Too noisy on the National Day trip? The president’s three private room noise reduction headphones are recommended!

Hello, little wives, welcome everyone to come to our sharing conference again! Many friends who burns earphones will cause hearing reduction due to excessive ears, and hearing damage is irreversible. Noise reduction headsets have a large extent to protect the listening of the listener and can effectively reduce damage!

So, today@所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 I recommend the three noise reduction headphones she used.

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First of all, BOSE, the founder of BOSE is Amar G. Bose, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. As a professor of electronic engineering, he has strong interest and research in psychological acoustics and human sound perception. He found that the speaker of the concert at the time could not show the Live atmosphere completely, so he decided to start researching the speakers with outstanding performance. Bose came into being under this circumstances and began to rise.

Frist Bose QC 30

Price: 2498 yuan

1. BOSE’s noise reduction belief is not even bending, its noise reduction effect is really superb. QC30 is such a great noise reduction headset. The full name of QC is “Quiet Control”. This Control is the biggest selling point of the QC30 ~ adjustable noise reduction. You can hear the sound of the outside world in a more convenient way (press a few times instead of the earplugs) and avoid missing any subway, car or airplane.

2. If you turn on the noise reduction and walk on the road, there will be an illusion of “all the cars on the road become Tesla”, which shows that the noise reduction ability is not ordinary ~ The design of wireless Bluetooths get rid of After the troubles of the headset cable, the ring buckle of the collar can ensure comfortable wear during wearing and exercise, and the shark fin earplugs will not have the embarrassment that the earplugs are often dropped in the past.

Second bose qc20

Price: 2098 yuan

1. QC20 also adopts Bose unique shark fin silicone earplugs, which can fit the oxic more perfectly. You can easily bring a more pure sound without the need to penetrate the ear canal.

2. At the bottom, there is a noise reduction module with gum size that can control the noise reduction switch. Even if it is not power, you can continue to provide noise reduction effects. On the side, there is an Aware Mode mode, so what’s the use? Simply speaking, intelligent noise reduction, free choice external information, allows you to talk to others normally while stopping the song.

3. And the overall use of Triport acoustic design, using a special structure to push the air flow into the ears to improve the sound quality of the bass. Noise reduction and sound quality, Perfect!

Third Bose QC15

Price: 999 yuan

1. BOSE’s noise reduction headphones are actually two lines: the head of the model is 5, and the end of 0 is the ear -in -ear. And QC15, it can be said that it is a headic classic. Most of the earliest noise reduction headphones are used in military workers. Like the generally seen dramas, pilots will be protected by a earmuffs when they are shot, and this QC15 is like this. 2. Although it is an old model, in general, it is still a comfortable, advanced, and accurate market positioning headset. The sound quality is also acceptable to acceptable. The biggest shortcoming may be that it cannot be used in a state of turning off noise reduction. However, the noise reduction function can work alone without any sound source. This also makes QC15 a unique and practical feature. So if you just get started, QC15 is still a suitable headset

The above is a must -have for the president to travel, sleep or put on cool!

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