The cabinet and wardrobe door switch is not smooth, do you know why?

I went to measure a house in the morning. It was a second -hand house bought by a customer. The original landlord simply renovated the house and rented it. There were some simple furniture in the house. The cabinets in the kitchen looked at the appearance. The owner asked Can I use these cabinets?

I asked the owner to turn on the cabinet door and drawer many times. I felt it was easy to use. The owner tried it a few times and said that the door of the cabinet seemed to fall down, and there was a gap between the two doors. what happened? The quality of the cabinet is too poor?

I looked at the cabinet’s cabinet, and I told the owner that the cabinet material is not bad. The door of the cabinet door is not very convenient because the quality of the cabinet door is too poor. This house is also the age of two years. The page is rust now, and the quality of the harmony is too poor. I told the owner that if you want to continue to use it, there is no problem to replace the pages.

Let me tell you that there will be a lot of places to be decorated at home. For example, cabinets, indoor doors, wardrobes, do not use poor quality in these places. He will bring a lot to our later life. Increased.

Many customers told me that after the door of the family took a while, it felt difficult to turn off, and when the door was closed, I had a little contact with the ground. In fact, the reason for this situation is that the pages are not good. The quality is too poor to fix the door fan on the door frame.

The same is true for the wardrobe, because many wardrobes use flat door, and each flat door may be more than one meter high. When the door opens the door, the matching pages are very large. Just fall down by yourself.

Therefore, when buying these main materials, the owner must talk to the seller’s problem with the seller, even if you add money or buy the union.

There is also the lock of the indoor door at home. You must also choose good quality. Do not have just decorated the house for two years. The lock is not easy to use. The choice of mute locks, so that when you get up at night, you will not affect others to rest.

There are so many small details in the decoration. These things that are used frequently. Although it is not on the surface, it directly affects the quality of life and affects your mood in the house. The price of buying a few square floor is actually not a matter of money because many customers don’t know these at all.

Some customers have replaced all cabinets because of the hardcore door panel. There are also because the door lock is not easy to use the door to replace the door. These problems are because the choice was wrong, and there was nothing small in decoration. Everything was critical. It feels that you may wish to forward the article to your friends who are renovating or considering decoration. If you have a decoration problem, you can make a message in private or in the comment area to leave a message.

The above is the introduction and description of high quality zinc alloy housing and cylinder cabinet door wardrobe cam lock, I hope it can be helpful to you.