The 618 big snapped up has been a dozen days. At that time, I bought a lot of storage box on the Internet, specifically used to organize the fragmented items in the home. But use now, the truly use of the storage box is 5, and others are put into the storage room.


The 5 storage boxes shared below are I tried, real practical, price is not expensive, put in the kitchen just fine, everyone is closed, don’t worry about them!

1, drawer finishing basket

Most people are in the kitchen, they are put in the cabinet. If they are free, they will come in, regardless of whether the cabinet is messy, even if the cabinet drawer is a casual item, there is no distinguishing bowl knife fork. Therefore, the first storage box I recommend is a drawer style.

The size of the drawer finishing box is just right for highly small drawers. It does not cause the drawer to be unable to close; the milky white plastic material, the cabinet with various colors is not abrupt, but also convenient to clean;

The price is 3 ~ 10 yuan, there is a big small, you can use it.

2, “Ten” word storage box

If you think that the kitchen wipes, sink filter and other items are inconvenient, then you can buy a “ten” word storage box, and the small items that usually use can be put in.


That is, use it, it will not cause waste.


. After using the board to open the bottom, re-put it into the item.

“Ten” word storage box is better than “one” glyph, which position can be taken

And “a” glyph is fixed in the direction, can only be jet or vertical.

3, glass standby box

Some cut fruits are fresh, they want to put them in the refrigerator, but I have found that there is no suitable container. I can only put the bowl and plasticulf. Sometimes the bowl is more than, I can’t find something.


According to this situation, be sure to arrange the kitchen

Glass preparation box, own cover, price is the most expensive, nearly 15 yuan in the 5 sample case

. The glass shell is convenient to find, and it can be repeated; the sealing cover prevents the smell, but also guarantees the health of the food;


4, label storage basket

Every time I want something, I can’t find it. I can’t find it. I still don’t see the trace, I will be irritated. At this time,

Your kitchen is urgently needed to be accommodated, and my kitchen is equipped with label storage basket.


The label storage basket is in the same type of storage basket, the cheapest price, only 5 ~ 10 yuan


Secondly, it has a handle design, put into the wall partition, convenient to drag; the external label strips are not afraid of oil and water stains, and write non-fading with the signed stroke.

Of course, in addition to the kitchen, the bathroom, living room, etc. can accommodate, the value is quite high.

5, kraft paper bag

I believe that many people have used the milk bags when they are young, and they used to take it into the fry.

Because the material does not leak oil, it is really easy to put it into the refrigerator.

The cowhide bag is sealed, put the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, and the juice will not seize the refrigerator;


10 dollars can buy 20 or so, or is also cost-effective

The most important point, the plasticity of the cowhide bag is very good, and it can compress the space slightly.


These 5 storage boxes must be used to know how good, and this is also a few of the ages that make me satisfied. What is your 618 I bought? What is easy to use? What are you doing it? Welcome to share the review area below!

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