Xinhua News Agency, January 14th

Question: How does “rice bag” “rice bag” “” rice bag “” rice bag “” rice bag “?

Xinhua News Agency reporter Gu Tiancheng

In the 13th, Henan Province, 98 new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed. The new 2 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been added to the 13th, the local confirmed cases and 3 cases of native asymptomatic infection … The overseas epidemic is raging, and local gathering epidemic in China. Have a good “external defense input, internal defense rebound” epidemic defense line, how to reduce the price of the necessities of the people’s life? Does the Spring Festival agricultural and sideline products are worry-free?

In the face of the popular Spring Festival and personnel gathered frequent Spring Festival holidays, let the people live a safe and secure year, the epidemic prevention and control and the stavure need to be arrested, both hands are hard. Do a good job in the “rice bag” “vegetable basket” to protect the stability work, depending on the supply, the alarm bell knocks, the plan works, the logistics is covered, the price is less fluctuations.

“Rice bag” “vegetable basket” supply is generally sufficient

The supply follows the premise of guaranteeing the stability. “Rice bag” “vegetable basket” is closely related to the people’s daily lives. The more the epidemics, during the Spring Festival, the more important volatility of the important people’s livelihood commodity market can occur. The State Council’s joint defense mechanism pointed out that it is necessary to use the care of the living materials for the people of the sealing community to ensure that the demands of the masses can respond and solve in time.

Liu Han, deputy director of the Market and Information Technology Division of Agricultural Rural Ministry, “rice bag”, in 2021 my country’s food harvest, the output is 136.57 billion pounds, an increase of 26.7 billion kilograms than the previous year. Rice, wheat production has grown from the previous year. At present, my country’s food inventory maintains high, rice and wheat, two major grain varieties account for more than 70% of total stocks, which can be said that Tiantou Yield is full, Curi Reserve is full, market goods, and the “rice bag” during the festival is solid found.

On January 10, residents purchased vegetables in a large supermarket in Zhongbei Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ran


Aspects of “vegetable basket”, currently more than 80,000 mu of vegetables in the country, can be given to approximately 3 pounds per person to effectively protect market supply. The affected diesel price increases, the seasonal and extreme weather factors are expected to be strong. Pig production is recovered in advance, beef lamb, poultry, milk, egg production can be in high, fishery production is stable, and the production of aquatic products is sufficient. In addition, the total amount of fruit market is expected, the variety is more, and the price is relatively stable.

“Comprehensive part of the situation

Price monitoring is sensitive, stability plan should be effective

The alarm bell knocked, and the plan was to find a problem early, and the important starting of the problem was to solve the problem.

Intention to the stability focus first in monitoring the warning, strengthening the holiday period, especially the price, supply, reserves, and green train, etc., etc. .


Xi’an epidemic is subjective, and the National Development and Reform Commission launched a living materials guarantee mechanism with relevant departments. After monitoring, it was found that there were more invested in Shaanxi-live agricultural product transportation vehicles, and the relevant departments of the surrounding provinces and municipalities were coordinated to establish the Shaanxi warranty mechanism to increase the transportation organization of Shaanxi fresh agricultural products.

In the face of the prevention and control of the superiors, the major cities currently prepare a prevention plan plan. But the emergency plan cannot be streamded in the paper article. The plan should be implemented in advance to various departmental links in advance, and anyone should not underestimate the difficulty of stability work in front of the epidemic.

On January 10, in the Zhenzi Community in Zhangzhou City, Henan Province, the staff took a vegetable coach. Xinhua News Agency, Li Jianan

In the face of the epidemic, Tianjin has launched the city’s mass life supply to ensure the emergency plan. Tianjin wholesale market, supermarket vegetable inventory is increased from 2 days to 3-4 days, and rice noodles increased from 20 days to 30 days. Some places have also issued a price temporary subsidy or one-time subsidy to the difficult masses based on prices.

“Further compaction local responsibility, do a good job in the relevant plan, close attention to changes in the epidemic, and resolutely do the epidemic situation, where is the focus of work.” The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Economic Operation Regulation of the State Council of State Council is jointly controlled The press conference said.

Reserve delivery to regulate, smooth logistics

The people can be able to enter the store at ease, rest assured that the food is difficult to buy, buy vegetables is expensive, is the specific embodiment of “rice bag” “vegetable basket” to protect the stability. Take the reserve to regulate and guide the market to ensure the “rice bag” “vegetable basket” to ensure the mass table.

The Ministry of Commerce shows that grain and oil prices in January 7th is basically flat before, and pork prices fell by 3.3%, and the price of egg decreased by 0.7%, and the average price of 30 kinds of vegetables fell by 0.8%.

“Adhere to the epidemic prevention, the confession, pay attention to the government, market, social cooperation, implement partition classification guarantees.” Wang Bin, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, said.

On January 12, customers were purchased vegetables in a supermarket in Zhining in Hebei Province. Xinhua News Agency issued Liu Mancang

Previously, at the conference of the State Council’s joint defense mechanism, the Ministry of Commerce said that they will put the central reserve of cattle and lambs in some provinces and municipalities before the Spring Festival, increase market supply. At the same time, instructing local reserves, organize winter reservoirs, etc. According to preliminary investigations, the deposited essential circulation enterprises in various localities is generally about 30% more than weekdays.

The smooth logistics must only smooth the northern facilities and vegetables, and the “Nanban North Yun” large logistics channel, but also to smooth “the last meter” end distribution channel. After the emergence of the epidemic in Henan Province, the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce has actively communicated with a number of online platforms and business super enterprises, and increases material distribution in advance to ensure sufficient supply of goods in Henan, and timely delivery.