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I am a heavy metal musicians in reality. I have my own band. I am the main talents, so I have chosen the end of the day with my hobby, and I have chosen the paid team, because I have the electronic music and hip hop culture. Not professional, so I only speel my understanding here.


After choosing your own camp, the background music will also meet the music of that band, and I have chosen the festival, I want to remind you,


This background music cannot be considered heavy metals, but also the ingredients of jazz drums, but not, heavy metal guitar sounds, Bes tone is much more than this. But there are not many relationships, the game, the most important thing is to cater to the public, in I know, it is indeed some people can’t accept heavy metals, maybe because they have caused misunderstandings that they have listened to bad balls. It is also possible to like a quiet song, so this background music is the ingredient of heavy metals, but also makes the public accept, it is very careful, praise.

First, look at this picture, write English, Chord is the meaning of chords, and this font, this decoration style, just like our rehearsal! It is a matter of inspection and inquiry, not casually.


Look at these piano, from top to bottom, the first prototype should be Fender electric guitar, can see from the shape of the piano head, mostly in PoProck and Book, the country’s style often meet this brand The guitar, the new classical fan electric guitar master Ingrimamsin is the brand, but I personally think he is modified.


The second is that the “gourd” of the “gourd” of our row, this piano imitation prototype is definitely gibson electric guitar. This electric guitar brand is a historic brand, and even throughout the European and American rock history, you can rock in many rocks The film is easy to find them, the famous American hard roll band guns and roses guitarist Slash, love to use the Gibson series of electric guitars, have used a lot of life, this kind of low frequency is very good, it is very suitable for sweep String, SG series is also suitable for Solo, in jazz, rock, heavy metals, have applicable models.

The third blue, I took a long time, but I looked at the body and shake, maybe it’s Ibanez electric guitar! Chinese guitar master Li Kangmin and guitar master Steve. Van is the brand of this brand, I like his song very much, interested friends can see the live version of his for the love of god. IBanez electric guitar is mostly used in metal and rock.


The fourth piano should also be Gibson’s electric guitar. This body shape is very famous, especially the Zone of the ACDC. Black, Shoot to Thrill is their song, this is an old band’s age of the team. The old guys can be asced by the grandfather, it seems to come to China to say this year.

The fifth is a bit possible to be a Musicman electric guitar. The feature is a small double shake (Q version, can’t see it is a small double sway or simply there is no vibrato system), the body, and double double pickup, high-grade piano, no 10,000 yuan Price, internal lines are complex and fine, the hand feels excellent, this kind of piano is used in metal music, mostly the seven strings (most electric guitar only six strings), heavy music must have a piano, sell more than 20,000 or two million I have never heard of piracy in China, so Taobao can also buy.

There is also a furniture called a strap rack. This must be praised. This is a detail. Generally, the piano will have, but it is very uncomfortable, it will generally not know, or see it, I don’t know, but there is this The details show that they really ask for professional people, and finally make a supplement, the background music on the DDD is electrical, but there are many kinds of electrical sounds, and hundreds of people are not exaggerated, but the style of eagle creation is selected. Tropical Houbo is Tropical House, interested in listening to this style, this style is the most suitable for summer, sandy beach, swimsuit, coconut tree, very careful

This activity is really meticulous, but only in this single single, I haven’t understood the electrical and hip hop, there will be many more content and small eggs, eagle caver.