Showing technology’s booming, allowing ordinary people to enjoy TV with a thousands of thousands of dollars. But just like my girl buying bags, there are many luxury goods in TV products. Let me introduce you to the most expensive 5 TV for you. This is equivalent to the price of us to buy a car, and it is equivalent to buying a price.

LG can be curled OLED TV R

Estimated 2


ten thousand



Plate, big black box is a lot of people saying the first impression of TV, but in recent years, TV has gradually eliminated black boxes, bringing more exciting high-screen accounting for TV. However, even a narrow black box, the TV is still a black tablet, LG is completely subverting the current TV form, which can be rolled like a scroll after watching the end of the reception. Received a base, thoroughly integrated with home.

There is also a mode called “line mode” by LG, and the display will fall to only one-quarter panel display. You can use the screen music control to control music, with 100 watts on the base. The panoramic audio speaker makes this TV can be incorporated into a large smart speaker.

This TV running LG’s WebOS system, in addition to existing Google Intelligence Assistant Integration, this year will increase the support of Alexa this year. Simply press the Prime VIDEO button on the remote control to call up Alexa, which also adds support for Apple AirPlay 2. Even if the TV is completely rolled, you can play music on the Atmos speaker system.

The LG said that no image quality is sacrificed because the screen can be curlled, in terms of brightness, contrast as the best display of LG, and equipped with the same second-generation ALPHA 9 processing chip as LG 2019.




98-inch 8K QLled TV

Up to 9



Yuan selling price

8K is a big color this year, in addition to the trend of industry development, there are also 2020 tokyo Olympics will provide 8K TV live broadcast, each Olympic Games are powered by the sales of TV sales. Samsung also showed the Q900 series QLED 8K TV this year, Samsung TV provides four sizes, 65 inches (35999 yuan), 75 inches (54999 yuan), 82 inches (69999 yuan) and 98 inches (999999 yuan), Among them, the 98-inch version is the largest QLLED TV in Samsung has history.


Four TVs have been 8K resolution (7680×4320), with a pixel up to 33 million, 4 times the 4K high-definition, 16 times the full HD, and other selling points also include 8K AI image enhancement, quantum point 8K processor, QHDR. According to official introduction, with the help of 8K AI image enhancements and quantum point 8K processors, the Q900 series can convert the sources of deficiencies into 8K resolution images, through artificial intelligent machine learning technology, supplement the distortion screen details, improve painting quality. At the same time, the Q900 Series also supports QHDR, which can adapt to many scenes that bring more realistic pictures.

In addition, the Q900 series also supports smart mode. When your viewing conditions change, the QLED TV will make brightness and volume intelligence adjustments to match the contents of the screen. Not only that, the Q900 Series also integrates the Bixby voice assistant on the Samsung mobile phone to the TV, used for on-demand content and controlling smart home equipment.

LG 88 inch 8K OLED TV Z9


About 235,000 yuan

LG is currently a manufacturer of OLED technology, and it has also introduced an OLED TV product that supports 8K resolution. The 88-inch LG 8K OLED TV claims “The world’s first 8K OLED TV”, last year CES, the model technology has appeared, this year is an official and we meet us. LG 88-inch 8K OLED TV has ultra-thin fuselage, equipped with newly upgraded α9 Gen 2 image processing chip, has strengthened noise reduction technology, support 120FPS HFR high frame rate video playback, further enhance the image quality and sound, use the depth The artificial intelligence algorithm of learning has stronger calculation capabilities, which can effectively reduce noise in the picture, bring more realistic 8K screens.

It is worth mentioning that it is determined by the high resolution of 8K, which is determined by the technical advantage of the OLED. OLED is self-illuminating display, can independently control 33 million pixel illuminating imaging. Since each pixel is independently self-emitting, the brightness is lowered due to the decrease in the decrease of the aperture, nor does it require other viewing angle compensation techniques, and it is considered a clear picture regardless of which angle is viewed. Therefore, LG’s 8K OLED TV can bring such a fine, vivid 8K picture quality.



98 inch 8K TV Z9G 529999 yuan

How can Sony Black Technology Overview? Sony has introduced the painting series for high-end TV markets in last year, and it officially launched the highest support 8K resolution in this year’s CES. The 98-inch version has played 529999 yuan.

It is reported that the Z9G Master series 8K TV uses 8K HDR image processing chip X1 Ultimate, with 8K X-Reality Pro technology, you can analyze and provide excellent optimization algorithms for a variety of input signals and provide excellent 8K super HD picture.

It is still a bunch of black technology in Sony TV products, and Z9G is equipped with a backlight master drive technology that can be individually controlled for high-density LED modules. Equipped with a wide range of view technologies and Mingrui dynamics to ensure accurate presence of screen color.

In terms of sound quality, Z9G Master Series 8K TV utilizes multi-channel screen sound field technology to built four-way speakers, add Dolby panoramic sound technology, and is equipped with TV in speaker mode, with home theater mode to provide high immersive Surround the sound field.

Sharp 80 inch 8K new 80A9BW

About 120,000 yuan

As a pioneer that promotes 8K TV, how can Sharp’s 8K TV, although this Sharp 8K TV is not so exaggerated, but I believe that it is still good for most consumers.

This Sharp’s 8K TV integrates the most advanced display technology of Sharp, from the original imported display panel with 7680 x 4320 to about 33.1 million pixels, the peak brightness is up to 4000 Nit, the color gamut is up to 125% And built-in Sharp unique AI Huo color technology.

The high refresh rate of 120 Hz cooperates with MEMC smooth technology, eliminating the picture toward. In order to compensate for the lack of current 8K content, Sharp develops a “diamond” chip that can make smart decoding, so that Sharp’s 8K TV can not only play 8K native content, but also transcode 2K and 4K content, and optimize the video. 8K on the 8K display.


Micro LED TV

8.88 million yuan

Konka’s Micro LED TV named Smart Wall, using nearly 100 million Micro LED chip (8K version), can achieve ultra high brightness of more than 2000 nits, 10 million: 1 super high contrast, and 147% DCI-P3 wide-color domain. The point spacing between the LEDs, compared the Samsung’s P0.83MM, Konka launched products can be minimized to P0.68mm.

Smart Wall positioning large size, multi-application scene application, using ultra-high precision huge amount of transfer technology, achieving nearly 100 million micrometer-level Micro LED chips transfer and bonding, point-to-point driving, implementation of each pixel accurate control, With 2000 nit ultra-high brightness, 10 million: 1 unlimited contrast, 147% ultra-high-color gamut, etc., can present color distinct pictures and rich and delicate picture quality.


Modular design allows Smart Wall to flexibly achieves different sizes of 118-inch to 236 inches, 4K to 8K, which means that there will be more close-to-person-lived products in the future. use. Smart Wall is also like Samsung’s THE WALL, can be combined into customer production sizes and shapes through module splicing, and can also utilize local display functions, switching partial pictures with panoramic pictures. Konka emphasizes that this series of Micro LED TV can also support 5G communications.


Konka also announced the price of MICRO LED TV Smart Wall, 118-inch 4K TV price of 1.68 million yuan, 236-inch 8K screen is 8.88 million yuan.

I have seen so much, the ordinary people can’t expect to buy one, I don’t know if it is interested in the shadow of the mighty-level film and television.

Editor: Li Xiaoshan