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When you are sitting on the subway, if you have such a little cute in front of you, will you can’t help but “rua ~~~”?


Passenger Maxine

If you take the Metro on New York in the middle of the night, you may meet it!


Now it has been famous in New York’s subway station. Many people like to tease it, so they are also called “late night welfare” in New York subway!

It is Maxine, a five-year-old Kuki dog, and the owner is working on the subway every day.

Keki Maxine and its owner Bryan

How is it famous?

Because it really likes to doze off on the subway – like this.

True · sleepy into a dog

Take Kiki sitting on the subway

The story is still going to talk five years ago …

In a city of Chuanxuan, people come to people tend to disclose loneliness. Bryan lives in New York, like a young man we struggled in the big city, he went to get off work every day, lived at two lines of life.


Lonely life in the rest of the work, let him decide to raise a dog. So he adopted a Cori Baby and a girl. Give it a name called Maxine, is a handsome and sweet latin name.


Maxine for a child


The owner Bryan is working in the film and television industry, usually working outside the whole day, and it is late to return to the night to go home.

Little Maxine alone is very lonely, and the owner of the long time can’t take it well. Fortunately, the company did not refuse to take a dog to go to work, so Bryan feels that it is better to bring small Maxine to work!

New York Metro on Allow Pets on Subway (/ New-York-Subway-Question-Answers / # PET)

We know that the Metro in New York is allowed to take a dog on the subway, but the condition is “To put the dog in a ‘package (BAG)’ or the ‘carrier'” “.

Many dogs were installed by the owner with a variety of bags, and the “container” was installed, and Maxine was one of them.

Maxine Maxine in a childhood

When I was a small Maxine body, I could put it under a small Messenger bag, and it is curious to look outside.

“嘿”, long Maxine, the small backpack is can’t put down

However, as Maxine slowly grows up, the backpack clearly can’t be installed. So Bryan changed a big backpack to carry it.


Love sleepy Maxine

What truly makes Maxine is different, every time I go to subway, it is always a “sleepy dog”.

Upper eyelids and lower eyelids fight

Bryan is sometimes talented to Maxine to go home – “Busy” has been in the day, sleepy.


Is it that it is too tired to work with the owner, this day is really too tired, to make a feeling in the car?


Whether standing still sitting, just sitting on the subway, starting to sleep.


Even if it is dressed, I have to do “expression management”, don’t fall asleep, keep smiling!


I have seen a yawn ~

Bryan took the Maxine who was sleepy on the subway and passed to the social media, and immediately got a lot of netizens.


Netizens left a message saying that Maxine is sleepy! Haha, I can’t sleep, but I have to support it.

Sleeping that he can’t hold your own head.

Hold sleep, don’t let yourself sleep … Hey, this head is a bit no obedient!

This is really like our livestock who are going home on the subway. There is a spirit in the company, can’t sleep at home, only in the subway!


Didn’t fall asleep, I didn’t fall asleep, I just closed my eyes.


I have been solemn, like a baby.

Sometimes it may be too tired, Maxine will completely sleep.

The return rate is super high, attracting many fans


Aki Maxine, who is sleeping, has gained a lot of fans who like it, and it is more and more popular in New York’s subway station. There will be a super high return rate every time!

Maxine’s pre-claw claw on the back of the owner, bathed with the people of people who like it, so, like it is like a cute pheather.


Often someone will touch, tease the Maxine in the backpack. Cute Maxine is very enjoyable, and each time you will actively respond.


There are many children in their fans.

There is also a little sister who has no resistance to the boutique.

Maxine really likes to interact with people who love it, it always rejuncts the whole body’s only brain to “Rua” it.


This old woman is difficult to inhibit the eyes of Maxine.


There is also a little brother to come over to tease a time.


If you encounter such a little cute on the subway, I am afraid that it will be annoying!

“Look at the dog you brush on your phone?”

Happy, I have to express my love to the owner.


Dogs have never been afraid to follow the owner to suffer hard, as long as it is with the master, whether it is working or squeezing the subway, it is a very happy thing!

This is MAXINE, one loves to dozine on the subway.

It is going to follow the owner of your love in this backpack, no matter where you go anywhere.



Difficulties with pets are the most difficult to resolve the pet owners, whether public transportation or travel.


More importantly, however, it is not a pet like a guide dog, although the legislative level has guaranteed the social status of servic animals, but due to concept and many reality, it is still rejected in many public areas. Outside the door.

For animals management level and inclusion, it is a mirror that reflects a social human environment. Humans can’t live in a cold cement forest.

With the advancement of economic development and era, we believe we will do better in the near future.