely overcome the problems such as seams, warpage drums, etc. during the process of changing the floor. , Glip -free, keel free of charge, so that the floor can be spread directly on the ground. Not only does it save the vertical height of the room, but it can also be repeatedly disassembled and used, economical and practical.

The advantage of lock floor

01. Repeatable use

Because the lock floor is easy to pavement, it is easy to remove and reuse. It is especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions and stores. Generally, moving the floor can be used twice.

02. Can be free to pavement

Ordinary flat mouth enhancement

Wooden floor

When paving, it needs to be connected with a adhesive, but the adhesive contains chemical ingredients such as formaldehyde. It is easy to cause indoor pollution. If you use less, you are afraid that the connection will not be firm. Due to the effect of locking flooring, even if it is not paved, the seams are very close, and it will not have problems such as bulging or cracking due to changes in temperature.

03. The requirements for the substrate are stricter

The lock force of the lock floor mainly depends on the connection between the mouth and the tongue. Due to the effect of the pouring tenon, in general, the lock floor can withstand the pull force of 450 kg to 1 tons. Physical properties such as expansion and relative humidity should remain stable.

04. The overall paving effect is good

During the production process, the lock floor uses an advanced laser check -up quality detection system, that is, the laser automatic correction, avoiding the height difference between the waves, making the mouth and tongue tenon more fine and flatter.

The lock floor uses industrial standards instead of handmade pavement standards, reducing the error of handmade paving. When paving, the floor and floor can gently tap into the groove. Due to the effect of locking flooring, the overall extension of the temperature is extended to the surroundings as a whole, which avoids local bulging, solved the internal deformation problem, and the overall paving effect is good.

05. Public places and stadium paving

Under normal circumstances, strengthening wooden flooring is not suitable for the floor paving of public places and stadiums, because people’s activities or exercise can easily cause the floor to crack. Pack.

06. Economic and practical

Although the lock


It is a little more expensive than the conventional floor, but because of different paving costs, it will also be about 20 yuan cheaper.

Precautions for the purchase of lock floor:

01. Pay attention to the type of lock floor:

The floor sold on the market can be divided into single locks, dual locks, triple locks and quadruple locks according to the lock buckle. The biggest feature of lock floor is to prevent the floor seam from cracking. The firmness, stability, and lasting floor lock locks are mainly due to the chamfering area and angle of the lock, as well as factors such as processing accuracy, and substrate toughness. As long as the single lock buckle is reasonable, it is enough to prevent the cracking of the floor seam. The area and angle of multiple locks may not reach the ideal indicator in the area and angle of the chamfering. Such a result may be counterproductive. The buckle floor based on geometry and mechanics

Composite floor

Based on the form of multi -locking form, the floor is tight, tight, and difficult to remove.

02. Pay attention to the manufacturer of locking floor:

Lock flooring has high requirements for production equipment, processing technology, and substrate performance. Generally, small factories cannot be produced, so you should leave more eyes when buying. The manufacturer should buy the lock floor.

How to clean the lock floor?


The main purpose of the lock floor is to prevent tide, and if the glue is made during installation, the seam can be closed to play a prevention role, adding a layer of insurance, and the lock design is specially in the design of the lock design. There is a glue cavity for gum flowing and solidifying in the floor. The floor can be accurately locked in the design position, reducing the possibility of the seams and the possibility of uprising the edges, and increasing the ultimate life of the floor.

02. Avoid humidity

The maintenance floor must be wiped with a wet mop or rag. The board surface is okay, but the seams between the board and the plate are easy to enter the water. Of course, there are several times. The floor has to be used for many years. Entering many times will inevitably affect the service life of the floor and bring losses to consumers.

03. Properly adjust the floor maintenance method according to the changes in the season

The humidity season with too much humidity can use the dehumidifier to keep the floor dry. In a relatively dry season, add a little humidity, place a pot of water in the room, or use the humidifier. Depending on the season’s different seasons, the appropriate floor maintenance method is adopted, and some solid wood furniture can also adopt the same maintenance method.

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