Compared with the 2020 industry, the 2021 community group purchase industry can be described “miserable”.

In the middle of 2021, many community group purchase platforms ushered in a giant change, such as the application for bankruptcy, food and enjoyment of the same life, and the orange heart is preferably Guancheng, Jingdong, Jingxi, and another platform. Adjustment and contraction. Under the change of platform, suppliers and employees are also affected.

After turmoil 2021, how does the community group will develop in 2022?

Damaged supplier

On January 10th, the Suzhou Industrial Park People’s Court issued “confirm the creditor’s creditorial,” confirmed 173 creditors such as Qieheng and (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd. to Suzhou Fresh Orange Technology Co., Ltd. Enjoy the creditor of 1108747008.07 yuan.

This means that the declaration of bankruptcy-related life is still owed by more than 1.1 billion yuan. Lawyers said that the confirmed 110 million yuan debts can be paid off, depending on the company’s assets, or if there is a third party is willing to pay the debt for the company.

It is not only the same trip life, but also the 18th entry of the operational state, but also many suppliers are waiting for the settlement and margin.

At present, a WeChat group named “Revolving goods for the transfer of goods” has passed, and the group is a supplier that has not yet settle the deposit and payment. A supplier from Chongqing said to the first financial reporter that after the community group purchase, he supplied low temperature yogurt to a number of community group purchases, of which 10,000 were one of the large sales volume. Yuan. Since September this year, he no longer supplies. From the background screenshots he provided, there are still more than 30,000 yuan of goods and $ 10,000 margin.

In the above vendor, the problem is to reveal the Ni Ni since July 2021. “Said, July. The headquarters told that Chongqing’s 18th group is profitable, other areas such as Changsha strategic adjustment, then say no problem, will give suppliers pay the payment and related costs. At the end of August, the staff of Chongqing docile settlements left, we contact headquarters, Headquarters let the person in charge of Changsha and Wuhan, the other party let the person in charge of Chongqing, we also contacted the lethare, I have been waiting until now. “

After the hardships, suppliers are considering the way of reinforcement of collective litigation.

In addition, on the occasion of the community group purchase and expansion, some suppliers have delayed the payment issues. A fruit supplier from Guangzhou said to the first financial adaptation, I have supplied to the community group purchase platform “You and I”, then I merge with you in August 2019, but you I am arreled 19 Wan goods have not been resolved so far.

Feeling the pressure is more than a supplier, and also employees. In November 2021, it was reported that the company’s middle background employees included in the company in November, in the premise of ensuring the basic wages and basic life needs of employees, the company’s laundering, including performance salary, distributed with 70% proportion. Slam part, the company will invade a 3.0% annualization and reissue within 2022 Q1 while matching equivalent amount of equity incentives.

In addition, from the online complaint platform black cat complaint, there are also group director reflecting the commission in the head of the head of the group, and the user reflects that the platform will not be shipped, and the return is not refundable.

Burned 100 billion

From the perspective of the time-firing supplier, the community group purchase is a business that is extremely burning. This, you can also see one or two from the financial companies of each Internet company.

On December 30, the drip released the second quarter of 2021 and the third quarter earnings. In the third quarter, the investment loss in the third quarter of the third quarter was RMB 20.8 billion, mainly due to the unfavorable changes in Orange Heart business in the third quarter of 2021, earning 830 million yuan last year. As previously submitted, the drip represents the split orange heart.


In September 2021, the orange heart entering the community group purchase more than one year, the orange heart is preferably starting to Guancheng, and there is news that orange heart is preferably turned to the wholesale track of To B. In this regard, the orange heart is preferably in response.

Compared with the drip, in 2020, it has been in the US group of the community group purchase industry, and it has also been focused on this business in the community group.

Wang Xing said at the fourth quarter of the US Mission 2020, “The fourth quarter has produced about 6 billion losses, half of which is preferred, and the other half is from other new business.” The benefit of the group It comes from more in infrastructure.

In 2021, the new business that the US groups to which they belong to each season is increasing. In the first quarter of 2021, new business losses reached 8.04 billion yuan, and the loss increased by 489.9% year-on-year. The second quarter has reached 9.24 billion yuan, and the loss increased by 532.9% year-on-year. The loss of the third quarter reached 10.91 billion yuan, the loss increased by 437.5% year-on-year. The US Mission has stated in the second quarter, and the community e-commerce business US group is still the most important investment field in this quarter, and the geographical coverage has been further expanded in the second quarter and has deepened the penetration of the low-line market.

Some insiders said to the first financial advice. “2021 this track is at least 100 billion.”

Burning money can burn the scale of the industry, so that many platforms have exited in 2021. Easy to analyze senior analysts of the circulation industry, said to the first financial reporter that there is a question in the business model of community group purchases. First, low prices become the main advantage of community group purchase, low-priced attractive user loyalty is also Low, the replay rate is difficult to guarantee. Second, in the environment of low-cost competition, the faster the community group purchase is expanding, the greater the loss. Third, there is no rich product supply chain experience before this company, so the enterprise will not withdraw from the community group market in advance in the supply chain and operations.

Adjustment and returning rationality

From the overall trend of the industry, the 2021 community group purchase industry can be summarized in “specification” and “upgrade”.

Zeng Ying said to the first financial reporter, on the one hand, more than 2021 community group purchases on the negative impact of low-cost competition was interviewed by the General Administration of Market Supervision, including Shaanxi, Chongqing and other regional governments have also formulated. The relevant guidelines and seminars who organize the standardized standards of community groups to regulate the competitive order in the network group purchase market. The barbaric growth of community group purchases has passed, and the future begins to enter benign competition, standardization, standardization is the main trend of future development.

On the other hand, the community group purchase experienced the industry semantition period this year, some manufacturers withdraw from the battle of community group purchases, and the company left the company to return to quality development, multi-face upgrade business, including organizational business adjustment, US Group is preferred this year Invest in community group purchase, guarantee product quality; regional integration, strong join forces, Ali MMC and part of the regional part of the number of parts, enhance regional competitiveness; the horse racing mechanism, provide high-performance products, more buy food to achieve horses, Zhuang District It can merge and strengthen the assessment of suppliers.

The above analysts believe that the 2022 community group purchase industry will enter the deposit period, the industry returns to quality, the first echelon company will continue to expand its business, including strengthen supply chain management, optimize user operation, improve performance, diversified layout business Wait. Among them, the supply chain ability, the performance of the performance, and the value mining of stock users are critical. At the same time, some platforms choose the “Strong Some Regions” strategy or the future community group purchase will have regional giants, and the platform will build special supply in different regions, deepen the local supply chain, continue to consolidate the advantages in the region, and different places will have different platforms. Advantage.

In the insiders, 2022 is still the year for many giants.